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KCK Psycho-mommy flips her shit

***Special thanks to Warrior Artemis for the write up***

Johnna Green

Johnna Green

KCK mom charged in daughters’ near-drownings:

Mom in court, custody hearing for children who nearly drowned:

I remember back in the day being taught by my dick-head cousins how to swim, they tossed me in the fricken water then pulled me out when I appeared unable to breathe, however I did learn to swim and I don’t hate them but…I do remember it being one of the most terrifying experiences, being unable to do something so simple and natural, considering breathing above water comes without thinking to most people. Therefore when I read a story like the one I am about to write about I cringe because I cannot imagine how such tiny girls felt while being held under water to the brink of death by the one person that should love them unconditionally. Without further ado I bring you psycho-mommy (PM) Johnna Green hailing from Kansas City, Kansas a 23-year-old mother of two little girls who tried to end their life.

The little girls ages 1 and 4 years old were apparently held underwater until they became unresponsive then PM called the police to report her daughters’ being unresponsive, I suppose she thought they were little guppies? I’m not sure what the method was to her dumbassery other than the fact that she must be batshit crazy. According to reports PM had no prior run-ins with the law nor were the children on the radar for Child Protective Services, neighbors described PM as always being friendly and nice with her little girls thus leaving authorities to blame her actions on stress. Now, I know stress can be a bitch I have 3 kids that drive me nuts but never once did I say you know I think I will hold my kids under water so I can get some peace and quiet…no I send their asses to bed when they are making me lose my mind or if they burn up my time I burn up theirs with mundane tasks.

The little girls are still at the hospital in critical condition in protective custody. PM is still cooling her heels in jail with a 1,000,000 dollar bond, let’s hope no one will lay down that much for this psycho cow to wreak more havoc. During the hearing the little girl’s distraught father commented that the information in the case is sparse and no one is allowed any information due to the nature of the crime. God willing the father gets custody of these girls and keeps psycho-bitch mommy far, far away from them and that the little girls fully recover with no memory of what PM did to them.

“Should I kill her or give her another chance?”

Enabling foul snatch Lucienne Cauwenberghs


Depraved step-penis Bennie Nauwelaerts

Bad Belgian breeders (article in Dutch)

Our tipster kindly sent in a translation of the article, with some interesting combinations of words that I’ll add to this post.

These Bad Breeders are from Belgium, proving that Bad Breeders can be found all over the world.

Lucienne Cawenberghs (43) and her snatch-steamer Bennie Nauwelaerts (39) are very, very bad breeders indeed. Lucienne encouraged Bennie to act out his perverted sexual fantasies on her intellectually disabled daughter, known only as S. Bad Bennie also abused S and tried to kill her by suffocating her with a plastic bag. The abuse had been going on for 5 years! The relationship between Bennie and Lucienne was violent and turbulent, with lots of booze and “insatiable sex hunger”. Bennie would drink a crate of beer every day, and boy was he a mean drunk. He treated S. as a punching bag, laughing stock and later on a sex toy. If Lucienne didn’t like the perverted fantasies that Bad Bennie suggested, she would say “You do that with our daughter”. UGHH!!!

Bad Bennie’s excuse for abusing his stepdaughter was that “I got the creeps from that child” and that “she did everything wrong with that little sense of her”. She’s intellectually disabled, fucktard! She’s going to get things wrong, she’s going to learn things a bit slower than the average Joe. And that’s awfully intolerant of you to say that she’s creepy because she’s intellectually impaired! And then why would you rape her if you thought she was creepy?

One night, S. was having a bath and slopped water over the sides of the tub. This enraged Bad Bennie so he held her head under the water for 15 seconds. When she surfaced, he punched her and then held her under again! Lucienne came and saw the whole thing, and did fuck-all to stop it! Bitch! Apparently Lucienne hated her daughter because she saw her as a sexual rival. Because the step-penis was raping her and not having sex with his wife. Doesn’t this remind you of the film Precious? Where her egg donor hates her for “stealing her man” because her sperm donor is raping her?

The night that S. got away from those perverted freaks, Bad Bennie raped her and beat her unconscious. As she was lying on the floor Bad Bennie said “We’re going to get into trouble anyway, so why not just destroy her?” Lucienne said “Go ahead. But we have to make short work of it” So she put a plastic bag over her daughter’s head and watched as she struggled to breath. “It will not be long” Bad Bennie gloated. After two minutes Lucienne couldn’t stand to see her daughter like that anymore and begged Bad Bennie to stop. He agreed and said “Maybe we should giver another chance”. He tore the bag off of her head, while the egg donor tied S.’s hands and feet and put her on the rug in the loungeroom. Then they went to bed. At 6am, the egg donor came downstairs and freed S. and sent her to bed. 5 hours later, she woke her daughter and said “Run. Go to the police. You don’t have to be afraid anymore”. S. took her chance and ran. The Mechelen police found the girl on their doorstep, severely beaten and raped. They gave her some food and listened to the recount of her ordeal. When detectives rocked up to collect Bad Bennie and Lawless Lucienne, Bad Bennie of course went beserk. He lashed out at the police with a knife, which earned him smooches from Lady Pepper Spray. Lucienne went with the police willingly, along with two small kids that she has with Bad Bennie.

After her arrest, Lucienne learned that she was pregnant yet again. I hope they take that baby right away from her!! She doesn’t deserve any more children after what she did to her eldest daughter! The two younger kids are now in foster care, where hopefully their little brother or sister will join them. S. is now in an institution, where she can get all the care she needs in a safe environment.

This story is quite convoluted but at least there are no dead children.

Thanks go to Mauz for the tip!

Shirley Jean tried… and thankfully failed

Mom charged with trying to drown kids 

Shirley Jean, 24, from Flori-duh is charged with two counts of premeditated murder. Police say she swerved off the road and drove straight into the Biscayne Bay with her two kids in tow: a 7-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

Jean will not yet be released on bond and her sisters and brothers are trying to get custody of the children. She has admitted to trying to drown them both.

Three men who were fishing found Jean and her daughter in the water and the men say the mother wouldn’t let them anywhere near the girl. One man said jean tried to bite him as he attempted to grab the child.

And it didn’t stop there…

When police arrived, they say they found her trying to push her daughters head underwater in an attempt to drown her. Police immediately jumped in to grab the girl. They pulled her out as well as her little brother who was still inside the car.

Her landlord and neighbors are shocked. “She’s an average Mom, always looking out for her kids, they’re well-dressed, well-fed.”

We too often read about the horrible stories of a failed suicide attempts here on the BB. Thankfully these kids are safe, and for the kids’ sake it’s a damn good thing she did this in broad daylight where people could see and intervene.

Sorry Florida, but here’s another  “Duh” for Flori-duh. 

*Thanks go to Jennifer for the tip.

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