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Are women who were abused as children more likely to have autistic children


Study: Women Abused As Kids More Likely To Have Children With Autism:

In an effort to bring more education and awareness to the site I found this article from TIME Magazine that states the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry has released a study that says women who were abused as children were more than likely to give birth to Autistic children.

Women who reported physical, emotional, or sexual abuse when they were young were more likely to have a child with autism compared to women who were not abused. The more severely the women were abused, the higher their chances of having a child with autism; compared to women who weren’t abused, those who endured the most serious mistreatment were 60% as likely to have an autistic child.

How? The researchers believe that some of the lifestyle circumstances associated with abuse, such as poor nutrition, could be responsible for some of the association. It’s also possible that abuse causes biological changes in a woman’s immune system, including disruption of the stress response, that could lead to harmful effects on a developing fetus. Studies have shown that autistic children showed abnormal stress responses, and it’s possible that a mother’s altered stress reaction could be passed on to her child. “Maternal inflammation affects the developing brain, and maternal inflammation and immune function have been hypothesized to be causes of autism,” the researchers write.

Now the study does not say that it believes that this is the only cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I’d like to hear from parents of Autistic children and the survivors of abuse that have children about what you think of this study. Does it have any validity or is it just another stab in the dark when it comes to the mystery surrounding Autism? You are more than welcome to leave anonymous comments or e-mail us.

Child with autism kept naked in a filthy cage

Couple charged for keeping autistic son in cage

Couple accused of keeping six-year-old autistic son naked in a makeshift CAGE on soiled sheets ‘and feeding him hot dogs through the bars’

Terry Smith

Terry Smith


Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Terry Smith (43) and his wife Victoria Smith (42) from Elsberry, Missouri have been charged with endangering the life of a child after it was found that they kept their 6 year old autistic son in a filthy cage in the basement.

Authorities began investigating the Smiths after an anonymous tip-off was made to the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline in 2010, when the boy was 6 years old. Authorities removed the boy and his 6 siblings from the couple, who were living in O’Fallon at the time, but were returned on a later date. The couple were then released because of “personal recognisance”. What the fuck is “personal recognisance”? Is that like if you say “Oh, I’m not a criminal, so let me go” and they just do it?

Now to the cage incident. When the police rocked up to the Elsberry home after a call from Grandma, they found the boy naked, in a small crib made of wood, lying in his own filth. He wasn’t wearing any clothes. Officers described the smell of piss as almost unbearable and that they could smell it when they came down the stairs. The crib’s dimensions measured at 3 ft (0.9m) tall, 3 ft (0.9m) wide and 6 ft (1.8m) long. Although the crib was small and filthy, it contained some toys and its occupant seemed contented. The crib had a plywood top and was held together with nice sharp cable ties and eye-gouging ockey straps.

Inhumane: Police say a Missouri couple kept their autistic six-year-old child in this converted metal crib covered with plywood and held together with zip ties and bungee cords

This looks safe and stable…not!

Grandma was watching the other kids at the time of the raid, while the parents were out shopping. The other kids range from 11 months to 8 years old. Police stated that the rest of the house was filthy too, not just the cage. The doorknobs on the other kids’ bedroom doors had been installed backwards, so that the parents could get in but the kids couldn’t get out. The mother would lock the kids in their rooms if they got rowdy.

The parents told police that they had to build a cage because it was the only way to stop the kid from hurting himself or other people, and that the reason why the kid was nekkid was because they were afraid he’d accidentally hang himself if he wore clothing. They also said they tried their best to keep the cage clean. Here’s a hint: if the whole fucking basement reeks of piss, that’s not clean! I clean out my sister’s rat cage out when I can smell even the slightest hint of ratty odour, I can’t imagine letting anything get as bad as reeking of piss. The boy was originally put in the cage at night, but this extended to daytime use as well, when he became more difficult to control. A social worker pleaded with the family to put the boy in a group home, where he could get all the meds and help he needed. Mr Smith told officials that he knew the situation wasn’t ideal, but his goal was to try and keep the family together for as long as possible. I feel for you, Mr Smith. It wouldn’t be easy to give a child up, no matter how difficult they were. But there comes a time when your kid’s needs outweigh what you want. The cage may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it wasn’t a magical solution and it came with its own set of problems such as hygiene and safety.

The parents have been charged with felony endangering the welfare of a child and bail has been set at $2500 for each of them.  If they’re convicted, the parents may be facing up to 7 years in prison. The boy was taken into protective custody but will be released back to his parents, who will hopefully put him in the group home that he needs.

I found this story kinda sad. I just couldn’t feel angry about the parents. Perhaps I’m getting soft, but from what I can gather, the parents were having a hard time dealing with their severely autistic son, as well as six other children who needed love and attention too. I can see why they thought a cage was a magical solution. The article did say that the boy seemed contented in there, and my limited knowledge of kids with autism tells me that they easily become overwhelmed by too much space (ie. playgrounds or even a loungeroom) so confinement might have been soothing to him. The father was trying to keep it all together, but he could see that the problems were just too big and that he was too proud to accept help. I just find that really sad 🙁 No one was killed, and hopefully the little boy will get the help he needs, and that his family will be willing to let him go to that help.

Justification: Terry Smith told police the situation with his son was not ideal, but his goal was to keep the family together for as long as possible before sending the boy to a group home



Selfish Bitch Mommy Kills Autistic Son


Patricia Corby, aka Bitch Mommy, aka BM (and we all know what else that stands for…)

Patricia Corby, woman accused in autistic son’s death, pleads guilty to murder charges

Stay-At-Home Mom Accused of Killing Son

Mother admitted killing son to police


Oh boy, this one right here…..Grrrr. This one pisses me off to no end. The reason is because I am the mother of 3 wonderful children, the oldest of which is Autistic. I know for a fact that it is a pain in the ass to get them the care they need. Medical staff often are able to offer zero help because few actually know how to treat it, what causes it, or that a one size fits all diagnosis of Autism never really fits. It is often hit and miss with treatment, since the one thing that worked last week, month, year may not work on that day.  The whole scenario can leave you frustrated to the point of tears, as I have been many times. However, in all of the shit storm of my son’s 10 years on this planet I have found that the progress he makes, while often a long and grueling process, is more rewarding than that of a “normal” child. Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I think all of my kids accomplishment are awesome.  But knowing the struggles my autistic son faces has given me a higher appreciation when he reaches a milestone, no matter the amount of the delay. Regardless, I will never understand the actions of those like Bitch Mommy.


Here we have Bitch Mommy (BM) Patricia Corby, 37 who was the mother of 4 year old Daniel Corby, an Autistic  little boy with the world to explore in front of him. Sadly because he was not making progress like BM anticipated she chose to end his life in cold blood. While I am not sure why it took so long for this story to hit (I am assuming because she is due to be sentenced on January 28th, 2013) BM murdered Daniel March 31st, 2012 by drowning him. She successfully ended his life and attempted to kill herself but failed (almost always the case with c***wads) then drove his corpse to the local police station and flagged down a patrol sergeant driving out of a parking lot at the precinct house about 9:30 a.m. The patrol sergeant discovered Daniel who was wet and water was foaming around his mouth, he attempted CPR as did Paramedics who were unsuccessful in reviving him.


BM confessed to killing her son because he was not making enough progress in his battle with Autism.  It was stated by District Attorney’s Office Investigator Walter Escobar that BM “felt like her whole existence was dedicated to her child, she felt like she had no life. She wanted Daniel to be normal.” BM goes on to tell Escobar that after she killed her son, she tried to drown herself but couldn’t, realized what she did wrong and drove to the police substation four miles away to turn herself in. Of all the most selfish tw*t reasons to take a life this one has to take the cake. I am pissed off the more I find out about this story.


This story is so bad because the details the have surfaced include the fact that the BM was a stay at home mom with Daniel being her only child. Daniel had just turned four on the 26th of March, 5 days prior to his death. Daniel’s father was at work at the time of BM going batshit crazy and has told many sources that Daniel was diagnosed with a high likelihood for autism and had made strides in his battle with the disorder, but not enough to satisfy BM.


This story breaks my heart on so many levels because I remember my son at age four.  I was a single parent at the time, and getting him the help he needed seemed hopeless and was costly. According to more sources, BM going batshit crazy may have had to do with the fact that the family had accrued 70, 000 in medical bills for their son.  No amount of money could cause me to hurt my baby. I hope they fry this bitch hardcore .  The sentencing will take place on January 28th, 15 years to life in prison. We can only hope that she gets the maximum for murdering an angel that could have made great strides in his life.


R.I.P Daniel.  May you ever fly with the angels and feel the love there that you did not receive here on Earth.


***Thanks for the write up and the tip go to Rochell.  She has busted her ass sending me stories.  Thanks girl!

Breeder from Oklahoma pimped out autistic son on craigslist

(For those of you who don’t know I run another site called CraigsCrimeList. It chronicles only some of the crime that happens on sites like craigslist and backpage. Since this one involved a Breeder and his son I thought I would cross-post it here.)

Not yours

Moore Dad Posts Sex Ad On Craigslist, Involves 6-Year-Old Son:

Just because backpage has been hogging the headlines lately doesn’t mean that craigslist is the land of fluffy bunnies now.

In Moore, Oklahoma Jonathan Mark Smith allegedly posted some kind of sex ad on craigslist which may have involved his 6-year-old autistic son. The ad was allegedly replied to by one Teddy Dean Davis. What we do know is that Dean is said to have fondled the child while Smith watched and masturbated. Let me repeat that for you in layman’s terms in case that didn’t sink in. One guy sexually molested an autistic boy while his dad watched and cranked one out. To make it even extra creepy Smith’s wife was said to have been not home at the time while their other children slept. So not only did this scumbag allow his own son to be molested by a stranger but he allowed said stranger into his house while other his kids were there. Who in the blue hell not only thinks like that but gets off on his own disabled son being molested? Someone who uses craigslist apparently.

Again the article doesn’t state it but I would hazard a guess that this took place in the casual encounters section and again it probably wasn’t flagged by the ‘community policing’. Just because craigslist has closed down the erotic/adult services section doesn’t mean that there’s still not a plethora of criminal activity happening on craigslist. If they insist on keeping casual encounters open it needs to be professionally moderated.

I was right and I wish I wasn’t (Saiqa Akhter)

Texas Mom Says She Killed Kids Because They Were Austistic:

Dallas mom, Saiqa Akhter, killed her two children because they were autistic: 911 recording:

I originally posted about Saiqa Akhter here. It turns out that not only has the 2-year-old died but both children were Autistic.

In my previous post I speculated that the reason she killed her children was because of the Autism. She allegedly told police that her children were ‘not normal’. What is normal? As my lovely wife is fond of saying normal is overrated.

She also allegedly tried to get the kids to drink bathroom cleaner but they wouldn’t so she choked them to death instead.

Akhter has been charged with capital murder which makes her eligible for the death penalty but even in Texas women like this are rarely executed.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a tip.

Texas Breeder used wire to choke kids

Irving mother accused of killing her son, injuring her daughter:

Irving Mom Used Wire To Strangle Children:

Uncle: Mom accused in kids’ chokings depressed:

30-year-old Saiqa Akhter of Irving, Texas has been arrested for strangulating her children. Her 5-year-old son is dead and her 2-year-old daughter is not expected to live.

Akhter allegedly called 911 stating that she had just killed her children with a wire.

A relative is already trotting out the excuse that she was ‘depressed’ however I’m thinking it may have had more to do with the fact that her son was Autistic. However as I am wont to say that is just speculation on my part.

But what is it with Texas and ‘depressed’ Breeders that kill their kids? Andrea Yates and Otty Sanchez leap immediately to mind. I’m not trying to mess with Texas but anecdotally it seems like this is a Texas kind of thing.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

Father Slashes Autistic Son to Death

Bronx, NYWell…Happy Fucking Thanksgiving, America. I wish I had better news to bring today. I wish I could say that, out of respect for the holidays, the world’s crazy parents took the day off. No such luck. Instead, we have the story of 50-year-old Bronx, New York resident Jose Stable, who called police yesterday from pay phone and informed them that he had slain his autistic son. Police found 12-year-old Ulysses’ throat slashed, and Stable with a set of knives at the ready. They also found signs that he had attempted to clean up the crime scene.

Father Stable reportedly suffered from “anger management issues”, and has a history of run-ins with the police. The boy’s mother hasn’t been in the picture since he was 2. Add all of this up, combine it with his attempts to cover up the crime – and what does it spell? Not mental illness, that’s for sure. This guy was sick of dealing with his autistic child, plain and simple. He decided to take the “easy way” out. I hope this bastard doesn’t get prison; a nice, quiet stay in jail would likely suit him just fine.

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