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One man’s plea to parents to stop leaving their kids in hot cars

Terry Williams of North Carolina recently took to YouTube to post his plea to parents to stop leaving their kids in hot cars. In the video Mr, Williams states that he’;s in his car in Raleigh, North Carolina on a 90 degree day. Living in North Carolina myself I can attest that the summer has been pretty brutal here as it usually is.

I urge everyone to watch and share this video.

Kids left in hot cars: What’s the solution?


It happens every summer doesn’t it? Every summer we get inundated with stories about parents who leave their kids in the car during the extremely hot weather. This summer is no different as the story of Justin Ross Harris from Georgia has been taking up the headlines. Harris is a different case however as he’s accused of allegedly leaving his 33-month-old son Cooper in the car intentionally while he went to work.

As an aside this story is too Nancy Grace for me. I bet she even made one of her stupid twitter hashtags about this. #broiledbaby or something like that.

Getting back to the point most of the parents who leave their kids in hot cars do so accidentally. Granted there are the cases where a selfish person will go into a strip club or get their hair done while leaving their kids in the car. I’m not talking about those people.a I’m talking about the people who genuinely forget that they left their kid in the car while under the influence of no substances. What do we do with them? Is prosecution really the answer? Is there some kind of education that’s needed? Something is obviously needed as unnecessary child deaths caused by leaving them in a hot car happen every year.

Thanks to Ashley and Nancy for the tip.

If you thought leaving a baby in the car at the police station was bad…

I’ll see your baby being left in a car at the police station and I’ll see you three kids left in a hot car at county lockup.

20-year-old Psalmai Thompson was arrested for allegedly leaving three kids in a hot car while visiting her penis at the Orange County Jail in Florida.

She told police that ‘a friend’ was supposed to be watching the kids. She allegedly gave the police two phone numbers for her ‘friend’ both of which turned out to be false.

The fire department measured the hottest part of the inside of the car at 125F/52C. Luckily the kids, ages 5, 3, and two months were relatively unharmed.

I know that visiting hours at county are few and far between but as the old adage that we use here at (p)BB goes if you can’t get someone to watch the kids you have no business going out. Especially to see your criminal boyfriend.

Thanks to Pam for the tip.

Two Breeders arrested for leaving baby in hot car

Parents Arrested After Baby Left In Hot Car:

Sometimes, although it’s rare, I can understand one parent leaving a child in a hot car accidentally. But two? That’s no accident. That’s a testament to extreme human stupidity.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota Angel Rigoberto Garcia-Tapia, 34, and Rosa Dejesus Perez-Siguencia, 35, were arrested after leaving their infant in their car while they went into a CVS for 20 minutes. It was 94F/34C in Minneapolis at the time.

Think about that for a second. There were two of them. That means they both made a conscience decision to loeave their infant in a car during a hot July day. How fucking stupid do you need to be. These fucking idiots should have their kid taken away and never be allowed to reproduce to prevent future fucking morons from being unleashed on an already stupid society.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.

Kid left in hot car at Sam’s Club

Woman charged after 4-month-old son found locked in hot van in parking lot while she shopped:

Sarah Horn was arrested for allegedly leaving her 4-month-old son locked in her van while she went and shopped at Sam’s Club in Bartlett, Tenn.

Luckily the child seems to be relatively ok however the temperature at the time was 93F. I can only imagine what the temperature was inside the van was.

I was thinking about starting a new scoreboard with the temperatures of kids left in cars. Or maybe the length of time the child was left in there. Let me know what you think.

Thanks to Rose for the tip.

Shamyra Little really had to take advantage of a sale

Woman charged for leaving baby in car:

Is this our first kind in a hot car story for this year? I can never keep track.

Anyway 21-year-old Shamyra Little of Bainbridge, GA was arrested for leaving her 4-month-old child in the car while she

shopped at a KMart closing sale. Did I mention the kid was not strapped in? Did I also mention that this happened on

Mother’s Day? That’s kind of like rain on your wedding day.

Luckily the kid turned out to be ok and was only in the car for 15 minutes however it was in the 70’s and 15 minutes even

with a partially open window can be deadly.

Thanks to Angel T for the tip.

Tashana Luz Leaves 3-Month-Old Baby in Hot Car for 40 Minutes, Arrested for Neglect

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tashana-luz.jpgIt’s summertime in Florida and you leave your three-month-old baby boy in a car for 40 minutes while you do a little shopping at Ross – how stupid can you be?

Well,  Tashana Luz, 25, of Kissimmee, Florida is plenty stupid because she was arrested for neglect after off-duty police officer, Sgt. Camille Alicea, spotted the infant alone, crying, and sweating inside the locked car.

As paramedics raced to the scene, Alicea and three other people used sticks, a bottle and a rock to try to free the baby from the sweltering car. They finally got it open, and Alicea carried him to safety. When she pulled off his socks, she saw that his feet had nearly turned black.

The baby was taken to the hospital and has since recovered from life-threatening injuries.

Starting July 1 in Florida, anyone who leaves a child under the age of six alone in a vehicle for more than 15 minutes can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. Too late for Luz, unfortunately.