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Bad boyfriend beats partner while she’s holding their baby

Domestic violence is something that no person should ever commit or endure. No child should ever have to witness their breeders fighting. A woman (or man) who is the victim of DV has a responsibility to their child to provide a stable and loving home, free from violence. If a child witnesses DV it can impact on the way they treat their future spouses and how they view relationships as a whole.

The idiot with the tea cosy on his head is Misifosa Aleni (22) but I’m going to name him Missy. He attacked his girlfriend while she was holding their baby!! Fucking prick!! According to Judge Roy Wade, an argument broke out between Missy and his partner, so he threw her mobile phone at a wall before picking up a power cord and whipping her in the back of the head with it. Bastard!! He then followed her into the hallway and grabbed her round the throat, all while she was holding their baby! After she put the baby down, he grabbed her again by the throat and pushed her head into a wall three times. He then pulled her back, causing her head to hit a window sill. All while their young kids were watching!!

The partner, feeling a bit worse for wear and tear, managed to call the police and Missy was arrested and charged with assault with intent to injure, assaulting a female and using an electrical cord as a weapon. He’s been sentenced to 150 hours’ community work and 12 months’ supervision, and a protective order has been issued for his partner.

Apparently this is the first time that Missy’s lashed out at his girlfriend, but you can bank on the fact that it won’t be the last. If a “man” hits you once, HE’LL DO IT AGAIN!! And if he hits you, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll hit your kids. These cowards will bash kids for the same reasons that they bash their spouses – that they’re mouthy, that they “misbehaved”, because the beer made them do it, etc. All of these pathetic excuses and more are designed to put blame on the victims, make them feel it’s their fault they’re being abused. But it’s not their fault. It’s never their fault. For these kids, the best thing their mum can do now is to leave Missy while she’s under the protective order. Run. Run for the hills. Don’t look back. You owe it to your kids.


Bad boyfriend walks free because his kids won’t testify

Man charged with baby boy’s manslaughter

Sons can’t testify so dad is acquitted

There is something very strange in the waters of the NSW Central Coast. It’s a beautiful place, don’t get me wrong. If you ever visit NSW, you must definitely visit Avoca Beach and Terrigal. It’s stunning. But some very strange people live on the Central Coast.

A bad boyfriend has been acquitted of killing his girlfriend’s baby boy because his kids wouldn’t testify against him. It all started back in 2009, when the brain-dead bastard was left alone with the 11 month old boy at the girlfriend’s Umina Beach home. You can see where this is going, right? The baby mysteriously suffered serious head injuries and was taken to Randwick Children’s Hospital, where unfortunately he died while undergoing surgery.

Fast forward to 2010. Detectives charged the 31 year old Ettalong Beach bad boyfriend with manslaughter, a year after the baby died. Manslaughter?! So the piece of shit “didn’t mean” to inflict fatal head injuries on a defenceless baby? Oh ok, then.

2013 – The key witnesses of the crime, the bad boyfriend’s two sons (which were not killed, hmm why is that?) were excused from giving evidence against their DNA donor. The boys, aged 7 and 11 when their idiot breeder killed the baby, didn’t want to send Daddy Dearest to the slammer because they loved him and because he’d tried to pin the killing on the two boys. How absolutely disgusting! Not only did this deranged dickhead kill a baby, but he also tried to blame his own kids for it!! The older boy rebutted that disgusting and cowardly pack of lies and it was proven that they were at school when the baby was injured. So go suck a fat one, needle-dick.

The prosecutor (the only person with brains in their head) argued and argued for the boys to give evidence because the crime was so serious. But the idiot judge said that the boys were excused because of the distress that it would cause them and that it would tear their family apart. Wouldn’t it have torn the poor girlfriend apart fining out that her dick of the month had killed her baby boy? The court was also told that the sperm donor may continue to blame the boys for killing the baby if they testified. He was their primary carer and they had a close relationship. Yeah, by “close relationship”, you mean he didn’t get round to killing them yet. The older boy had already testified earlier but it upset him so much that they didn’t want to put him through it again. His evidence was discounted anyway!

And now the bad boyfriend walks free, ready to kill another unsuspecting girlfriend’s baby. All because the judge ignored crucial evidence, let key witnesses get away and didn’t listen to the prosecutor. Those kids were excused from giving evidence against their baby-killing DNA donor and that decision may cost them their lives one day.

Another bad boyfriend strikes again!

Daniel Lunsford, 21, of Hampton was charged in connection with the assault of a 6-month-old child, police said.

Abused Hampton infant dies in hospital

Two charged in assault of 6-month-old Hampton child

Daniel Lunsford is a bad boyfriend and a baby killer

Brittany Whalen, 20, of Hampton was charged in connection with the assault of a 6-month-old child, police said.

Brittany Whalen is a dick-drunk whore

I’m on a roll today. It’s pouring down rain and I can’t go out to my vegie garden. So I’m inside spewing hatred and vitriol, and I have no patience for these two drop-kicks up there.

Daniel Lunsford, of Hampton VA, has done what we at BB have come to expect boyfriends to do. He assaulted his girlfriend’s 6 month old baby, which has since died from his injuries.

Daniel was “looking after” little Brayden Joseph Whalen on Dec. 29 when he hit the poor baby twice, causing lacerations and severe bruising to the left side of his face. The blows also caused internal injuries. What a motherfucker!! There doesn’t seem to be a motive for Danny-boy lashing out at the baby. but it was probably because Brayden was crying or he shat himself or something else that babies are known to do. He offered up a lame excuse (and a new one to BB): The cat jumped on him!! He blamed a poor defenceless animal that couldn’t speak for itself, and if Brittany had believed him and cared about the wellbeing of her child, the poor cat would have been carted off to the pound and possibly put down.

When Brittany saw what her live-in dong did to her precious baby, what did she do? Did she beat the crap out of the bitch-boy? Did she rush little Brayden to hospital? NO! She waited until New Year’s Day to seek medical attention for him. That’s a whole fuckin’ week since Daniel bashed the baby! What’s worse is that Brittany works as an EMT (ambo) so she knew the importance of seeking medical aid for head and internal injuries. She was more concerned about her pin-dicked pussy plug than her reason for being on this planet, her offspring, little baby Brayden.

Unfortunately, the fucktarded actions of the stupid bitch cost Brayden his life. He flew off with the angels at 12:15pm Saturday. The cowardly couple were originally charged with child abuse and failure to seek medical attention. Since Brayden has died, an additional charge of homicide was tacked on for Daniel.

Since Brayden was only 6 months old and Daniel was not his dad, how long out of hospital do you think Brittany was trying to hook another baby daddy? I’m sure stretched-out vag and episiotomy stitches will get the boys wanting a ride (sarcasm) With pin-dick up there, it would’ve been like slinging a hotdog down a hallway.

The putrid pair are on suicide watch in Hampton Roads Regional Jail. We’ll make it a watch, all right. Bring your camping chairs, alert Brayden’s relatives and fellow inmates to what the dastardly duo have done and we’ll make it a spectator sport. We’ll have buckets of razor blades, packs of rat poison, ropes and plastic bags to throw into their cells, and yell encouragement to them. I seriously hope they are tortured to fuckin’ DEATH by other inmates and that they never ever get to see another sunny day.

Rest in Peace little Brayden. As Monty Python says, “Every day is Christmas in Heaven!”

Thanks go to Rachel for the tip!

Baby’s remains found in Flori-DUH

Parents jailed as human remains discovered in missing baby case

Little Boy Has Been Missing Since July 2011: Hallandale Beach Police

Brittany Sierra, the mother of a toddler missing since July 2011 has been arrested, as well as the father, on charges of child neglect and remains have been found at an address they provided to police.

Rotten egg donor Brittney Sierra could use a bath

Calvin Melvin Jr, the father of a toddler missing since July 2011 has been arrested, as well as the mother, on charges of child neglect and remains have been found at an address they provided to police.

Calvin Melvin Jr, Dontrell’s sperm donor



















This story is sad. Missing child cases, more often than not, end badly. This one is no exception.

Human remains, consistent with an infant’s body have been found by police who were investigating the disappearance of Dontrell Melvin, a 5 month old boy who went missing 18 months ago. From the length of time that Dontrell had been missing, it wasn’t going to be a happy ending.

Dontrell’s DNA dispensers Calvin Melvin Jr (27) and Brittney Sierra (21) were arrested before the baby’s body had been found. They’re being held on child neglect charges after they admitted that they didn’t provide any care for little Dontrell. Of course they were blaming each other for Dontrell’s demise, as abhorrent abusers are wont to do. Even though Dontrell had been missing since 2011, authorities just found out on Wednesday because of an investigation of child neglect being conducted on the egg donor. When CPS came to investigate, instead of 3 kids, they found Dontrell was missing. Brittney began making up stories to try and throw them off the scent. She told them that he was with his grandparents in Pompano beach. Nope, that didn’t work. CPS talked to the grandparents and they said they hadn’t seen the boy in a year. Police questioned both DNA donors, who blamed each other, saying that if any harm came to the boy, it was because of the other. They also expressed concern about a certain area to which the boy may have disappeared. It was their former address at Hallandale Beach, Miami. Aha! Sounds like they really do know where he is!

Police searched the area with cadaver dogs, when one dog insisted on sniffing a particular spot. His handler uncovered what appeared to be the remains of a baby. So sad. The tenant who currently lives there said that her pet Labrador would also sniff and sniff in that particular spot, and she couldn’t work out why. Not in a million years would she imagine that there was a baby’s body in her garden.

While the boy was missing Calvin made up all sorts of crap to keep the cops at bay. He said he dropped Dontrell off at a fire station, but recanted that story. Then he said he had an argument with Brittney and left the house, and when he returned, Dontrell had mysteriously vanished. When he asked her where the baby went, she asked for his forgiveness and that if he really loved her, he should stop asking about Dontrell. Brittney, meanwhile, said that Calvin took him. Not only did this dumb-shit duo lie to the police, they also spun elaborate lies to satisfy their families, letting them believe that the boy was elsewhere due to financial hardship and that different family members were caring for him. Well, if you put as much effort into caring for Dontrell as you did spinning lies about his whereabouts, you wouldn’t be in this incredibly fucked up situation!

We could go on about the silly stories and lame excuses for Dontrell’s disappearance. But it’s not the point. The point is, that a baby was killed through neglect and carelessness and now these idiots are lying to police about what actually happened to him. Well the gig’s up, losers. Your baby’s body’s been found and you’ve been arrested. The truth will come out.

Thanks go to Laine for the tip!

Jack Booker tortured his baby daughter

Baby’s abuse earns father home term

Child abuser’s sentence slammed as ‘pathetic’

Jack Alexander Booker (22) is an asstard. Plain and simple. He systematically abused and tortured his baby daughter. And the Kiwi courts are too wimpy and yellow-bellied to give him a real sentence.

It all started when the baby girl was just a month old, when Mr. Booker got upset that she had colic and wouldn’t stop crying. I’ve never had to put up with a colicky baby, but I’m pretty sure hurting her wouldn’t have stopped it! He bit her, slapped her, twisted her toe until it broke. He broke her ribs, fractured her femur and gouged the soles of her feet with his fingernails. He made up idiotic stories about how the baby was injured. Disgusting and appalling. After the toe-breaking incident, his partner rushed her to the hospital, where doctors reported the abuse to police. I’m wondering, if the abuse was going on for so long, why she didn’t notice the injuries and then kick Booker so hard in the wedding tackle that he’d be choking on his own balls? Looks like another case of ignorant egg donor to me.

Despite his sadistic and brutal torture of the baby, Booker was only sentenced to 12 months home detention. Is the judge lazy or stupid? What will that teach Booker? That it’s okay to hurt someone who’s smaller than you and can’t fight back? I say we should put him in the stocks and play “This little piggy” with his feet. But instead of tugging them, we should twist his toes off. Then make him run a marathon. If he falls, we kick and slap him.

The judge started off with prison time in mind, but because Booker was crying like a little bitch at being caught and that he pretended to be remorseful, the silly judge gave him a pussy-ass sentence of home detention. Oh puh-leeze. Booker is so full of shit that if you pricked him with a pin, he’d explode! Someone should knock the judge on the head with his gavel!

Family First NZ have rightly condemned Booker’s sentence, saying that the case involved significant and repetitive violence, and that Booker was only remorseful when he was caught. The fact that the judge only gave him home detention is an insult to abused children everywhere. It shows that children don’t matter. Family First will be writing to the Solicitor-General and the Judiciary to get a harsher sentence for Booker. I hope they succeed.

Boggle-eyed breeder shakes baby

I’d like to start off this post by asking “What the hell is wrong with people in Florida?” It seems half the stories on this site come from there. As someone who is not American and has never been to the US, let alone this problematic state, it puzzles me. There are some parts of Australia where child abuse is common, but not as prolific as Florida! So what the hell is going on?!

Lynsey Overton

Ol’ Boggle Eyes

Mother arrested for beating, shaking baby

Lake County Mother Arrested For Shaking Baby

Lake County deputies have nabbed 27 year old Lynsey Overton after her baby was found to have blood clots and other injuries. Look at her boggle-eyes. I’d say she looks like a frog, but I think frogs are cute.

According to the report, Boggle-eyes shook the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying. She also smacked the baby in the face and forced a bottle into her mouth, causing her to throw up. The baby was taken to the hospital after Boggle-eyes’ cousin found her shaking and acting abnormally, and doctors found that her leg was fractured on top of all the other injuries she suffered. Well, fuck me!! No wonder she was crying!!

At first Boggle-eyes blamed her boyfriend, but then admitted to treating the baby roughly. Apart from the beating, it was also found that the baby was malnourished. Boggle-eyes explained that doctors had told her to feed the baby every three hours, but she liked to sleep in and didn’t want to get up and feed her. I like to sleep in too, bitch. But I have to go to work. Sometimes I don’t like to, but I have to because I have a responsibility to my employer. You have a responsibility to feed and care for your baby. So do it.

This isn’t the first time Boggle-eyes has abused a baby. She had a little boy taken away from her by DCF. I don’t know why, but I presume it was for similar reasons.

Lynsey “Boggle-eyes” Overton has been charged with child abuse and neglect, and is currently being held without bond. Police have tacked on an extra charge of “aggravated transfer of mutant hillbilly numptard DNA”. (or so the hearsay goes). Baby is still in hospital recovering from her injuries.

Overton…Overton…that name sounds familiar…a relative of hers?

Thanks to Mandy for the tip and to Malevolent April for forwarding it to me.

Bad Girlfriend: Chasity Renee DuFour

Family Defends Woman Accused of Child Abuse

Mom Beat Boyfriends Boy Blind for Potty Problems

Chasity DuFour Accused of Serious Child Abuse

A 3-year-old boy was admitted to the ICU.  He was covered head to toe in bruises, partially blinded, and will have lasting neurological and physical challenges according to prosecutors.  They have charged 25-year-old Chasity Renee DuFour, the fiancée of his father, with 2nd Degree Assault on a Child and she is being held on $250,000 bond.

Prosecutors say this twisted twit shook or choked this baby boy because he had a potty training accident.  They also say she coached her 5-year-old son to lie for her.  I guess she didn’t count on that genuine honesty that children have to give away her abusive secrets.

When he was questioned by a Child Interview Specialist he told them, “Mom told me to tell she didn’t hurt ….”  He also said his brother, “hurts himself on his own,” and “gets bruises because of his allergies and because he falls off the bed a lot.”  Then went on to say that his mother would spank the 3-year-old with a spoon and shove him down when he pees his pants and when he is pushed down “he hurts from the ground and his head gets hurt.”  He said when his mother spanks she gets “super angry”…

The sperm donor/fiancée and DuFour’s family are saying the charges are nonsense.  She would never harm a child…  Her mother said in an interview, “I think that there is something medically wrong going on with him and hopefully that will come out in the end.”

For someone that would never harm a child she’s had 3 contacts/referrals to CPS.  The first was in 2008, a domestic violence report involving her ex-husband, the second was a referral in 2009 involving an assault on her son, and the third was a referral in 2011 after she tested positive for meth while pregnant with her youngest child.  But this methtard, abusive bitch wouldn’t harm a child…  Yeah right!!


Rant on:

This child has only lived with them since April and was hospitalized the end of May.  That’s one fucking month!!  In one month this child lost part of his vision and his whole life has changed!! 

How the hell could this “father” ignore all the bruising left on this child??  How could he leave a child he describes as “hard to handle” with a cunt that tested positive for meth while carrying his baby?!?  This pussy blinded, neglectful asshat needs to be charged too!!

Rant Over


Thanks go to Denise for the tip.



“You’re going to find him in a casket…”

Infant Found in Landfill, Mother Accused of Murder

Family Offered to Take Baby

Family Says System Failed

Soulless Bitch–Sharriekia Page

In late March, 22 year old Sharriecka Trinette Page reported 7 month old Torrey Brown Jr. missing from her home.  An Amber Alert was never issued in the case because from day one investigators believed this baby was murdered by this twisted, pathetic incubator that tries to pass herself off as human.

In all of these cases we always wonder, “Where was the father/family of this child?” and “How could no one see this coming?”

Well, in this case, the family was trying to save this child but was blocked at every turn!  Her own cousin offered to take the baby and called the police to report she thought this baby was in danger.  The father and paternal grandmother offered to take not only Torrey, but also her other two that didn’t belong to him.  She refused them all.

Social Services was called and the family was told she had more rights because she was the “mother”.  Police were called and she was taken in and the children sent with the grandmother, only to have her released, after which she went and took the kids back.  All of this was before this child was reported missing…

What had this family scared for the life of this child were conversations they had with her.  She told the cousin that she couldn’t handle the baby and it was too much.  Then, that she had given the baby away and he was never coming back.  Told the grandmother and father that it was too hard and not to be surprised or mad if/when he ended up in a casket…

When police confronted her with their suspicions her defense was if she was going to kill her child, she wouldn’t kill just one, she would have killed all three “because they are all bad”.

After a massive 53 day search in which 500 people sorted through 9,900 tons of waste, little Torrey’s body was found in a landfill.  Police believe she smothered him in his crib, placed him in a book bag, and tossed him in a dumpster…

She is being held on charges of 1st Degree Murder and Child Abuse Resulting in Death.

Because of the actions of a demented, soulless bitch and the non-action of a broken system,  a father has lost his child, 4 children have to deal with the loss of their baby brother, and a grandmother, who did everything legally possible to prevent it, has lost her grandson.  This family will never be the same…  My heart breaks for you…

R.I.P Sweet Baby Boy



2 Burnout Breeders, Police, and 1 Very Lucky Infant

Pot Smoking Mom Drives Off w/Baby on Roof

Mom Released

Baby Left on Roof was 2nd Police Encounter

Ma and Pa Pothead


I know life gets hectic at times and in our stressed-out minds we can tend to forget things, but how do you forget your baby??  More to the point, how the hell do you forget your infant is on top of the damn car?!?  That’s exactly what 19 year old Catalina Clouser did, but of course, she was also stoned out of her gourd!!


Let’s start this at the beginning…

Police officers noticed a car erratically changing lanes, almost causing a collision.  After stopping the car, they arrested 19 year old Manuel M. Pena, who admitted to smoking 3 or 4 blunts before getting behind the wheel, for aggravated DUI.  He was so stoned he didn’t realize he had almost caused a crash.  Not only was he stoned off his ass, he doesn’t have a driver’s license either!

While talking to the police, the addle-brained duo admitted to police they had been at a park, with the baby, getting high and were on a beer run.  Either the police were feeling generous or they didn’t want any extra paperwork so they gave the pink-haired pothead up there a ride home and left her there with the baby and the car.

Apparently, the moronic twit was so distraught over her dildo’s incarceration she must have lost her buzz because she packed the baby back into the car and off they went to a friend’s house to smoke “one or two additional bowls of marijuana”—according to police.

After frying the only living cell left in her brain, she once again got into the car and headed the 12 miles home.  When she got there she realized her 5 week old baby boy wasn’t IN the car, she had set him ON the car.  She called her friends so they would start looking for him while she headed back.

About an hour and 45 minutes after daddy dipshit was arrested, police received a call from a passerby about a baby in a car seat in the middle of the road.  This was about 2 blocks from the friend’s home.

She told police she went to the friend’s house and smoked more marijuana, then placed the baby on the roof of the car when leaving and didn’t realize he wasn’t in the car until she got home.  She was arrested for child abuse and aggravated DUI.  She has been released and is on restrictions, one of which prohibits her from seeing the baby who is in CPS custody.

Luckily, the baby was securely strapped into his car seat.  There were so many things that could have happened to this child due to the stupidity of the choices made that night by both the irresponsible, imbecilic, burned-out breeders and the police!  His guardian angel must have been working overtime, the seat was scarred up and had landed on its side, but the baby wasn’t injured.


Now to address burnout brigade that will undoubtedly show up and scream “don’t blame the Jane”, “pot is harmless”, or whatever other idiotic phrases you want to come up with, I’ve got one thing to say to you…  Piss the fuck off!!

This case is proof of how harmful marijuana CAN be!!  This wasn’t one parent endangering the life of a child, it was both, and both were fucked up beyond all reason!!!  That baby was at risk due to their want or need for their next high!  These 2 were probably irresponsible dumb shits to start with, but the marijuana was a factor in this case like it or not!!

Starved to death at 2 years old…in a house full of food

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good worker
Murder trial of Warner Robins father accused of starving child begins

It really must suck when you work all the time to put food on the table….and your kid still dies of starvation. That’s the excuse being offered by William Thomas Davis III, 27, of Warner Robins, GA. His 2-year old son, D’Shawn Davis, was found dead in the home in September of 2010 – D’Shawn weighed only 12 pounds and 6 ounces, and had skin sloughing off of his body from bedsores caused by laying in heavily soiled diapers for days on end. Experts testified that the child would not have been able to walk…or even lift his head.

The Momster in this story has already plead guilty to several charges against her, in exchange for the rest of them being dropped. Luckily, the charges that stuck were felony murder and cruelty to children, for which she has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 30 years. Since she is 24 now, that means she should be a guest of the state well past the time she might be able to have any more babies to starve to death. She admitted her crime, and showed no remorse for the act whatsoever. I guess lack of a conscience will have that effect on some people.

There are several inconsistencies in this story (aren’t there always?), and at one point I almost found myself feeling sorry for the sperm donor. Almost. But not quite. Everybody agrees that William was the sole breadwinner for the family (which also included a healthy 5-year old girl at the time), and worked CONSTANTLY. He reportedly only came home to sleep in between jobs. His wife was supposed to be caring for the two kids, and making sure they were healthy and well taken care of. She failed. Miserably.

The night the child died, William came home and reportedly broke down in tears at seeing his son’s emaciated, lifeless body. He claimed that if he’d known the baby was not being fed, he would have done something. My question is – just how in the HELL do you not realize that your kid looks like a skeleton? He worked. I get that. There were times in my life that I worked, a lot, and only went home to sleep. I still made it a point to look in on my kids before closing my eyes at night. Yet, even during those dark days, when I had only a few minutes a day with my kids, I made sure they were safe and healthy. I just don’t buy the “I didn’t know” line. If he really didn’t know then it was a willful ignorance. He is still at least partially to blame for his son’s death.

I find it almost amusing how often we get parents on here who have names that are appropriate to the crimes they have committed. This is another example. The she-beast’s name, Sade Shamon King, seems indicative of her propensity for wanton cruelty – the term ‘sadism’ is purportedly named for one of its earliest practitioners, the Marquis de Sade. The names need a little rearranging though, to make them REALLY fit this witch. It should read Shamon King Sade. Or just shame on Sade King. Starvation is a horrible way to die, and the fact that she left this poor child to rot in his own filth for extended periods of time only makes it worse.

According to Sade(ist) they didn’t have any money for food, and she had allowed Medicaid to lapse…Not sure what medicaid had to do with it, unless it was her excuse for not taking the boy to a doctor, but the ‘no food’ claim was definitely bogus. At trial prosecutors showed pictures of a well-stocked fridge and pantry taken at the time of the boy’s death, as well as “plenty of food” simply sitting on the counter-tops. And the five year old was healthy, as were the two dogs belonging to the couple. A paramedic who responded to the call that night described the two pit bulls as “fat and healthy”. But she couldn’t feed her baby boy. Worthless hag.

The father’s bottom-feeder…oops….attorney…is attempting to convince the judge that his client was a victim, too. I think that guy must have missed his true calling – he should have been a manure salesman. Go shovel that stank somewhere else, please. Maybe we could bury both the skank and the wank in the pile of stank being created by William’s excuse-producer for hire. In addition to the starvation and rotting flesh, the baby was also kept in a small, dark room, on a bare plastic mattress – and there were food stains and chicken bones beneath the crib. So they wouldn’t feed him, but they wanted him to be able to smell the food. How considerate.

William also claimed that he had not seen his son in 3-4 weeks before D’Shawn died. Why? Was he blind? Was the baby invisible? Or did William simply not care enough to check on his son occasionally? I’m betting on the third choice. William’s attorneys are also trying to convince the judge that his son’s death only took a (relatively) short time – a matter of days. Sorry, no sale on that BS either. Starvation is one of the slowest, most painful ways to die. It can take months for a healthy 2-year old to succumb to starvation. Good Lord, what is wrong with these breeders?!? In a perfect world people as stupid as these would also be sterile, in order to prevent the spread of genetic stupidity.

The mother has already been convicted, and I hope the father gets a nice stiff sentence himself. They are both responsible for the death of this little angel, regardless of whatever excuses they might have come up with. Apathy and stupidity are no excuse for the starvation of a 2-year old. Ever.

Thanks go to Tonya, a friend of mine who actually called me about this story. And to any others who sent in tips about this that I am unaware of.