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Big changes at PBB…or is it?

So as you know this site used to be at

When I left b5media I got to take the blog with me but the domain was caught up in red tape. I finally got the domain into my grubby little paws. The thing is it turns out it’s easier for me to rename the site than it is to change the URL. So going forward Parents Behaving Badly is now going to be Bad Breeders. In essence PBB is losing the P.

The second, and I think the more significant, change is that I will be changing from the native WordPress commenting system to the Disqus commenting service. You can see it in action at my other site here.

Now you don’t have to sign up for a Disqus account. You can still leave comments as you have before. If you do sign up for a Disqus account don’t be freaked if your preferred user name is taken. You can have your displayed name be anything you want. You can even sign into the comments using Twitter or Facebook or several other services.

The reason I’m changing comments is because WordPress now sees my very own comments as spam. The second is it will be easier to find a comment because the link in the e-mail will take you directly to the comment and not just the page where you have to search for the comment in order to reply to it.

The important part of the site, the content, will remain the same. I’ll be as offensive as ever to pit bull owners, trailer dwellers, the state of West Virgina and guys with the middle names of Lee, Roy and Wayne. April will be as foul mouthed as ever. And hopefully I can count on my faithful readers to be as active as ever. returns

I’m sorry for my most recent hiatus. I had some personal things I had to take care of all of a sudden. But never mind that. Hopefully I’m back for a while and I’ve got you all a present.

In the past I’ve said that I can’t post every story that I get here at PBB or I would never be able to do anything else. And I’ve felt bad for the people who took the time to send in stories that didn’t make it to PBB. Now I have sort of a solution to that. I’ve resurrected to be a companion site to PBB. IT will have just the links to articles that people have sent in that weren’t posted to PBB.

Again, it is not replacing PBB but acting as a companion site.


Back in Business

Just when you thought you were safe from bad parenting PBB makes it’s triumphant return.

Hi, I’m internet’s Trench Reynolds. Some of you may know me from my other b5 blog MyCrimeSpace. Some of you may know me from my own bad parenting blog Bad Breeders. Now you all know me as the new blogger behind Parents Behaving Badly.

I’ve been a huge fan of PBB since even before its b5 days. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for b5 picking up PBB I would not be a b5 blogger myself. When PBB’s original blogger announced that PBB was picked up by b5 I decided to make the step myself and applied to b5 who then picked up MyCrimeSpace. So I kind of owe my blogging career to PBB.

So I’m sure you’re wondering what will be different here now that I’m at the helm. First off even though the site title contains the word ‘Parents’ I will rarely refer to them as such because usually they don’t deserve to be called that. So I will use the term I used liberally at Bad Breeders and will be referring to them as Breeders. You don’t have to be a biological parent to be a Breeder either. There are such things as Step-Breeders and Foster-Breeders in the Trench Reynolds lexicon.

Secondly there will be slim to no coverage of the Casey Anthony story. I did start to cover it at Bad Breeders but when it entered the realm of Nancy Grace and psychics it became not worth my time. I pride myself on covering cases that aren’t necessarily covered by the national media.

So sit back and be enthralled and appalled as I bring you an unfortunately never ending parade of parental failures.

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