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Pedophiles on Parade

Ohio adoptive father accused of raping 3 children
Ohio Dad Charged With Raping 3 Adopted Kids, Selling Them For Sex
Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted son
Ohio man accused of raping adopted kids in alleged sex ring

Although the adoptive father’s name was mentioned in one of the articles I have linked, I have opted not to include it in the story, in the interests of protecting the children who were abused.

It seems that in Troy, Ohio, there is a man who has discovered a way to meet his sick pedophilic needs without having to look for random children to abuse. He simply adopts them. This animal has three adopted children, and was in the process of adopting a fourth when he popped up on law enforcement radar. He was arrested after he arranged to meet an undercover cop with the intent of selling one of his adopted sons for sex. Of the four children subjected to this depraved bastard, three were boys, aged 9, 10 and 12. The fourth was a 9-year old girl. From what I understand, the girl was not sexually abused, but all three of the boys were raped repeatedly by the adoptive abomination – and at least one of them was prostituted out to other men. This story affected me for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is the fact that I have a son of my own, and may God have mercy on the person who ever tries to hurt him – because I sure as HELL wouldn’t show him any. I couldn’t eat dinner last night, because I was so nauseated after reading about this. I haven’t had breakfast either, because I knew I would not be able to keep it down if I ate before writing it up.

Apparently the children were all adopted from Texas and moved to Ohio with this beast. He recently withdrew them from school and said he was going to home school them. Uh…I don’t think prostitution or rape are classes offered in any school system. Maybe there is a different curriculum for pond scum, though…..

Stories like this absolutely disgust me! Any person who violates a child in this manner should be given the death penalty, IMHO – and when it’s a parent or other relative (who is supposed to PROTECT them) that makes it even worse. These children were already adrift in the foster care system, and then they were adopted by a creature who treated them as sub-human possessions. This guy needs to be made a public example of – no needle or chair – place him on the courthouse lawn and let the honest citizens of Ohio have a crack at him. Have a crack at HIS crack.

There are several other facts in this case that need closer scrutiny, so here we go. The adoptive animal was once the president of the Foster Parent Association of Miami County. I don’t even want to think of what atrocities he may have committed while he held that position, but I suspect that had a lot to do with his being approved to adopt these children. He was also involved with a youth basketball program in the area, but no other abuses have yet come to light involving other children. Well, why would they? He didn’t need to risk exposure by assaulting other kids – he had four of his own to rape at home!

One of the boys was initially reluctant to discuss the abuse with investigators, because he was afraid of being separated from his new siblings. That poor child! He was so desperate for ANY kind of stability that he was willing to accept the abuse to keep them all together. When investigators phrased the request to indicate that he might be helping protect his siblings, he broke down and told them that the adoptive freak had not only raped him, but had also sold him to other men for sex. Those two men are also in jail.

Fortunately, the abusive waste of DNA has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape, and federal investigators are pursuing child exploitation charges as well. Bail for this monster has been set at $800,000.00. Personally, I think it should be at least triple that. And I hope he gets a heaping helping of the kind of ‘care’ he showed those boys while he is awaiting trial. And for many years afterward. Pedophiles are absolutely the lowest form of life on earth. It’s really too bad that most states don’t allow the death penalty for crimes like this. They wouldn’t even have to pay an executioner – I’d be happy to pull the trigger for free. Starting at the crotch, and working my way down and then back up before delivering the kill shot. I like to be thorough that way…..

Thanks for the tip go to Your_Pal_Nancy.

LaShaun Harris: Not First Degree Murder, But Assault

LaShaun Harris, the mentally ill mother who threw her three kids into the San Francisco Bay and blamed it on Jesus, has been found not guilty of murder and guilty of assault. The jury’s still weighing both second-degree murder and manslaughter. The assault charges carry a possible life prison term – but first, during the penalty phase, jurors will consider whether Harris was legally sane at the time of the crime. Once again, we have a case where a woman who was a known danger to herself and others was allowed to keep raising her kids…with all too predictable consequences.

Father, Three Others Indicted for Torturing Boys with Battery Charger

Steve LivelyI have hot tipper Keith Tipton to “thank” for this story about Steve Lively and his merry band of dysfunctional adults, who were indicted by a grand jury this week for harm they allegedly inflicted against Lively’s two teenage sons. Lively, his wife (a.k.a. the boys’ stepmom), the wife’s brother, and some fourth dude who lived with the other three in this House of Mirrors are accused of starving the teens, and torturing them with a battery charger. The quatro also are accused of using habanero peppers to punish the 15- and 16-year-old whenever they were “bad”. And I’m sure the loving parents decided that they were bad with horrifying frequency.

Both Lively and his wife, Melissa Lively, could spend the next 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges against them. The boys’ sister, Amy Lively, says that her brothers are lying little assholes, and that mom and dad are innocent. That would be more believable if the pair didn’t have a 15-year history with Child Protective Services. They even lost custody of several of the kids for two years on neglect charges. So…why were they allowed to abuse and torture again, exactly? Where was CPS in all of this? More accurately, why aren’t state agencies properly funded and staffed so that asstards like this can be monitored?

Mom on Trial for Chucking Three Boys into San Francisco Bay

LaShaun HarrisI encountered this story on Friday, and decided to save it for a weekend write-up. I was reminded to get off my ass and post it by Ven’ys of Akarya, who sent me the link and said, “I saw this, and unfortunately, thought of you. Sorry.” No problem, Ven’ys; I’ve gotten used to people thinking of me when tragedy rears its head.

Tonight’s tragedy focuses on one LaShaun Harris of Oakland, California. The mother of three is accused of driving to San Francisco last October, undressing her three sons, and dropping them one by one off of the Golden Gate Bridge. All three – ages 6, 2 and 16 months – drowned in the chill October waters of San Francisco Bay.

You may have guessed that Harris isn’t all that right in the head. In fact, she’s insane. She believed by throwing her boys in the water that she was sending them back to God. She spends her days writing letters to them, convinced that they’re in Heaven with Jesus. Even before this incident, it was obvious that her grip on reality was tenuous: she would stare through people, see imaginary insects, and talk on the phone when no one was on the opposing end.

No snark from me on this one, folks. Harris will get the sentence – and, hopefully, the help – she desperately needs. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to ask how the system failed to protect these kids. Why was a mom with such a slight grip on her own sanity given free reign with three small children?

Mom Charged for Duct-Taping Kids Together while She Worked

Two hot tippers, MCA and Colin, were quick to send me this story about 25-year-old Agla Nadia Vincent of Jacksonville, Florida, who is the latest parent to use that last resort of desperate moms everywhere: duct tape! The naval officer (if that doesn’t worry you, nothing will) is accused of binding her 2-year-old and 3-year-old together with Red Green’s favorite fixative while she attended her day job. A neighbor eventually heard the boys crying, which led police to find the two sitting in their own waste on a play mat.

It took police seven months to decide whether or not they had enough to charge Vincent with child abuse. Apparently, the kids have been in the custody of the state since then. Why seven months? Isn’t there a due process issue there? The issue appears to be Vincent’s military service: her term ended in August, which allowed civil authorities to take over the case. I have no idea what the hell the Navy did or didn’t do before that time. Frankly, if she did abuse these kids like this – and what the hell kind of defense can you mount to this charge, anyway?! – I don’t give a hang about how long the case drags on. The longer those boys are out of Vincent’s care, the better.

New Zealand Twins’ Dad Charged in Their Murder

Kahui TwinsI wish I had some light story about parents wigging out at their kid’s soccer game to share this morning. Instead, all I’ve got is a tale of two dead twins – and the father who stands accused of their murder. Chris and Cru Kahui died five months ago at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital. The twins both had head wounds and broken bones; a pathologist concluded that they had both been smashed into something. Ever since then, the police have accused the Kahui family of “stonewalling” them and not cooperating. The twins’ father, Chris Kahui, finally sat down with the cops for a five-hour interview on October 3rd. Yesterday, a fleet of detectives arrived at his address and carted him off. Shortly thereafter, Kahui was formally charged with murder.

Wikipedia has the full annotated run-down of this case. According to sources, the Kahuis didn’t even get medical attention for their kids when it was obvious that they were injured; instead, they spent several hours at McDonald’s before making their way to Middlemore Hospital. The family’s reluctance to answer questions was so profound that New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark condemned it, and street gangs in Auckland were threatening to harm the Kahuis if they didn’t talk to the cops.

Yep. He’s guilty as sin.

Dad, of course, maintains he’s innocent. I’ll die of coronary arrest on the spot if that turns out to be true.

The Kahuis have a 12-month-old son named Shane, who’s currently in state custody. I imagine he’ll remain until the authorities can find him a new family…one that doesn’t leave him starving and dirty while beating his siblings to death.

Jesus. Who do some people even have children?

Couple Convicted of Nearly Starving Boys to Death

GarageHot tipper Kate passed along this article about Barbara and Tommy Baldwin, two (heterosexual) adoptive parents who kept the two boys in their care locked in a garage, and fed them nothing but garbage and dog food. When the 9- and 10-year-old boy were removed from the home, they immediately began to thrive again, and put on weight.

In other good news, the Baldwins each face up to 99 years in prison for the shoddy treatment of their charges. This is a judge. This is a book. This is the judge throwing the book at you. Any questions?

The next time someone attempts to tell you that gay adoption is harmful to children, ask them why placing children in the hands of monsters like Barbara and Tommy Baldwin if preferable to trusting them to the care of a nice gay couple.

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