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“Out partying and having a big old time”

Couple devastated by death of toddler


On August 5th Kyle Clement sat in a Boyd County, KY courtroom listening to the judge reading an indictment against his stepdaughter, in his hands a photo of his wide-eyed granddaughter with thick black hair, Cally Erica Jobe.  Cally’s mother Lakyn Jobe (20) is appearing in court to face a charge of first degree criminal abuse in the May 3rd death of Cally.  Also charged is a male acquaintance, Brian “Trinity” Brewster, but Brewster was not in court, he’s a fugitive.  Yep, he beats a baby to death and then runs like the coward he is.

Cally Jobe just 16-months-old died on May 3rd, of what the M.E. described as “abusive closed head trauma.”

According to the Kentucky State Police investigation, Lakyn left Cally in the care of “acquaintance” Brian Brewster, and when she returned she found Cally unresponsive.  Cally was taken to Kings Daughter Medical Center and then flown t to Charleston Area Medical Center, where she would later succumb to her injuries.

But in reality the beating that took little Cally’s life was just one factor of her short life that is so disturbing.  For the first fourteen months of her life she lived with her mother, in her grandparents’, Kyle and Nici Clement, home.  When Lakyn got her own place she took Cally with her, a month and half later Cally was dead.  During the month and a half before she died Lakyn would frequently bring Cally to see her grandparents, where her grandmother would often notice signs that things weren’t right at the home that Lakyn, Cally, Brewster and another man shared.

Lakyn always had excuses to explain away her mother’s concerns, for example; when questioned regarding Cally’s obvious weight loss, Lakyn said she had just weaned the baby off the bottle and the pediatrician told her that was normal.  Nici says she will never get over the guilt she feels for not doing more to save her rapidly deteriorating granddaughter.  Cally weighed 17 pounds when she died, dangerously underweight, with more evidence of abuse than just head trauma.  Awww… poor baby, my heart breaks for her.

Nici says her daughter showed little to no remorse over Cally’s death, “out partying and having a big old time” in the months between Cally’s death and her arrest.  Um, can we say Casey Anthony?

Lakyn Jobe is in jail on felony charges of criminal abuse in the first degree, which carries a five to ten year prison term if convicted.

Brian “Trinity” Brewster is wanted on manslaughter in the first degree and a persistent felony offender in the first degree.  State Police say they do have leads to his whereabouts.


R.I.P. Cally, an angel taken way too soon.

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