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Shit-eating sperm donor charged with breaking his baby

Sources, sources everywhere

David Steiger forgot to wipe his chin after chowing down a big juicy turd.

Thanks to Lucy for this one. I will catch up on the rest of the open thread links, plus some of my own  thrown in the mix, in between watching “Under the Dome”. I will have to pick and choose due to limited time, but I promise I will pick the saddest or the ones with the ugliest mugshots (and therefore the most mileage). I probably won’t get around to everyone but the links live on in the Open Thread, so never fear.

Our sorry-looking shit-eater up there is David Steiger (19) of Sparta, Michigan. He was charged with first-degree child abuse after his 20-day-old baby boy Jaxson had 19 broken bones, which shit-eating Steiger lamely attributed to him “falling off the couch”. When the police refused to buy that load of bulldust, Shit-Eater ‘fessed up to bending the Jaxson’s leg until he heard a POP but can’t remember anymore because he says he “blacked out”. That popping sound, according to doctors, was the his tibia and femur breaking. Now, baby’s bones are still growing and are very flexible. Shit-eater would have had to push his son’s leg very, very hard to break it. Why the fuck would he do that?! A baby is fragile! You don’t “push” on any of their limbs!! Fuck!! Shit-eater needs his fucking FACE fucking “blacked out”!!

An anonymous friend got Shit-eater to take his baby to the hospital after they noticed the baby gasping for air. Shit-eater was hesitant to take his baby to medical help for the same reason all bad breeders refuse medical help: Because CPS will be all over him like flies on a cow pat.

Police documents show that Shit-eater took full responsibility for the injuries with his partner not being responsible for any. No way could she not know her baby was broken or that her salami was violent or angry.

Shit-eating Steiger is being held on $100,000 bond in Kent County Jail. If he is convicted (how can he not be?) he will face life in prison. And so he should. Come to think of it, the shit stain on his chin looks almost like a dick and balls. Almost like an open invite for Bubba and friends to “Insert dick here”.

Baby Jaxson is in a fair condition at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Zombie arrested for killing her baby and then trying to eat her

PHOTO: Couple Arrested For Beating Their Baby To Death And Trying To Eat Her

HPD: Mom, stepdad charged after badly beaten tot found at southeast Houston motel

Suspects Arrested, Charged in Infant’s Death at 4749 Reed Road

This has to be THE most horrifying mugshot ever to grace BB.

Thanks to Benighted for this one, via the open thread. It’s a bit late, but it has so much potential. That mugshot, it has to be an out-of-season Hallowe’en costume. Or is the zombie apocalypse upon us?

The zombie, Ginyear Jones (23) and her handler John Frederick Caldwell (also 23) are facing serious charges after the zombie’s 1 year old non-zombified daughter Melony Jones was found to be badly beaten in a motel room in Houston, TX. She was bruised, had broken bones and lacerations, and perhaps not surprisingly, bite marks. The poor little girl later died of her injuries, while her zombie breeder faces eternal damnation, to wander forever in search of brains, until someone removes her head or destroys her brain.

The zombie’s handler trotted out the tired old excuse that Melony “fell off the couch”. Yeah, and onto some false teeth that magically bit her? Pull the other one. The police then had to bring in their Zombie-English translator and managed to get the message that it was the zombie handler who hurt little Melony.

Police have charged the zombie with two counts of injury to a child, and charged her handler with injury to a child and serious bodily injury. Now that poor Melony is dead, I believe the charges will be upgraded to murder. I’m not up there with law and order, but because Ginyear is a zombie and not a human, wouldn’t they just shoot her through the head instead of bothering to arrest her?

So many questions to be answered, but a poor sweet baby is dead.

Rest in Peace, Melony.

Pulled on the infant’s leg until he heard a popping noise

Manual A. Lopez

Manual A. Lopez

Manual Lopez, (Trench’s note: as opposed to an Automatic Lopez) age 20, is charged with felony aggravated battery to a child. He has a $100,000 bond. This fuckface here was tired of hearing his 4 month old baby cry so he decided to pull on the baby’s legs “until he heard a popping noise in the knee”. What the fuck???

The baby was taken to the hospital and the hospital called police. When the police questioned fuckface he said he got frustrated and used force to pull the baby’s leg till the knee popped. Well, I’m a little frustrated right now and I want to use force to pull on fuckface’s knee, ankle, arm, elbow, etc. Where in the hell are these stupid people bred from? Naturally this did not silence the baby, it just made him cry harder. So fuckface grabbed the baby’s ankle and twisted it until he herd another popping noise. He said he used this as a form of discipline at least 4 different times in the last month.

The baby has sustained acute and sub-acute right distal tibial, right distal femoral, and left distal tibial corner fractures.

Mom and Dad are now being investigated for neglect and abuse and the baby has been placed with relatives.

I don’t know where mom was but I hope this son of a bitch goes to jail and every inmate there takes turns pulling and twisting with force every single thing on his body!! I HATE a damn child abuser in every shape and form!


***Thanks to April for the tip and Leslie for the write up***

Another broken baby courtesy of TX douche

Man arrested, charged with injuring infant

A 9-month-old baby in Goliad, Texas is was taken to the hospital, coutesy of his douche-dad, Emiliano Israel Zuniga (18).  The good new is, the angel is alive.  The bad news is, she’s broken.  She suffered a broken femus, broken ribs, a black eye, and bruises on her head.  All at the hands of the boner donor who contributed to half of her DNA.

Zuniga was arrested and charged is being charged with injury to a child.  He is being held in lieu of $200,000 bond.

The source article has some comments from people claiming to know this taint stain.  Please please please let them show up here.  I love when people try to defend these fuckers.

Thanks for the tip goes to Lori.

Pretty Boy beats babies

Beating by Pocoanos dad, 18, broke baby’s bones, police say

Cops say Poconos teen admitted to hurting infant

Pretty Boy - Jorge L. Rodriguez

Pretty boy, Jorge L. Rodriguez (18) of Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania is in jail after admitting to injuring his 10-week-old baby.

Doctors suspected child abuse when the baby was brought in with a broken femur and six broken ribs. Further examination revealed older injuries as well – including a broken arm, ankle and more ribs. 

No word on who took the baby to the hospital or where the mother is in all of this. According to some of the comments left in the news articles, Pretty boy lived with his girlfriend at one of their parent’s homes – many people failed this baby. 

Police and Child and Youth Services are still investigating the incident. 

Rodriguez is being charged with aggravated assault, endangering a child’s welfare, simple assault and reckless endangerment. 

He should fit in just fine with his new cellmates – heck with a face like that they will love him. Something tells me that inmates just WAIT for a dude like this to come around… if you know what I mean! 

Thanks go to Shal for the tip and a little more of my love goes to April for making laugh!

Matthew Hice broke the baby while Jessica Taylor watched

Not Matthew Hice and Jessica Taylor, but close


Parents arrested after brutal abuse of their infant son    

Logan County Teens Arrested for Allegedly Beating Baby    

I’m feeling a little feisty tonight, so I think I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of these horses’ asses – so the one I posted will have to do.    

17-year-old Matthew Hice is a baby abusing piece of shit.  Hice’s 18-year-old baby mamma, Jessica Taylor, is a fucking moron.  Period.    

Health officials were called to the home of Hice and Taylor when they received notification that their 5-month-old son wasn’t gaining weight.  Thank God for whoever made that call.  The baby not gaining weight was the least of his worries.  The child was taken to the hospital with a broken shoulder blade, several broken ribs, and a skull that was fractured in three places.  Wow – this is a second story that I have written in two days that involves an infant with broken bones that isn’t eating.  Hmmmmmm.    

The source article states that Hice (allegedly, blah blah blah) broke the baby while his sperm receptacle (allegedly, blah blah blah) did nothing.  I wouldn’t say she did NOTHING.  She watched the mother fucker break her baby.    

The child was taken to Children’s hospital.  I can’t find an update.  I hope the little angel is recovering and will be sent to a loving home far away from these to assholes.  Hice is being charged as an adult for first degree battery.  Taylor is being charged with permitting the abuse of a minor and hindering apprehension.    

 Thanks go to me for this one. 


The REAL horses' asses

Terry Gleen Davis, Jr. broke his baby girl… a lot

A likeness of Terry Gleen Davis, Jr.

Father accused of breaking multiple bones in newborn

Father, 19, charged in torture of infant girl

This story is quintessential BB.  We have teen parents that are related (and not by marriage), a broken baby, a mobile home, and a pit bull.  Neat.  I can’t find a picture of this next douche nozzle, so the one I have provided will have to suffice.  I’m sure it’s pretty darn accurate.

19 year old Terry Gleen Davis, Jr. is one of those fuckers that give teen parents a bad rap.  Davis is accused of breaking over half a dozen bones in his newborn baby girl’s body – including a broken arm, leg, and 5 broken ribs.  Owwww, damn.  The injuries came to light when the baby’s mother took her to the hospital claiming that she wasn’t gaining any weight.  My guess is that the pain served as somewhat of an appetite suppressant. 

On a side note – the baby’s maternal grandfather is claiming that Davis was abusive to both the girl and the baby previously.  He believes that Davis was disappointed that his baby was not a boy.  How many times have we seen that macho shit here?  He also told ABC 33/40 that Davis would not allow his daughter to feed her baby.  Supposedly, the only time she saw Davis abuse the child was when he held her over his pit bull trying to get the animal to bite her.  When the mother slapped the dog away, Davis knocked her down…. But she stayed….  And the parents did nothing to help her.  Hmmmmmm.  So many people failed this baby girl and her young mother.

In a twist, Davis and the child’s mother may possibly be related.  Davis’ father and the mother’s father are first cousins, making Davis and his gal pal fourth cousins.  Ewwwwwwwwww.  On the plus side, if they end up being related, charges of incest may be added to the charges he already faces of willful abuse of a child and second-degree rape (Davis was 18 and the baby’s mother was 14 at the time of intercourse).

Davis has bonded out of jail and is scheduled to be in court on November 1st.  While I think the mother deserves some of the blame for this incident, she is just a child herself – so let’s go easy on her.

 Thanks go to Nicole for posting this in the Open Thread.

5-years are you kidding me ?!?


This makes me so angry!  This is Samuel A. Kroening … a 21 year-old sad excuse for a human being.  He has been sentenced for 5-years for child abuse and armed robbery … WTF?!?

He is responsible for serious injury to a 4 year-old girl – the daughter of his girlfriend… 

The child was taken to the hospital June 28 by her mother, who told investigators she heard the child scream while being bathed by Kroening. Kroening had moments before lost his temper in the kitchen and cut his hand when he slammed a knife on the counter.

The child suffered first- and second-degree burns on her head, shoulder, chest and back that were consistent with the maximum water temperature in the bathroom.

The mother said she discovered the girl’s leg injuries when she returned from picking up cigarettes and found the girl bleeding from a laceration on her leg that had bone or muscle protruding.

Kroening, who denied causing the injuries, told police he ingested two Hydrocodone pills, four or five shots of brandy, four or five cans of beer, a 40-ounce beer and an alcoholic energy drink in the hours before the girl was injured.

The robbery charge stems from October 2007, when Kroening beat and robbed two people on successive days, court records show.

He robbed a 14-year-old boy of clothing and jewelry after pretending to be friendly and inviting the boy to go with him to buy cigarettes. The next day, Kroening was with a 21-year-old man at Moose Park when he hit him in the jaw and tried to take a $20 bill, pursuing the man and punching him repeatedly when he tried to escape.

Daddy had to run to the store

15442155This is the house where Humberto Alvarez beat his 13 month-old son unconscious and then left him alone.

Other family members went out of town Oct 22nd and left Alvarez with his son.  When the child’s Grandmother returned she found the boy face down on the basement floor unresponsive wearing only a diaper.  She took him to the hospital where it was discovered he had severe bruising and trauma to his body, including a large bruise and cut on the back of his head.

Alverz admitted he threw a clothes basket and hit the boy in the head causing a head injury… ::rolls yes:: r i g h t.  He also admitted to repeatedly hitting the toddler with a shoe.  I think it was more serious than that…

Alvarez claims he just ran to the store.

The child’s mother is said to have been deported although no one knows when.

There were several breaks found in the boy’s leg healing at different speeds indicating breaks at different times.  He was covered in with bruises and had lacerations inside his mouth.  His 2 year-old sister appeared to be unharmed and is now in the custody of the Grandmother.


Poor Baby…


An Eldon, Missouri couple, Christopher and Jessica Blood, are in jail tonight.  Their six WEEK old son has been admitted to the hospital with four broken ribs, two broken legs and a broken arm.

The couple admitted to squeezing the baby too tight because he wouldn’t stop crying; and then Christopher admitted to tightly gripping his little arms and legs for the same reason.

The infant is currently in the custody of his grandmother.

Read It Here

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