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Boys pulled from house full of cat shit, can only speak in grunts

Boys found in Denver house full of cat faeces spoke in grunts


Here’s a horrifying tale, just in time for Hallowe’en. Try not to scream when you see the mugshot.

Wayne Sperling, 66, and Lorinda Bailey, 35, are charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

A dirty wizard and his dimwitted apprentice

Four boys were pulled from a filthy house in Denver, CO. They were filthy, three of them were still in nappies and could only speak in grunts, according to reports. Their breeders, Wayne Sperling (66) and Lorinda Bailey (35) have been charged with multiple counts of child abuse. They are repeat offenders, with charges dating back as far as 2006.

The latest act of foul foolishness was discovered when Lorinda took the youngest boy (2) to the doctor for an apparent cut on his head. The doctor, not being stupid unlike the two numbskulls up there, also noticed suspicious bruising behind the boy’s right ear consistent with pinching and called the police. The doctor also noticed that the child smelt like cigarette smoke, was unwashed and his speech was far behind what was normal for a 2 year old.

When the police and Denver social services turned up to the house, they observed that three other children aged 4, 5, and 6, all appeared to be the same size and two of the children were only wearing nappies. That’s not the worst of it…

The house was redolent with the stench of a decomposing animal, so badly that the police couldn’t stand to be inside. They couldn’t locate the source of the smell, because every surface inside the house was covered in flies. That’s a fuckload of flies, and that judgement is something coming from someone who lives in the Land of the Flies. Lorinda, the foul temptress of the faeces, had the gall to deny that the state of the house was dirty or unhygienic, adding (and I quote)

“The feces looks like human but it’s the cats”

Oh, that makes it all better then…NOT!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Cat poo contains many harmful parasites, and can cause toxoplasmosis in young children. It can also cause worms, plus it contains all the other nasty germs that you find in human shit such as e-coli and salmonella. Under the boys’ bunk beds, the feline faeces was 1 – 2 inches thick on the floor. There was also cat piss and dead flies on the floor where the boys would play. Lorinda was allegedly living in another unit away from the boys but claimed to see them every day. Interesting. She thinks that cat shit/piss and dead flies everywhere aren’t unhygienic, yet refuses to live in the mess. And then consigns her children to fester in that filth.

This isn’t the first ride at the rodeo for these rednecks. They were charged in 2006 and 2009 with child abuse, with the latter resulting in the kids being taken. So why the fuck were they given back to these creeps?

Shame on you, Colorado. And to think that I wanted to stay at the Stanley Hotel at Estes Park (where The Shining was filmed) and go skiing in Aspen, as well as see the Adirondacks. Lift your game, otherwise you won’t be seeing my tourist dollars!

And please outlaw incest, it looks like that father-daughter relationship is a little too friendly…

Father charged with forcing a bottle in baby’s mouth

Father charged with forcing bottle into baby’s mouth

23-year-old Daniel Santos Borges, of Beavertown, Pennsylvania forced a bottle into the mouth of his 9-week-old son. This caused a laceration under the newborn’s tongue that would have bled profusely. 

Borges is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. 

The child was taken to the hospital for trouble breathing. An examination also revealed a bruise to the child’s left eye and a scratch on his right leg. A doctor said that a laceration of that type would have been caused by forcefully pushing something into the baby’s mouth. 

Borges told a caseworker that “he wouldn’t stop crying and would not take the bottle. I forcefully pushed it in his mouth. Yeah, I get rough with him sometimes,” according to the complaint. 


Thanks go to Brooke for this one too!

**If anyone can find a picture of this guy I’d love to post it!**

Dr. Death – A Pediatrician to Die For…

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Dr. Death and her assistant in homicide...

Pediatrician Charged In Connection With Child’s Death
Pediatrician, Husband Indicted In Child’s Death
Mt. Juliet doctor charged with abusing, killing 4-year-old daughter

From the city of Mt. Juliet in the great state of Tennessee: Dr. Deborah Mark, 39, has been charged with first degree murder and child abuse in the death of her four year old adopted daughter. Her husband, Steven Mark, 47, has been charged with only child abuse and failure to protect the child. I’ll have more to say about that later…..

It seems the Marks adopted little Kairissa this past April. And apparently the beatings began almost immediately, since the child was covered from head to toe in bruises at the time of her death. Authorities believe the injuries were caused by being beaten with objects as well as by hand. I guess the good doctor felt she couldn’t inflict enough damage with just her bare hands, so she found interesting household objects to aid her in her brutal beatings. Oh, yeah…..did I mention that she is a PEDIATRIC doctor? Yes, boys and girls, that’s right….she was responsible for the health and well being of other people’s children, and she still managed to find time to KILL her own. What a multi-tasker, huh? It seems she is multi-talented in that she is able to both kill and heal with the same amount of efficiency. What an achievement!

The Marks also have an 8-year old biological daughter who is now in state custody, and both of the (alleged) killers have already made bail. I guess the judge set that bail a bit low. I think they should have been remanded until trial, but since I am neither judge nor lawyer in this case, nobody asked me for advice. Pity.

Authorities were called to the Mark’s home on July 1, for the ever-popular ‘unresponsive child’ report. Kairissa was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she was airlifted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. She died from her injuries the next day. You would think, as a pediatrician, the accused female would have noticed the signs of abuse and reported it. Aren’t doctors REQUIRED to report suspected abuse in Tennessee? Oh, yeah, she’s the one who did it. Silly me! OF COURSE she wouldn’t report herself! On the up side (if there can BE an up side to something this horrible), at least the doctor cannot use the excuse we hear so often from parents who beat their children to death: “But, I didn’t KNOW she was hurt that bad!” Because as a doctor, she was sure as hell trained to notice life-threatening injuries to children. If she can’t distinguish between superficial and deadly injuries, then she had no business being a pediatric doctor, anyway. I hope they use that little factoid to help nail her to the wall in court.

Since I promised you more on the husband, I will go ahead and make good on that promise now……I think it is disgusting that he is being charged with such minor offenses. Failure to protect? Child abuse? Steve’s as much a murderer as Debbie is. I usually don’t advocate spousal abuse, but I think in this case he might have been able to walk from those charges if he beat the snot out of the witch in order to protect HIS KID! Just sayin’…..if I had been in his shoes, I might be up on murder charges for KILLING the abusive spouse…..but that’s just me. I bet he’s gonna use the “I was afraid of my wife” defense to try and absolve himself of guilt. Otherwise known as the “I’m a pussy” defense. Looking at their pictures though…he is kind of a scrawny bastard – maybe she WAS kicking his arse on a regular basis. It could happen. But still no excuse in my book; not any more of an excuse than it would be for a woman if the roles were reversed. Parents should protect their children, at the cost of their own lives if need be. You’d have to kill me in order to even have a CHANCE at one of my babies. And that’s a fact.

There are more details in the linked articles, but I am already so pissed about this case, I need to just go ahead and end my rant. Read the links if you dare….I need to go love on my babies now, and tell them what wonderful blessings they are to me.

Thanks go to April for the tip on this story. I have been so busy of late that I have not had time to look for news articles to report on, so she helps me out with that. April is AWESOME!

McKinley and Cindy Warren, Abuse 3-Year-Old Son and Finally Charged for Killing Daughter in 2000

mckinley-warren.jpgMcKinley Warren, 41, and Cindy Warren, 28 of East Stroudsburg, Penn. were recently arrested for the physical abuse of their 3-year-old son, Isaiah Warren. But now they’ve been charged with the murder of their two-year-old daughter, Jessica, back in December 2000. (Cindy, the girl’s stepmother, will be charged as an accomplice.)

First Jessica – The Warrens claim the girl fell out of their parked vehicle and hit her head. After Jessica’s death, police hit a roadblock while investigating a felony case since no cindy-warren.jpgwitnesses came forward. Even though doctors found numerous cuts and bruises in varying stages of healing on Jessica’s body, they didn’t have enough evidence to make a murder charge stick. The break in the case came when police arrested McKinley for abusing his son. Not only were the bruises on Isaiah’s body similar to Jessica’s, but McKinley confessed during a taped police interview.

Jessica was the product of a short-term affair between Warren and her mother, Veronica Bock, who exposed her to crack in utero. Warren claimed that the crack-exposed toddler was unsteady on her feet and fell all the time.

Then Isaiah – The child had a handprint-shaped bruise on the side of his head, bruises on his torso, and horizontal cuts on his legs and feet, probably from a belt. Isaiah’s pelvic bone was bruised, probably because daddy or mommy dearest pushed him into a wall or a piece of furniture.

Isaiah’s worse injury was a large red abrasion stretching fom the right side of his neck to below his right ear probably caused by someone holding the boy suspended from his shirt collar or a possibly a cord or piece of rope. There’s also evidence that he had been starved and dehydrated.

Isaiah, his two older brothers and younger sister at home. After Jessica’s death, the children went to live with their aunt and uncle, Lisa and Steve Warren. A custody struggle ensued almost immediately, and Lisa and Steve moved to Indiana to avoid family strife. McKinley and Cindy were awarded custody again last year.

I understand why the police couldn’t arrest these two back after Jessica’s murder. But why did child protective services return Jessica’s siblings to these monsters? How many kids do you have to beat up and kill to get your kids permanently taken away from you?