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Burgle a house, but bring the kids along so they don’t feel left out

Kids in getaway car as couple burgle house

Kids in getaway car as WA couple burgle Warnbro house


A Perth couple seemed to think it was “bring your kids to work day” when they decided to leave their six year old boy and three year old twin boys in their getaway car, while they broke into a home at Warnbro on Monday morning. Too bad that “bring your kids to work day” only applies to real jobs where you actually have to work for a dollar, and not take things from people that actually work just because you’re too lazy to go to work.

Police say that the burgling breeders, both aged 29, broke into the Warnbro home and stole a laptop and some jewellery. They tried to leave in the getaway car that was parked in the driveway, but an observant neighbour who had called police when he saw them, stalled them until the police arrived. It’s also alleged that the male burglar assaulted the neighbour, further delaying them. Nice going there, dipshit. What are you teaching your kids? That it’s okay to take things that don’t belong to you, because you won’t work for the money to get those things, and bash anyone who gets in your way?

The burgling breeders have been charged with aggravated burglary, stealing and assault with intent. They will appear in Perth Magistrate’s Court next Tuesday.

Jesus H. Christ, you dunderheads! First of all, don’t break into people’s homes and steal things. If you must steal things because you won’t get a job and want to support a drug habit, leave your kids with a babysitter or something. Or wait until they’re in school before going on a pinching spree. Or just don’t steal in the first place!

Nasty neighbour raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman

You look a bit constipated there, Zach. Don’t worry, Bubba will loosen you right up!



Neighbor charged with murder, rape of Jersey Bridgeman, 6

‘A little old soul’: Girl, 6, found dead after dad, stepmom jailed for keeping her chained

That literal sack of shit up there (because he looks like he needs to crap real bad) is Zachary Holly (28). He raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman who had undergone abuse from her sperm donor and his cum-receptacle and had been sent to live with her mum DesaRae Bridgeman in Bentonville, AK after her abusers’ arrests. DesaRae and Jersey lived next door to Zachary and his wife Amanda, who were friends of the family and often trusted to babysit Jersey and her 2 year old sister.

On the night of November 19, the Hollys were babysitting Jersey and her sister while their mum was at work. DesaRae came home at 11pm and chatted with the couple. After that, Zachary carried Jersey home while DesaRae was carrying her sister, and placed them in the same bed. The very next morning, Jersey had disappeared.

Just minutes after a search for the little girl began, a horrible discovery was made. Jersey’s small body was found in an abandoned house, just two doors down. Crime scene investigators found sperm cells on her body (gag) and built up a DNA profile which matched that of Holly. Holly was the one to call the cops when her body was found and after he turned up to the cop shop to make a statement, he was booked on charges of capital murder, kidnapping, rape and residental burglary. At least he confessed and didn’t bullshit around with lies and excuses…

Holly is being held in Benton County Jail and was attacked by another inmate (YAY!!) Holly wasn’t seriously injured (BOO!!!) and the inmate who attacked him, who was in jail on a parole violation, may face charges (Someone should buy that inmate a beer!) All the other inmates know what Holly is in for, and prison staff have said that they’re going to try their best to keep him safe. Save yourselves the time and money, and hang the sorry bastard!


Rest in Peace, little Jersey. You were too beautiful for this world.

Now here is something that all parents and caregivers need to know:

“Ninety-six percent of people who offend on children are people that the child knows. We all have been so trained in the stranger-danger aspect, which certainly does happen, but I think the reality is that’s about 4 percent,” Beverly Engle, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Centre of Benton County, AR.

While the laws can be amended to capture all aspects of child abuse, while the sick fucks out there can be made an example of, parents should teach their kids to fight back against an abuser, even if it’s someone they know and trust. Teach them to kick, to scream, to hit, scratch and bite someone who does something or says something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Make them understand that there are people out there who don’t have good intentions, and that if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, to run away and tell someone.

I have found that Arkansas has the death penalty, so hopefully they might put it to good use on this shitstain. Here’s hoping.

Thanks to Susan and Malevolent April for the tip.


***Our first post about Jersey is here:  http://badbreeders.net/2011/12/27/midnight-snacking-leads-to-chaining/

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3 people wanted after 4-year-old girl found in neighbor’s apartment.

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Warrants issued for 3 in connection with little girl found in neighbor’s apartment

3 arrest warrants in case  involving 4-yr-old-girl

It’s 8:30 pm on Thursday, August 25th and Mettie Edwards realizes she needs something from a family member living in the same apartment complex (or a complex across the street depending on the article.)  Her solution to this small inconvenience was to send her 4-year-old daughter to retrieve the needed item.  Yes, she sent a 4-year-old little girl out alone at 8:30 pm, to get something.  Now ask yourself for a minute if it is within the same complex or even across the street, would you allow your daughter at 4-years-old to wander around alone during the day let alone at 8:30 at night.  I sure as hell wouldn’t, my daughter is going to be 4 in a few weeks and not only is she not capable of getting herself anywhere completely on her own, she’s 4-years-old and a essentially still a baby!

So the story goes a little something like this… Mettie sends her daughter to retrieve the needed item from the other family member and her little girl does not return.  Mettie leaves in search of her baby, goes immediately to the family member’s apartment and finds her daughter has been there and left.  Where is she?  Well,  Mettie you’d know if you had WALKED over with her.  Anyhow, while frantically searching for her daughter she returns to her building and a neighbor asks her if she is looking for a small child.  The neighbor then indicates that she is in the apartment of Mettie’s downstairs neighbor Damoiz Shinn.  At almost the same time Shinn opened the apartment door and shoved the little girl out.  Mettie attempted to confront Shinn about the incident but he would not answer his door.  She then went up to her apartment and called police, by the time police arrived Shinn was gone.  No arrest was made at that time.

At 11 pm gun shots were heard throughout the apartment complex.  A male relative of Mettie and her daughter’s Robert Howard had decided to handle matters himself.  He paid Shinn a visit by kicking in his front door, Shinn went scurrying to the bedroom and bathroom, where Howard proceeded to then kick those doors in.  Howard ended up shooting Shinn in the arm and leg, the injuries were not life threatening.

The little girl was taken the hospital as well, where an exam revealed she had not been sexually assaulted or molested in any way.  Well, thank gawd!  WTF would have happened if mom hadn’t gone looking for her when she did.

Now all three of the “adults” involved are all wanted on different charges.

Damoiz Shinn is charged and wanted for enticing a child.

Robert Howard is charged and wanted for first-degree assault and burglary.

Mettie Edwards is charged and wanted for child neglect.

While I am thrilled this little girl was not molested or assaulted in anyway, I have to wonder what in the hell this guy was doing with her his apartment, alone.  If it was innocent why did he shove her into the hallway and refuse to answer the mother’s questions.  But, then what in fuck was Mettie  thinking putting her daughter in harms way allowing, or sending, her out alone at night at freakin 4-years-old.  She got very, very lucky!  Is this the first time she has let her go somewhere alone, or does she allow her baby girl to got out unsupervised, regularly?

All in all this is a happy ending!

Bitches of a feather….

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Larissa Green

Loaded gun found in child’s car seat

In Clarksville Tennessee Misty Lenney was stealing in a store while her girlfriend Larissa Green sat in the get away car with her 8-month-old son. The police received a tip about Misty and were able to apprehend her as she exited the business.

Since Misty was found to be in possession of stolen goods they asked to search Larissa’s car, which Larissa agreed to. Of course the car had other stolen items in it along with a baby in an improperly installed car seat. I am not surprised at all though since common criminals lack the brain skills it requires to read a car seat manual.

When they removed Larissa’s 8-month-old son from his car seat the officers found a LOADED revolver hidden under him. Larissa Green went from being an idiot that should have chose her friends better to a low life scum bag who can now be profiled on Bad breeders. It is believed (by myself as well) that Larissa was well aware of the loaded revolver.

Larissa Green, 21, was booked into the Montgomery County jail on weapons, drug and theft charges has a reckless endangerment warrant pending. She has a history of domestic violence and assault arrests in the past. Larissa Green was not suppose to have any contact with her son either. Her 8-month-old son was released to a family member BUT CPS is expected to have custody. Not only does this scummy bitch have her child sitting on a loaded gun but somewhere there are also drugs found. Honestly I really don’t know which is worse.

Misty Lenney, 36, is charged with aggravated burglary and had two drug-related warrants served on her. She has an drug arrest history and was not only out on bond from a previous drug arrest but is also out on parole since December 2010. Why was this bitch released the first time?

**********Rant on ***************

What is it with these breeders who chose to involve their children in things like this? I hate dragging my kids to go shopping, to a doctor’s appointment or the bank. Wouldn’t it just be easier to leave him with the person who has custody of him while you go out thieving? An 8 month old will not exactly amuse himself in a car.

 If they don’t have enough common sense to realize that this isn’t good their kids, they could at least be selfish enough to realize kids might slow them down a little.  Maybe this is why she gave him a gun… to play with.

 Too bad her son didn’t shoot her ass with it that would have saved the taxpayers some money.

 Thanks AJ for the tip!

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up**


Baby found alone after burglary

Kendra Leonard

14 month old found alone in burglarized apartment 

Mother arrested for neglect 

Mother leaves baby alone to go out and party 

Orlando police answering a burglary call at approximately 8pm, found an abandoned 14-moth-old girl in a crib.  After hearing the mother was last seen around 4 pm, seeing the condition of the baby, the condition of the apartment and discovering the mother’s cell phone on the counter, they feared for the mother’s safety.  A search was launched using choppers, K-9 units and patrol cars.  Well…. At approximately 12:45 am Kendra Leonard, 28, strolled back up to her apartment, unaware of the search for her… where had she been, did she know her daughter was alone in the apartment?  Why, yes she did know her daughter was alone; she left her there with a bag of freakin popcorn for 8 hours and took her ass to Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios.  When she discovered she did not have enough money for admission, did she go home?  Well, no she did what any good, loving mother would do she went out and partied of course.  Not giving a second thought to her baby alone in her apartment. 

While she was out enjoying herself, someone had broken into her apartment and by the grace of god left her precious angel unharmed.  If not for an attentive neighbor, her little outing and choice of childcare would not have been discovered.  The neighbor concerned for the 2 had called police after noticing the door open and damaged for 3 hours.  

Kendra admitted she was out with a friend and had left the baby alone.  Upon further investigation the apartment was discovered to have no running water, was infested with cockroaches and there were no childcare items.  WTF!  Oh… did I mention this is NOT the first time Kendra has been investigated for neglect?  I didn’t… my bad; she has 2 other children, and where are they?  Kendra lost custody of them in 2008 stemming from a 2007 arrest on child-neglect.  Someone please tell me… where was the father or her family?  Not one person cares enough about this baby to keep an eye on a mother known to neglect her kids… that is just fucked up!  Oh yeah… and there was an “unsubstantiated” complaint filed against her earlier this year for neglecting this baby.  WTF! WTF! WTF! 

This stellar example of mothering, was booked into Orange County Jail on Child Neglect charges, but was released after posting $1000 bond… wait bond, why she has a history of this shit.  How can she afford $1000 bond, but not baby items, water or a sitter for her daughter so she can go out?  Please someone enlighten me. 

The good news, her daughter is in protective custody of DCFS, where she will hopefully be placed with a worthy family who will love and protect her. 

She is a despicable piece of trash.  God gave her not 1 but 3 gifts and she shit on all of them.  Fuck her! 

Thanks to me and Lovingmy9 for this one!

Two Helena Bad Breeders for the price of one

Mothers arrested in separate incidents:

For this pair of stories we go to the wilds of Montana where lumberjacks wrestle moose…or something.

Actually we go to the capital of Montana, Helena. Recently there they had a night where two different birth organisms were arrested for various crimes against their children. Luckily the children were unharmed.

First up is 41-year-old Lisa Perdue who was allegedly caught breaking into a house by the homeowner. She had her 2-year-old son in the car when she made the getaway. When police finally caught up with her she tried taking a handful of pills. I would assume in a bid to either commit suicide or just get a nice stay in the hospital before she got hauled off to the pen. She was already on probation.

The second story brings us one 33-year-old Michelle Leigh McCauley. She spent two hours in a bar being unruly while she had a baby monitor in her possession. The 6-month-old baby was down the street in a motel room, out of range of the baby monitor. She gave police a false name while they were investigating.

I can honestly say these are two of the more ‘entertaining’ stories we’ve had on here in a while. The kids were unharmed and we get to make fun of two trashy Breeders. If Montana keeps supplying us with stories like this they may just become my favorite state.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.