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Mom Teaches Teen Daughter The Basics of Burying Dead Babies

Baby deathI’m not going to blame the 13-year-old girl who’s the subject of this story from Kansas City, Montana. She’s young, foolish, and, if this report is accurate, a victim of atrocious parenting. The full blame rests with her mother, who reportedly kept her kids so sequestered from the outside world that one neighbor didn’t even realize there were children in the home. The sheltering continued when the teen gave birth to a 10-inch-long baby, who was stillborn. (Can you say "inadequate prenatal care"?) Instead of reporting the still birth to the authorities, mom helped her kid bury the lifeless babe in their backyard.

Police haven’t released the names of any family members. If you know the names, gentle reader, feel free to leave them here, so that we can move to have this woman’s parenting license suspended.

Mom’s actions, of course, raise the inevitable "what the bloody hell was she thinking" question.  My bet is that she ceded to the girls’ pleas to "dispose of" the newborn’s body in order to protect the nameless daddy, who now faces statutory rape charges for drilling into a minor’s pants. Classy, eh?  Apparently, mom missed the part of her job description which includes grabbing your kids by the ear and shouting some sense into them when they’re..well, acting like kids.

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