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Port Stephens man faces trial for abusing baby

Dad allegedly fractured baby son’s ribs

A Port Stephens dog dropping is facing trial after he allegedly bruised and burned his baby son. The dog dropping made a series of admissions to authorities and was committed for trial yesterday. Mrs Dog Dropping is also facing charges and has had her case adjourned.

The dog dropping is accused of inflicting a series of injuries including haemorrhaging, fractured ribs and bruises to his baby son, who was only a few weeks old at the time. Let me guess, the baby boy wouldn’t stop crying so dog dropping thought that hurting him might shut him up? Mr and Mrs dog dropping had three children, but one died of SIDS in 2010, before the baby boy was born at the end of 2011. Yes, “SIDS”. So they lost one child, presumably to a mysterious cause, yet they treat the next baby like a piece of garbage? WTF?? I think the dead child should be examined a little bit more closely, given that the next baby was horribly abused.

The baby boy suffered a seizure (probably from a head injury) in December 2011 and was taken to hospital. A scan revealed haemorrhaging near the baby’s brain, and other injuries were discovered including bruising to the baby’s ears, eyelids, abdomen, heel and an indentation on his forehead. An MRI scan showed haemorrhaging consistent with the baby being shaken. How awful! The bad breeders were interviewed by social workers, medical staff and police and the boy plus the remaining sibling were taken away by the Department of Family and Community Services.

The dog dropping suggested ideas for how the baby got a dint in his head and why he had broken ribs. He told police that the baby’s forehead was burned on a light globe when he was playing with the baby by swinging him. An expert shot that idea down, saying that the globe in question could not generate that much heat to cause burns (probably one of those energy saver bulbs). As for the fractured ribs, both Mr and Mrs dog dropping said that Mr dog dropping fell on the baby. Plausible. But the fractures were 2 weeks old, and neither had sought help for the baby, who was probably shrieking in pain and dog dropping had tried to shut him up by hurting him even more.

Dog dropping will face Newcastle District Court next week.


Irons – Not Just for Clothes Anymore

Hope Askew Tutor of the Year








Mom accused of burning daughter’s face with iron

HCSO: Mom burns child with hot iron

Mom accused of burning daughter

Show of hands – at the ripe old age of 10, how many of you were able to read every single word in a book with zero problems?  That’s what I thought, not many.  It’s a good thing none of us were raised by Hope Askew (42) of Houston, TX because she’s got an interesting way of dealing with her daughter’s reading flubs – smack her in the face with a hot iron.

On April 11th, Askew was ironing clothes at her home while her daughter was reading a book.  The girl was having a little trouble and was reading some of the words incorrectly which so enraged her mother that she hit her twice on the left side of her face with the hot iron she was using on her clothes.  As I’m sure you can guess mommy dearest didn’t bother to seek treatment for her daughter’s burns.  The little girl told the school nurse the injury happened when she hit a hot skillet at home which clearly is a completely unbelievable story, thank goodness.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit I get frustrated when my older son struggles with something we’ve worked on and he really should know, I’ve wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but that never accomplishes much and I would imagine inflicting physical injury would accomplish even less.

A family member reported the incident to CPS and Askew was arrested and charged with injury to a child.  Her bond is set at $10,000.   Hopefully she won’t get a job in the prison laundry….

Thanks to Robin for the tip!

Mom and bed buddy charged with torturing her 4 children


Phenix City Police two face charges in torture of children

Phenix City couple accused of torturing children

Mother and boyfriend charged with torturing four children


I can honestly say that being a mother of two children under the age of 7, there are days that I beg for Calgon to take me away.  Between the crying and bickering I often think the men in the white van with my specially made jacket will be here any minute. It never occurred to me to torture them to make them behave… I tend to chalk it up to being kids, put them in a time out or separate them and go one with my day.


Patrick McNair (33) and Stephanie Hughes (26) have both been charged with four counts each of willful torture of a child under the age of 18, for the abuse and torture of Hughes four children (all under the age of 10).  Their bond was $50,000 for each charge totally $200,000 each.  Nice Job!


A family member alerted the police to the abuse which consisted of, being burned and hit with a piece of wood (believed to be a 2×4).  The children were covered in bruises.


If convicted these to sadist face 10 years each in prison.  Ten years isn’t enough if you ask me, for torturing anyone let alone small children, but I guess something is better than nothing.


Kudos the relative that called the police it’s good to know the kids had someone looking out for them.


Thanks to lucentabella for the tip.

It’s TURKEY for Thanksgiving – Not Ten Year Olds…

Chef Debbie

Chef Debbie

Article1, Article2

Debra Denise Chatman, 27, and her live-in abuser, William Tajahn Hurley, 23, have both been charged with malicious punishment of a child, and Chatman has also been charged with endangerment, in the beating of Chatman’s 10-year old son. Both articles refer to Hurley as the boy’s ‘dad’, but based on his age and the age of the child, I am betting that should have been ‘step-dad’.

These two sorry examples of the bipedal mammalian species called ‘human’, began their torture session with the boy by beating him with a belt and burning him with a hot iron. When the child ran and hid under the bed, the male animal threatened to kill him if he refused to come out.

When the terrified child came out, he tried to escape by running from the apartment, screaming loudly. His horrible incubator then dragged him back into the apartment, where Hurley began beating him again – this time with an extension cord. It was at this point that the boy once again got out of Hurley’s grasp, and tried to hide in the oven. Did the egg donor then try to protect her son, I ask you? No. She turned on the freakin’ oven. With her own child inside. What a slag.

Chatman at first tried to blame Hurley for turning on the oven, but later admitted that she was the one who had done it. All he did was burn the boy with a hot iron. Oh. OK. That makes it alright, then. Not.

When police arrived, you would think that the idiot (pseudo)adults would have left off beating the boy….but no. They were apparently not that smart. Big surprise there, right? The 23-year old sex toy allegedly threatened, in front of of the responding officers, to beat the child again. He had to be restrained by the officers.

The mother stated that though the man wasn’t actually the bio-dad of her son, he was the primary ‘father-figure’, and would discipline the boy when he acted out against her. Wait a minute……isn’t that supposed to be HER job? As the mother?

Now, what, you may ask, was the initial cause of this beating? Not that anything the child did could justify such abuse, but you would at least think that the child must have done something pretty heinous, right? Maybe he set the living room on fire, or wrecked the family car while out joyriding? Or maybe he kicked the family pet a few times, or slapped his mom (obviously somebody should have)? Noooooo…….he was beaten because he went into his mother’s bedroom, and Hurley didn’t like that. What?!? Because he went into the bedroom? Did he smoke up all of their crack that was in there, or interrupt them in the middle of a sexual frenzy? He went into a bedroom, and got beaten, burned, and almost baked for it? My head spins.

Thanks to jake’s_daddy for the tip.

Need an ashtray? Here – Use My Baby.


The spoiled brat to the left lives in England, and has been jailed for nine months for putting out her cigarette on her 15-month old’s back – three times. The child has permanent scarring. The 19-year old, Charlotte Sutton, claimed she was stressed out from the baby’s constant crying. Yeah. Because all reasonable people know that causing pain to a baby is the best way to shut it up.

The baby is now being cared for by the paternal grandmother. I hope she stays there, even after the uterus is done with her sentence. If she can justify burning an infant with a cigarette, what might she use on the child when it is older? A bunsen burner? Napalm? TNT?

I wish they could tattoo the word ‘ashtray’ on Ms. Sutton’s forehead, so that the other inmates wouldn’t have to waste time looking for an ashtray when they need to put out their butts. At least then she might know how her child felt….

Thanks once again to April.

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