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Kiwi Kookout…5 year olds are not on the menu!

Man admits burning boy’s face with heater

I haven’t posted for a while and I’m sorry for my absence. As some of you may know, Australia has just had a federal election and we’re still reeling from the results.

A 46 year old New Zealand man is in jail after allegedly causing disfiguring facial burns to a 5 year old boy. According to reports, the man held the boy’s face up to the grill of an electric heater, causing 3rd degree burns. The reason for this sadistic sizzle? The dickhead was trying to “punish” the boy for knocking over the heater and leaving scorch marks on the carpet. Here’s a newsflash, pin-dick. Put on a jumper when you’re cold. Saves on power bills. And I highly doubt the pack of lies he told in a pathetic attempt to justify this cruel treatment. Electric and gas heaters have a safety cutoff switch that activates when the unit is tipped over. If this had indeed happened, it wouldn’t have scorched the carpet nor burned the boy’s face. I think Pin Dick just wanted to feel like a big man and torture something smaller than himself to find some sort of twisted glee in his otherwise miserable existence.

It’s not clear what the relationship is between the boy and the man, but you can guess he’s either a sperm donor or a dick of the week. The news report also says that Pin Dick is unemployed, which doesn’t have a great deal of bearing on the situation. But couple that with the possibility that this grub could be the boy’s mother’s sex toy, and it paints a very grim picture indeed.

The boy was discharged from hospital, burned from chin to eyebrow. He has started on the long road to recovery, with multiple skin grafts and light therapy. They should take the skin off the maggot and use it on the boy, but personally I would be skinless than wear the skin of that crapwad.

The shitbag will be sentenced on November 13.

Texas child has hand severely burned by violent stove top

Be careful of these potential child abusers in your house. Given the chance they will burn all of your children.

Sheriff: Mom burned child’s hands on stove:

Weslaco mom accused of putting her son’s hand on a hot stove:

In Hidalgo County, Texas an oven was arrested after it intentionally and unprovoked burned the hand of a 2-year-old boy. Wait, that’s not true at all. The person that was arrested was 26-year-old Claudia Ponce. She’s been charged with allegedly holding her 2-year-old son’s hand on the stove top after he wouldn’t stop crying. Because nothing stops a kid from crying more than second or third degree burns. (Sarcasm by the way.)

Ponce, who is illegally in The States and working as a prostitute, told police that her son accidentally burned his hand on some soup. For that to be true considering the extent of the injury the kid would have had to have kept his hand in the soup for a good 5 minutes while it was still on the stove. Either way doesn’t look good for her.

Claudia Ponce

According to police Ponce has 5 other kids all under the age of 7 who she would routinely discipline them by beating them with a stick. All the children have been placed with social services except for the boy with the burns. He’s been placed with a foster family that deals with burn victims.

Again the reason that we post these stories about people trying to blame inanimate objects to cover up child abuse is to let them know that they are not smarter than police or doctors. They will get to the underlying cause of the injuries and they will still arrest you and you will go to prison so how about not abusing your kids in the first place huh?

If you encounter a child with severe burns here are some tips on what to do until emergency help arrives.

Ugandan woman tortures 3 year old

Woman arrested over child abuse (photos here)

Uganda: Woman Arrested Over Child Abuse

I’m not going to include photos here. 1. They’re copyrighted and it won’t let me transfer. 2. They’re very graphic. Look at your own risk.

A Ugandan woman has been arrested for torturing her 3 year old child. Mariam Nakyejjwe and her gash-plug of a husband have been torturing little Farhad Mubiru who had horrific burns all over his little body. He had large burns on his hands and feet which have turned septic because his disgusting breeders didn’t get him any medical help. He had scars on his butt cheeks caused  by endless canings. The little boy also had scars and burns on his back. What the fuck could a little boy do to deserve such horrible treatment? Absolutely nothing is the correct answer.

Mangy Mariam told police that it was the sperm donor who was torturing the little boy and that he was being caned for soiling the bed, and that at one point the little boy was caned into unconsciousness. Well, mangy Mariam. Even if you didn’t do these things yourself, you’re still guilty of allowing these things to happen to your own child! You’re just as bad as your sperm spitting vag filler!

The craptastic birth vessel has been put into police custody. African jails are nothing like the posh hotels that are in the US and Australia. They are filthy, the guards corrupt and they often hang people. This is the perfect place for all child (and animal) abusers to go.

Thanks to SoloCare for the tip!

Flatiron fondling – a new form of sex abuse

baby burner
Teen Mom “Jody Rock” Burns Her Baby’s Testicles With Flat Iron
Teen mom “intentionally” burns her baby’s genitals with straightening iron
Affidavit: Tahlequah Mom Burns Baby’s Testicles With Hair Straightener

The stellar example of parenting material you see above is Jody Rock (not sure if that’s her real name or the stage name she uses for her nude mud wrestling job, but who cares anyway – trash is trash), and she has discovered a new use for her flatiron. For those of you who do not know, that is a superheated iron rod used for straightening hair. Those things get hot enough to cause third degree burns (or worse, if you are stupid enough to hold it to your skin long enough). Although I have no use for a straightening iron myself, I have in the past uses its predecessor, a curling iron – same concept, different results. Both are dangerous, and hurt like nobody’s business if you accidentally touch your scalp or neck with the iron while primping. The stoned-looking individual above used her flatiron on her son’s genitals instead. Yes, you read that correctly. She burned her boys balls (apologies to all the guys who are reading this – even I had a sympathetic cringe reflex when I read that). In what far realm of the known universe is using any hot object on a child’s private parts an acceptable parenting skill? Apparently in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, this nineteen year old one-woman sperm-collection specialist decided to patent her own brand of child-torture. I hope her future cell-mates are equally ingenious when it comes to meeting her ‘needs’ during her vacation to the Graybar Motel. Maybe we could have a brainstorming session here at BB and send the top ten suggestions to other inmates, enclosed in a free pack of smokes.

Jody admitted to investigators that she had opened the flatiron tongs and closed them on her son’s testicles – after she tested the temperature with her own hand. However, like all child abusers, she only admitted the truth after attempting several different lies and being told by the docs that her stories were the biggest load of fertilizer seen in that state in years. She even attempted to blame other family members – and her boyfriend! – for the injuries. What a vicious hosebeast! I cannot imagine even thinking of doing something like that to my son (or any child), much less acting on the impulse. I wonder if she plans to use that as a part of her defense – that she suffers from an impulse-control disorder. It sounds like something a slimy abuse attorney might run with. My definition of “impulse-control disorder”? “Yeah, I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to try it anyway, because I thought I could get away with it.” I don’t give a rat’s left ballsack what her excuse is, she is a nasty skank, and needs to have her crotch hair repeatedly straightened and re-curled until her labia melt together so she can’t get knocked up again. But then, that’s just my opinion. The wife of the reader who sent in this tip suggested using a soldering iron. That would be fine too.

It was not made clear in either article how the injury was discovered, but I’m glad it was. I kind of doubt she took him in for treatment herself, so I am guessing someone reported her sorry arse to the authorities and the burns were discovered in the course of the investigation. Whoever reported her: Thank you! If I had the power to confer a medal of valor on you, I would.

In addition to the burns, the baby presented with a noticeably deformed shoulder. BOTH of his shoulders were fractured and in various stages of healing – the injury to the right shoulder was twelve weeks old,and he had multiple fractures to his left shoulder area. But wait…there’s more… he also had forearm and wrist fractures that happened over a span of several weeks, and were never properly set. It sounds to me like this is one of those skanks who thinks snatching your child by the arm is a good parenting technique. Or maybe she just beat the ever-loving snot out of him. Oh, and the baby was also recently treated for scabies, and is thought to still be infected. So in addition to overt abuse, she is also a neglectful POS. Why does that not surprise me?

Those who participated in the investigation noted that the child was “glassy eyed” and withdrawn, no surprise there. They also said the child seemed to be in agony. Ya think? Gee, I wonder why….it could have something to do with all of the broken bones – I hear that hurts like a big dog. The genital injuries alone are enough to make most grown men run screaming for their mommy.

I would be remiss if I did not point out the fact that one of the articles linked above makes a point of pointing out that the burns were “intentional”. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I cannot imagine a scenario in which flatiron burns to the genitals of a 15-month old baby (or anyone else) could have occurred accidentally. Babies that young are often still in diapers, so even if he accidentally sat on the heated iron, the diaper would have protected his boys. He certainly would not have remained seated on that item long enough to burn through a diaper and his flesh. Nope. No accident there.

Ms. Rock (I wonder if that’s also indicative of her IQ?) is currently being held in the Cherokee County Jail in lieu of $200,000.00. I personally think they should add at least one more zero to that figure, but alas, neither the DA nor the judge consulted with me on this case. And they probably won’t consult with me during the sentencing phase either, the bastards. Sighhhhh….
The baby has been placed in DHS custody, where he will hopefully be better taken care of than he was by his maternal DNA donor.

I’d like to thank The Shadow Knows for sending in the tip.

What do a claw hammer, a golf club and a space heater all have in common?

abusive freaks

Anti-child abuse movement started
Isle of Wight man faces first-degree murder charge in daughter’s death
PIPER MOLINSKI – 4 Months – Isle of Wight/ Smithfield VA
Father charged in baby’s death
Dad charged with murder in baby’s death

No, they’re not items used for home improvement, nor are they all items that can be used for sporting events (but I think that a ‘claw hammer toss’ category in the Prison Olympics could be an interesting addition). Apparently they are all items that can be used to torture and kill a 4-month old baby. Or two. At least in Virginia…but that doesn’t surprise Trench, I’m sure.

Fortunately the authorities were able to rescue Ella Molinski from the clutches of her tw*t-rotting egg donor and the snatch-filler she allowed to impregnate her. Unfortunately, Ella’s twin sister Piper Molinski was not as lucky. While both infants were taken to the hospital with skull fractures, broken ribs, multiple bruises and burns on the bottoms of their feet, only one of them survived the injuries – Ella. Piper was taken off of life support on Valentine’s Day, and she will never be able to do all of the things that other babies get to do when they grow up…like, grow up.

EMS was dispatched to the home of Leann Webb, 23, and Robert Molinski, 22, on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 12, in response to a 911 report of an unresponsive child. I REALLY hate to see those words. What they usually signify is that a child has been beaten to death, or near death, by a parent or caregiver. As happened in this case. These girls, at only 4 months old, had been so severely abused that they both sustained multiple skull fractures, multiple broken ribs (in various stages of healing – meaning the abuse was not a single occurrence), numerous bruises, and their little feet had burns that were attributed to a space heater being placed too close to their feet. Items seized from the house as evidence included the aforementioned claw hammer, golf clubs, space heaters (yes, more than one), and bloodstained bedding. Two space heaters? WHY? WHY? WHY? I guess because they wanted to be sure they could torture both babies at the same time, and in the same manner, with as little expenditure of energy on their part as possible. Because it would put a serious strain on their time management options if they had to move the space heater back and forth between the babies, I guess. Piper died form blunt-force trauma to the head. I don’t even WANT to know which of the parental playthings was used to inflict the fatal blow – but I do hope someone returns the favor while the two useless scumbags await trial.

Both of these worthless individuals have been arrested. However, while the sperminator has been charged with first-degree murder, Eggzilla has only been charged with felony child abuse and neglect. Why is that I wonder? Did she convince the authorities that she only participated in the torture, but the mean, nasty dung-dad was the one who struck the fatal blow? I don’t give a rip if all she did was watch – she is just as responsible for that child’s death as he is. She should have taken that claw hammer to his head, and played a couple rounds of golf with the balls the good Lord provided to the sperm donor. Placing the space heater on his crotch and turning it on high would not have been remiss, either. After all, everyone enjoys a good weenie roast, right? You could place the balls on sticks and call them marshmallows after the golf game ends, too. Just to complete the campfire scene, you know.

The witch’s father is apparently attempting to secure a good defense for his little girl, when what he should be worried about is attempting to secure a good home for his granddaughters. But since the whole fam-damly was living in his house, I suppose he’s already trying to protect HIS ass(ets) as well.

And, according to Sheriff Marshall, who was one of the responding officers, the house was filthy. There were animal feces everywhere, soiled bedding, and “The inside of that house was a wreck,” as Marshall put it. Why does this not surprise me? He called it one of the worst abuse scenes he has ever encountered in his 27 years in law enforcement. *shudder*

What DOES surprise me is that Webb’s 4-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship, was completely unharmed. Usually these walking piles of excrement like to kill the previous snatch-filler’s offspring before turning on their own young. Maybe the older child was smart enough to stay out of his reach, or maybe she was able to out run him – or outsmart him, since he doesn’t look like the freshest sandwich in the picnic basket. Thank the Lord for small favors, anyway – at least one of the angels was left out of the sadistic activities. I imagine she probably saw a good bit of it,though,and will have her own demons to deal with as she gets older.

The surviving twin is still listed in critical but stable condition, according to one article, but another article mentions that she has already been released. That came from the Bishop at the church the walking incubator attended in the past. I guess none of that “do unto others as you would have done to you” sank in on her, huh? Unless she likes being beaten with hammers and clubs herself, in which case I say – let’s give her what she likes! The bishop also says that the poor mother is hurting, and reached out to him over the weekend. I hope she IS hurting! I hope it tears at her guts every day that her baby is dead, and she is the reason for that. The good Bishop went to see her to “help bring some healing to her”. I know that is his job, and I commend his motives, but I would much rather have seen someone bring some “healing” to the baby who now calls a coffin her home. I cannot work up any pity at all for this FBO who sacrificed her child’s life for a worthless neanderthal she was shacking up with. Not a drop.

I am now thoroughly disgusted, and will leave the rest of our readers to draw their own conclusions. I’m sure they’ll be quite entertaining.

Thanks go to Deena, Rachel and Korin for tips they sent in. And thanks to Malevolent April for supplying me with that information. If I locate any other articles, I will be sure to post an update.

The Devil DIDN’T make me do it!


John Lotts

Admitted Satanist In Court For Child Abuse
Sex offender, Satanist accused of abusing boy
Self-Proclaimed Satanist Talks From Jail About Abuse Charges

Just when I think I’ve heard and seen it all, something comes across my computer screen to prove me wrong. This is one of those situations that would be almost funny if it didn’t involve the abuse of an innocent. Usually, the people we feature here attempt to blame their actions on God, Jesus, Satan or any other supernatural entity they can think of. THIS guy is actually DEFENDING Satan! Go figure! Like I said, it would be humorous if it didn’t involve an abused child.

On to the details…Goatee devil-boy up there is none other than John (Lucifer) Lotts Jr. He is an admitted Satanist, and apparently proud of his evil affiliation with Old Scratch himself. And while I have heard the term “card-carrying” used in reference to die-hard fans of any given topic, I found out during my reading on this case, that there is actually something to that claim – at least as far as Satanism is concerned. Apparently Beezelbub’s boy up there is a card-carrying Satanist. No, really! When he was arrested, he produced a ‘red card’ and intimated that it was proof of his membership in the Church of Satan. Of course, that fine organization could not confirm his claim, because the names of its members are private. Again, go figure…

Anyway, Lotts, 40, henceforth to be referred to as Mr. Minion, was arrested for abusing a five-year old boy. But Minion claims that the abuse had absolutely nothing to do with his religious beliefs. No, he just lost his temper – re: he’s simply mean as a freakin’ snake. What a novel concept on here, huh? Personal responsibility. Who’d have thought that of all of the fine, upstanding religious individuals we feature here, it would be a Satanist who didn’t try to lie and blame his actions on his deity? But then, maybe Satan told him to lie about his Master’s involvement – sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Among the injuries sustained by the little boy are multiple facial injuries, injuries to the backs of his hands, numerous injuries to the child’s entire body (in varying stages of healing), and internal injuries including kidney contusions and a lacerated liver. I think I’m going to go ahead and say that I believe Lotts – no non-corporeal entity caused these injuries. And although I don’t believe that Satan injured the boy, I certainly hope someone reaches out and smacks the HELL out of this walking waste of flesh. And the boy’s mother, too – but we’ll get to her later. Lotts said that the injuries he inflicted on the boy were done out of anger, and he admitted to kicking and burning the boy. Oh, and Lotts is a registered sex offender, too. What a fantastic find for any young, single mother!

Speaking of the birth organism, her name is Elizabeth A. Hoagland and she is 23. She admitted knowing that Lotts was a registered sex offender, and still she left her son with this guy. But wait! There’s more! She also admitted to coming home a few days prior to the hospital visit to find her son incoherent on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. But since he seemed OK when he regained consciousness, she didn’t bother to seek treatment for the injuries at that time, and continued to leave the boy in the care of this monster. Good call, Elizabeast Hagster! But maybe we should forgive the poor woman, since she did later admit “she was wrong for not protecting (her son) or seeking medical treatment for him.” Who wants to pat her on the back and tell her everything will be OK? Maybe have a group hug? Yeah, me neither. She has been charged with failing to protect her son, but I think she should be charged with reckless endangerment, as well as mental abuse for leaving her son in the care of someone as scary looking as Lucifer’s lover up there. That’s enough to traumatize anyone!

Although no name has been released for the child, he is reportedly recovering from his horrendous injuries, and has been placed with a relative until further notice.

We always speculate that there is a special place in Hell for the abusive freaks we profile here, but in this case, I’m not sure that’s a deterrent for this guy – he’s apparently looking forward to going there. Well, maybe there’s someplace even worse than Hell for people who are buddies with the pitchfork-wielding master of pain.

A Whole New Level of WTF?!?!

David Coleman

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Registered sex offenders make the best boyfriends, don’t they? After all, they’ve already proved that they know about sex. They’re so good at it, it got them arrested! Woo-hoo!

This story disgusts me on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll start with the baby. 6-month-old Javier was taken to the hospital Monday night with what were first described as first and second degree burns to more than 20 percent of his little body. Those burns have since been upgraded to third degree burns. Those are the kind that burn away both the inner and outer layers of skin, along with the hair follicles. And later require a skin graft to cover the area, since the person’s skin cannot re-grow on its own. Did I mention that the baby also had a broken leg and multiple bruises? The bruises were not all fresh – meaning they were inflicted over a period of time.

David Coleman, 29, of Bellevue, Nebraska, has been arrested, and is being held on a $500,000.00 bond. At least the judge in this one has some sense, for a change. In addition to a previous conviction for sexual assault on a child, this amazing guy has managed to engender the enmity of no less than four other grown WOMEN, who have all filed restraining orders against him – the most recent order was taken out last month. Apparently this guy is an equal opportunity offender, in that he doesn’t confine his violence to children. These restraining orders were all issued for violent behavior against the women who requested them. How did this RSO get access to the baby, you ask? Weeelllll… it seems that the egg donor was dating him, and thought that he would make a fine babysitter for her child while she went to work. This is where the WTF comes in on this one. In what far corner of the known universe is it a good idea to leave a helpless infant alone with a violent, convicted sex offender? Yeah, I can’t think of any either…

If the thought of a broken leg and third degree burns was not enough, there is this: Javier’s genitals were part of the affected area. Guys who read this – sorry for the sympathetic pain that information must have caused you: I’m not even a man, and that bit of info made me hurt. That poor baby! Can you imagine? Skin grafts? I’m not even going to go into detail about the treatment that has to be done to burned areas before the grafts can be applied, let’s just say that it is an extremely painful and lengthy process. So, what does our ‘babysitter of the year’ blame for the injuries? A heating pad. In one of the linked articles, a police lieutenant mentioned that the burns could be consistent with such a scenario, but in a later update the sheriff stated that the injuries were not consistent with the ‘story’ (re: lie) told by the vicious vermin. I should think not… I’ve never heard of a heating pad that jumped on a baby and broke it’s leg, nor one that caused bruises in varying stages of healing.

Now, let’s let the crap continue to roll downhill, shall we? On to the birth organism. 26-year-old Starr Manza has been ticketed for suspicion of child neglect. Ya think?!?!?! I think she should be charged with abuse as well, since she is the freakin’ genius who left the greatest gift she ever received in the hands of a known felon. It’s really too bad that terminal stupidity isn’t a natural contraceptive…we would have so many fewer cases on here if it were.

I hope that this guy spends the rest of his life in a tiny cell, but we all know that is not likely to happen. I’ll let the rest of you decide what alternative punishment would be even better, since I know you all have oodles of good ideas you are just dying to share.

Thanks for this tip go to Deena and Staci.

Father submerges toddler's hands in boiling water.

Father accused of abusing 2-year-old son

Dante Roberson (39), the subject of a previous child abuse investigation, is being accused of once again abusing his 2-year-old son.  This time he is accused of putting his lil’ man’s hands in boiling water.  Ugh!

Roberson had his son for his scheduled monthly visit on Sept, 15th, sometime after 5pm that night his son was injured.  According to doctors the baby’s injuries were consistent with “forcible submersion” in boiling water with temperatures as high as 150 degrees for about 5 seconds.  Wow!

Roberson told the police and doctors that the baby put his hands in the boiling water.  They, of course, called bull shit on that lame excuse, stating anyone who put their hand in boiling water would pull it out immediately.

This isn’t Roberson’s first time abusing his lil’ man, in 2009 the baby’s mother accused him of abusing the then 9-month-old baby.  There was not enough evidence at the time to charge him.  Wonderful, he got away with once and thought it was ok to do it again, sick!

The lil’ guy had “deep second-degree burns” and has undergone two plastic surgeries on his hands and his dad is facing charges of child abuse, torture and aggravated mayhem.

"Evidence of Pain"

Parents Arrested for Death of 3 Month Old

Family Defends One, Blames the Other

Autopsy Inconclusive on Cause of Death

Calvin Pitts and Amanda Deleon


7:55am June 11th, a young mother placed a call to Denver 911 reporting a 3 month old baby boy not breathing.  Police and paramedics arrived and transported little Sinai Pitts to Swedish Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 8:40am.

Police arrested 21 year old Amanda Deleon and 28 year old Calvin Pitts on Felony Child Abuse charges.  They’re waiting on the cause of death to up the charges to murder.

3 month old Sinai had obvious signs of trauma and “evidence of pain” according to the reports.  Both old and new injuries that they say can be dated back.  This baby was just 3 months old how fucking far back can it go?!?

Bet you couldn’t guess both breeders have had issues with the law before!  Guess what the majority of the charges were…  Yep, drugs!!

Bio-bitch up there has a record of various drug charges, shoplifting, robbery, and assault.

Bio-prick’s list includes sexual assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and a long list of drug offenses.

Neighbors said they rarely saw them but some said they heard the baby crying all night…

“Mostly through the night you could hear the baby crying for hours.  Hearing stuff like that it’s kind of sad.  You don’t know if they’re hurt or what’s going on”, said neighbor Mike Sanchez.  “He was little baby.  He couldn’t defend himself.”



“Evidence of Pain”– when I first read that I was stunned for a moment.  I’ve never read that in any of the research on any other write-up.  Little Sinai’s injuries included two broken legs, a broken left wrist, a burn on his left thigh caused by the c*** scalding the skin off with a wash rag, a scab on his chin, a burn on his right foot where the swine supposedly dropped a cigarette on him,  and ear injuries!!!  The prick also said he burned him with a wet towel he heated in the microwave for 2 minutes then wrapped around the baby’s leg!  This baby had 2nd and 3rd degree burns!!  Both of these wastes of oxygen have admitted to these injuries!!  Here’s the new link


I’m not going to rant on this case.  I’m going to respond to the Cunt’s defenders who are already getting their time in the spotlight!  An aunt has come forward saying how she is not capable of doing anything like this!  Yeah.  Yeah.  We’ve heard it all before!! How she just fell on bad times and was homeless for awhile.  I’m sorry but what does that have to do with the murder of this innocent baby??

And my favorite quote: “She is a loving person and she loves kids.  She’s been taking care of kids since she was a kid, and she has never hurt anybody in her life.”  Well, let’s see, she was arrested for assault and robbery so evidently she’s not the same person she was when she was a child!!  Could have something to do with her being a druggie bitch maybe!

I can understand the need to disbelieve that someone you’ve loved and cared about their whole lives would be capable of such an atrocious act, but it’s time for a dose of reality for all the defenders!

Wake the fuck up!!  This baby was abused his whole life.  3 short months is all he got on this earth and it was 3 months of pain and suffering!!  Even if, and that’s a huge IF, the Cunt didn’t actually abuse this child she knew what was happening!  The police and paramedics recognized it as abuse on the scene!!  It wasn’t hidden!!!

She shares the same guilt as the dickless ball sack!!  They should both be tortured daily for the rest of their worthless lives!!


Thanks to Barbara and Monica for the tip.


R.I.P. Baby Boy




6 Month Old is Beaten, Bruised, and Burnt but boyfriend "may have fell asleep and kicked her off the couch…” WTF?!?

Paternal G-ma’s Video Interview (Warning!  Graphic hospital photos)

Maternal G-ma’s Interview


A 6 month old baby girl is fighting to recover from the abuse inflicted on her by her 16 year old Bio-mom’s live in boyfriend, 22 year old Tyler Temple.

The baby is suffering from burns to the face, mouth, and nose, friction burns between her legs, lacerations on her face and bruising to her back and ulcers on her mouth.  She had to have surgery for a blood clot in her nose.  I haven’t been able to find a prognosis.  I know she was, at least temporarily, on a ventilator and has to have a feeding tube.

On March 25th, Temple was watching the baby on the couch while the un-named 16 year old mother was sleeping.  He says he may have fallen asleep and kicked the baby off and into the coffee table.  He is being held on $500,000 bond.

The maternal grandmother says she took the baby to Doctor’s Hospital and she was treated and released.  She suffered “abrasions or bruising and they sent us on our way … Told us to give her Pedialyte and Motrin every four to six hours.”  She said they didn’t seem to suspect abuse.

Doctor’s Hospital staff did call Franklin County Children’s Services.  On March 27th children’s services visited the home and took the baby to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she was admitted and has remained for ongoing treatment.

Children’s Services are said to be working with the bio-mom and may file for custody before the baby is released from the hospital.

Jackie Worstell, the paternal grandmother, said, “She’s an innocent little baby. She can’t talk. She can’t walk. Her only way of communicating is crying.”  She says all she wants is for the baby to get better and be safe with someone that loves her.

Thankfully, the baby survived!!


Rant On:

He may have fallen asleep…  WTF?!?  How the hell do you not know whether or not you’ve been asleep???  Drugs and Alcohol maybe, but you normally still know if you’ve just woken up!!

Even IF, and that’s a huge IF, that’s what happened and the baby was accidentally kicked off the couch into the coffee table, what the hell was on and/or under it to cause all the bruising and burns!!!

I’m sorry but the injuries that child had doesn’t seem to be a one time incident!!

Tyler Temple is a worthless, child-abusing, dickhead!!  I couldn’t find anywhere what his charges were other than “he was charged with hurting the child”.   Since when is “hurting” a legal charge?!?  Hell, this wasn’t even the baby’s father; he was just another live in dildo.

Now to move on to the “child” that had that baby!!  Your baby had to have screamed and cried as he was burning and abusing her, where the fuck were you?!?  How the fuck did you not wake to the cries of your screaming baby??  I don’t care if your 16 or 63 it’s your responsibility to take care of and protect your child!!!

This baby’s injuries scream of neglect!!  If you can’t handle taking care of your responsibility then give the child up for adoption and keep your fucking legs closed!  This “child” went from having this baby at 15 to living with a 22 year old piece of shit and allowing him to hurt that baby!!  Grow the fuck up!!

How the hell does a hospital treat and release a baby that was in that condition?!?  How, in good conscience, could they let anyone walk out with that child and tell them to give “Motrin and Pedialyte”???  The doctor that saw that baby should lose his license to practice!!  He needs to be sued for malpractice and made to pay that child’s medical expenses!!

The abusive prick should have “I beat and burned a baby!” tattooed on his forehead and then stuck in gen-pop!  Let the prisoners do with him what they will!!

As for the “child” that had this baby, she should have all her parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  If ever you don’t care enough to protect a child you’ve given birth to you should never be able to birth another one!!

Rant Over



Thanks for the tip goes to Ashley.



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