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Adam Herrman’s adoptive father dies

Adam Herrman's adoptive father dies

Adam Herrman’s age progressed photo from 2014

Earlier this month Adam Herrman’s adopted father, 61-year-old Doug Herrman, passed away. Adam disappeared in 1999 at the age of 11, but his adoptive parents, Doug and Valerie Herrman, did not report him missing until 2008. They continued collecting government benefits for Adam and were each sentenced to less than a year for fraud. They’ve both been considered suspects in Adam’s disappearance from Butler County, Kansas.

To this day Adam has yet to be found and in 2014 there was a $100,000 reward being offered for information leading to his recovery.

Anyone with information about Adam’s whereabouts or his disappearance is asked to call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) or 316-322-4257.

Neglectful Mother Donna Trevino Sues Murdering Foster Parents, State

Liz and David CarrollNot even Shakespeare could make this kind of tragedy up. As ex-foster parents Liz and David Carroll face murder charges for leaving poor Marcus Fiesel to die in a closet, Fiesel’s bio-mom, Donna Trevino, is suing the Carrolls, Ohio’s Butler County, and the Lifeway for Youth child placement agency for neglect in Marcus’ death…to the tune of $5 million. In other words, the woman who underfed Marcus, and kept him and her other kids in a house smeared with shit, is now attempting to cash in on a chain of events that started because of her lousy parenting. Un-fucking-believable. You gotta admit, it takes a serious set of cajones (or a serious lack of brains) to make a list of all the people who failed your son, and leave your own neglectful ass out of the timeline.

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s editorial board has the right solution here: let Trevino’s lawsuit proceed, so that everybody responsible is held accountable, but by no means award her any money. No one should profit off of Marcus Fiesel’s passing, and that goes double for Trevino.

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