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Joshua Cooper took ‘got your nose’ to horrific levels

California teen father arrested for biting nose off infant:

Teenage father arrested after biting nose off one-month-old son because infant would not stop crying:

Joshua Cooper

18-year-old Joshua Cooper of Fairfield, California has been arrested for allegedly biting off one-third of his one-month-old son’s nose. Why would any so-called human being commit such an atrocious act? Why do any of these Breeders do it? The same old reason just about every time. The baby was crying.

I don’t care that this assclown was only 18. It’s pretty much common knowledge that babies are going to cry and the younger they are the more they are going to cry. That’s life son. But to willingly bare your teeth and reach out to such an unprotected innocent and disfigure them possibly for life is just beyond me. I’ve had fits of anger in my life. I’ve even had fits of violence but I always took my rage out on inanimate objects. I’m not saying that’s right but it’s a hell of a lot better than biting off an infant’s nose.

When the baby reached the hospital it was also determined that he had a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage but they don’t know how the baby sustained those injuries yet. I’m pretty sure that everyone involved has somewhat of an idea who gave those injuries to him. The baby is currently in stable condition.

‘They’ should push this guy face first into the disc sander from shop class.

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

How long can you leave a baby in a car?

Parents charged after they ‘left baby in car OVERNIGHT after shopping trip then found him dead at lunchtime the next day’

Baby left in car for about 12 hours, parents arrested in death

Thanks go to Benighted for the tip on this one.

The title of this post is not a trick question. Nor is it a hypothesis for a sadistic experiment.

A Californian couple have been arrested and charged with one count of wilful cruelty to a child resulting in death, after they left their 4 month old baby boy in a car OVERNIGHT. Not surprisingly, drugs were also involved.

According to the police, the neglectful nincompoops Jessica Quezada (23) who is the female breeder, and her accomplice and meat swinger Israel Soto (30) who is the forgetful father, returned home from shopping on Friday afternoon with their baby in the car. They then went inside at their home in a block of flats in San Diego, without taking the baby with them. It wasn’t until lunchtime the next day, that another family member found the baby in the hot car and immediately called 911.

The baby’s tomb

Once another family member had done the dirty work of actually getting the baby out of the car, like the neglectful monsters should have done in the first place, the dopey daddy finally sprang into action and performed CPR. But it was all in vain. The little baby boy died in hospital a short time later.

At 1.30pm on that Saturday, it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) outside. That car would have been an oven, with the baby being unable to free himself. He would have been hungry. He would have had a dirty nappy. Her would have been thirsty. Plus on top of all of that, he was being slowly cooked alive. The baby-broiling-breeders’ neighbours cannot believe that they would be stupid enough to leave a little baby locked in a car for 12 hours, especially in that sort of heat.

Did I mention drugs charges? Yessir, yes indeedy. Jessica Quezada has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Considering her, ahem, size and carriage, I highly doubt the substance was meth. It was probably pot, because it gives you insane munchies which then leads to weight gain.

Jessica Quezada contemplates mugging that cop for his donuts.

Israel Soto being chauffeured to his new home at the Grey Bar Motel

The baby broilers have 3 other uncooked children – ages 3, 2, and 1, that are now in the care of DCF. Medical examiners will determine the exact cause of their baby brother’s death. The baby broilers will be expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

RIP little baby boy.

Baby machine accused of starving 4 year old daughter

Mother of nine accused of starving 4-year-old daughter who weighted just 18 pounds

Held: Mother-of-nine Antonia Benitez has been accused of starving her 4-Year-old daughter

Antonia Benitez


Antonia Benitez (35) of Santa Ana, CA, allegedly starved her 4 year old daughter so badly that she only weighed 18 pounds (8.16 kg). Then she dumped her at a hospital and drove off. Doctors reported the girl’s malnourishment to Social Services and the baby machine was picked up by the 5.0. The little girl also had an infected wound on her leg that was going untreated.

Baby machine? What does that refer to? You see, Ms. Benitez has 9 children and is raising them all by herself. Perhaps she had that many children, she forgot to feed the 4 year old. This probably seems likely, since baby machine took the little girl to hospital before, in 2007, for being underweight. But somehow, this managed to escape the attention of the police.

Baby factory has had three felony child abuse charges filed against her. If she is convicted, she could face a maximum term of 14 years in prison. Her children are now in the care of Social Services and family members.

Here’s a pro-tip: Shut your fucking legs. You don’t have to have a baby every time you have sex. You also don’t have to have a baby with every man that you sleep with. Contraception is widely available and cheap. Don’t have more children than what you can look after. If you don’t want a tribe of children, wrap it up or pop The Pill.

Here’s an amusing little rhyme: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; She had so many children, her c*** fell off.

Thanks to Benighted for the tip.

Crazy bitch who drowned her toddler now declared “sane”


Doesn’t look “sane” to me!

Murderer declared ‘sane again’ after just three years behind bars


UPDATED: Patterson Mom Who Drowned Daughter Released From Jail After Being Ruled Sane


The US justice system has seriously dropped the ball on this one. A child killer, the child’s own mother, walks free after serving just 3 years in prison for drowning her precious little girl. She was deemed to be not guilty of the crime by reasons of insanity. Now she’s been deemed sane and allowed to walk free, free to kill another child or possibly an adult.

To start this story, we need to jump into our DeLorean and travel to 2010. Alexandria Bigham (3) was found unconscious by relatives in the bath tub at her home just southwest of Modesto, CA. Her egg-donor, Jennifer (23) was found locked in a bedroom with self-inflicted stab wounds. Funny how they never seem to stab just deep enough to actually mean it? Relatives called 911 and little Alexandria was air-lifted to hospital, where she gained her angel wings a few hours later. Jennifer admitted to drowning Alexandria in the bath. She underwent psychiatric evaluation and the judge ruled her not guilty by reason of insanity. She was placed in jail where she refused to co-operate with prison guards and police officers.

Fast forward to 2013: Jennifer is now 26, young enough to produce more children for her to kill. She has undergone more psych testing which ruled that she was “sane” and therefore free to go out into society. WTF?? She killed her daughter because she was insane! Mental problems do not go away on their own, they’re only kept at bay with medications and psychiatric treatment! I highly doubt she got any of these while she was in the slammer! So anyhoo, she’s out and free. But she’s not free from criticism and condemnation of her peers. Prosecutors are already planning to appeal this appalling decision, with deputy district attorneys saying she’s a danger to society and that she hasn’t been evaluated properly. The cute little twist at the end is that under double jeopardy, she can’t be tried for the same crime twice. So what’s it going to take to get her back into jail where she belongs? Does another innocent child have to die at her hands?

The treatment of mental health issues has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Both Australia and the US have similar problems – that there just isn’t enough money and resources to go around. 30 years ago, Jennifer would’ve been locked up in a mental institution where they would’ve forced her to take medication and been kept away from society in an environment that was safe for her and others. But no, apparently institutionalising mentally ill people was “cruel” and “inhumane”. Now we often have people with undiagnosed or untreated mental illnesses who pose a danger to themselves or to other people. People who refuse to take medication and whose families have given up on them for their own safety and sanity. There needs to be a better way of handling people who are a clear danger to society.

Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver

2 14-month-old children found with duct tape over their mouth, hands bound

After writing about baby-beating boyfriends and penis-protecting mummies, I have to admit this article made me giggle. As a child-free young woman, the thought has popped into my head from time to time to do this to annoying children. But there is a big difference between thinking that something would be funny and actually doing it. And duct tape hurts like hell when you tear it off bare skin.

Jose Picazo and Sorida Carabantes of Bakersfield, CA were arrested last week. Jose was accused of duct taping two 14-month-old’s mouths and hands together. Now why would he do a strange thing like that? The answer is simple and completely logical:  because they were fighting! Yes, Jose duct-taped their mouths to stop them from yelling and crying, and he duct-taped their hands behind their backs to keep them from hitting each other! I know duct tape is a very useful tool and it can be used to fix just about anything, but I didn’t know you can use it to “fix” angry fighting children. Or maybe not.

Now I’m trying not to laugh. I know it’s not funny and that it’s child abuse, hence why it’s on this blog. But it seems so logical, despite the fact that it’s child abuse. It’s like when Mr. Bean decides to repaint his flat so he wraps everything up in newspaper, sticks a firework in a can of paint and leaves. It’s stupid and it’s disastrous (especially when Mr. Bean’s friend ends up wearing paint because he comes by to get his hat) but it’s just so logical. This is a totally Mr. Bean thing to do.

Mr. Bean  Picazo and Mrs. Bean  Ms. Carabantes have been charged with felony child endangerment. Sorida’s in the poo because she knew Jose duct-taped the kids together and didn’t do a thing about it. There were other kids in the house that weren’t “fixed” with duct tape (perhaps they were “fixed” ages ago) and all of the children in the house have been taken into protective custody.

Thanks go to Chelcie for the tip (and the laugh). Please don’t think I’m a monster for laughing at this, but it reminded me of Mr. Bean and after all the darkness of dead children, I needed a laugh.

Y’all place your Betts now – in jail, please….

I Betts this hag didn't miss any meals
Tracy Lynn Betts, Teacher’s Aide, Arrested After Daughter Was Found Naked, Eating From Trash: Police
TEMECULA: Naked girl foraged food from trash
Naked girl eating from trash cans shocks Temecula neighbors
Calif. teacher’s aide Tracy Lynn Betts arrested after her 12-year-old daughter was found naked, eating from trash

Tracy Lynn Betts, 40,is a teacher’s aid at an elementary school, so you would think she might know a thing or two about how to treat a child. You’d be wrong. Tricky Lyin’ Butts’s 12-year-old daughter was found naked, wandering the street and digging in trash cans for food, in a neighborhood near the school in which Tricky works. Oh, and the birth-beast was assigned to a special education classroom. I bet the kids in her class could probably figure out that kids need to eat….

There are so many conflicting circumstances in this case, that I hardly know where to begin. First, the egg donor was a teacher, but did not have her pre-teen daughter in school…why? Second, the child was naked and starving, but judging from the picture above, it seems that there was adequate money for food and clothing – the she-beast is nicely dressed and…ummmmm….well, a healthy weight. Really healthy. Plus, the child was being held prisoner in a BMW. Now, I’ve never had one of those, but I understand they’re pretty expensive. Economics 101 would suggest that if money was scarce, Butts could have sold the car and bought herself a bicycle. That would take care of three issues at one time.
1. Extra money from the sale of the car to use for food and clothing for the child.
2. Extra money from not having to purchase gas for the car – also to use for food and clothing.
3. Riding a bike is good exercise.

Unfortunately, it seems the birth vessel would rather have a nice set of wheels than a well-fed child. I wonder if she’ll get to take her car to the grey bar hotel when she gets her room there? Probably not.

I cannot for the life of me understand why some people consider their own personal comforts to be more important than the welfare of their child(ren). I’D be starving and naked before I’d let any of my kids do without anything THEY needed.

It seems that Betts has posted the $15,000.00 bond set by the judge, and is currently not in custody. One of the articles linked above mentioned a husband, but no one seems to know where he is either. Perhaps Tricky Butts starved him to death and buried his naked body somewhere? That’s only conjecture on my part, though. However, if he doesn’t have a really good explanation about his whereabouts for the last few weeks, he probably needs to be brought up on charges as well.

Oh, and for the coup de grace? The spokesperson for the school district that employed Betts stated that she was not sure how the arrest would affect Betts’ employment status. WHAT!?!? She needs to be fired, you eejit! My brain hurts.

A big thank you to Durham Red, Tambra, HFlowers, Erin and Lori – who all sent in tips about this worthless breeder.

“I tried to beat her back to life….”

baby killer

Child abuse charged in girl’s death
Infant Jane Doe
Brenee Potter

From Stocton California: The Great Pumpkin in the pic above reminds me a lot Gary Coleman (“Whachu talkin’ bout, Willis”) from Diff’rent Strokes. Anybody else see the resemblance? I don’t mean the physical appearance, I mean the look that just screams, “I KNOW your’re not talking to ME!!” Somebody needs to smack that look off of his face. BTW, that mug is Demetrius Anderson, 23. He beat his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter, Brenee Potter, to death. Then he hit her a few more times to try to revive her. Ummmmm…WHAT!?!?! *rubs eyes* Pop quiz, readers – and there is only one question, so it’s a pass or fail grade: Will beating a dead 2-year old bring the child back to life? Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Does anyone think the answer to that was “yes”? Or even “maybe”? I thought not. But, apparently genius-boy up there knows more about that than we do, because he thought he could circumvent the laws of nature and beat the child he had killed back to life. I cannot fathom the sheer stupidity necessary to even come up with such a lame excuse.

For anyone who failed the last pop quiz, I will now give you a chance to redeem yourself. Question: Will beating a crying child make them stop crying? Well, that WAS kind of a trick question. In the real world, most of us know that violence does not prevent crying – unless it is accompanied by death. So, the answer is both yes and no. This manimal beat Brenee because he was frustrated that she was crying. Good job, Demonius, she’s not crying anymore. Or breathing, for that matter. Hopefully you won’t be for much longer either.

According to news articles, Demonius has been charged with child abuse resulting in the death of a child under 8. Personally, I think it should be capital murder, but since I am not the DA no one has consulted with me on that topic. *sigh* This waste of flesh claims that when Brenee would not stop crying, he threw a doll at her face, and when that didn’t work, he threw HER. On to a tile floor, no less. He said that she looked dead, so he punched her several times in the head and stomach in an attempt to revive her. *blink, blink* WHA????? What medical school did this guy attend that taught this form of CPR? Oh, yeah, the school of Dr. Dumbarse. For medical wannabes who like to create their own cadavers to practice on, apparently. Demon needs to head on over to K-mart and buy himself a clue or something, because I do-na theenk dees ees how dees theeng works, Lucy.

When the child arrived at the ER, she was found to be sporting multiple skull fractures, internal abdominal bleeding, a dislocated elbow, and a bulging left eye. Oh, and all of the toenails on her right foot were gone. I think I just had a mini-stroke. Missing toenails? The red I am seeing right now must be a result of the brain bleed I sustained just from reading that tidbit of information. I wonder what he says caused the toenails to disappear…perhaps the doll he threw at Brenee’s face chewed them off? What kind of hideous monster does such a thing? That orange-clad penis tortured the little girl before he killed her. Hangnails hurt like a mo-fo, and this sorry sack of useless biological matter ripped her toenails OFF!!! No freakin’ wonder she was crying!

There is no word yet on where the egg donor, Tangier Arias, 23, was when the beating took place, but that is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I was inclined to cut her some slack, and maybe feel a bit of pity for her because she just lost her baby – until I read this:

“Anderson admitted to having anger-management issues, Stockton police said. At the time of his arrest, he was on probation for a previous domestic-abuse conviction.”

The pecker-petting procreation vessel knew her snatch-snacker had anger issues – he was already on probation for domestic violence!!! Anybody wanna make bets that he has hit her already, too? It wouldn’t surprise me if she was the one who had him arrested the first time. I’d actually be surprised if it WASN’T her. She left her child with someone she knew had anger issues. I hope she gets charged with neglect – accessory to murder, if they can swing it…. AAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! Why do these breeders keep sacrificing their children to the god of casual sex? I need to go vomit, now….

The only good thing I have seen in this entire fiasco is the bail amount. The judge has set bail for the baby-killer at 1 million. And as an added bonus, he also set bail for probation violation at $25,000.00.

I hope his trial judge (and jury) are as smart, and provide him with a nice, long vacation at the grey-bar motel.

Trinity Could Have Been Saved…

Man Charged With Murder

Court Records Released

Growing Uproar Against Mother

Juvenile, violent, child-abusing meth-head

26 year old Eric Edward Foster aka Eric Luna/Ed Foster, who was due in court in April to prove he finished counseling on an unrelated domestic violence charge for battery of a spouse,  was arrested and charged with murder, torture, mayhem, and child abuse in the death of 3 year old Trinity Monique Hanna.  He’s pleading not guilty even after he failed a lie detector test and confessed to police; but I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Until the end of December Trinity had been the picture of health with no major illnesses or injuries.  Enter slick dick Foster and all that changed.  Within a month Trinity had been hospitalized for burns, had extensive bruising to her vagina and all over her body.  According to the autopsy she died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.

In December, Trinity had second degree scald burns covering her back.  Angela Vickrey, Trinity’s “mother”, told police she came in from work and the babysitting dildo was crying and told her Trinity got burned in the shower.  He had walked out and heard her scream and ran in to get her and she was “climbing the walls like Spiderman”.  He grabbed her out of the shower and ran to the bedroom where he tripped and fell with her in his arms and she “fell on some toys”.  Now a woman deserving to be called mother would at least look at the burns right, maybe take their child to the hospital for treatment right?!?

Not this c***!  Her reaction was “accidents happen”; she waited two days and then called her friend, a registered nurse, to come look at it first.  The nurse told police that when she got there Trinity ran up to her and grabbed her and said “Eric bad!”  She stated when she looked, her back was covered with burns from her “neck down to her buttocks” and from her experience as a nurse, the burns looked to be 2 or 3 days old.  She told the idiotic breeder if she didn’t take her to the hospital she would call the police.  Trinity was hospitalized for over a week for the burns.  She would later tell her friend that the boyfriend “accidentally” caused the burns to which the friend told her to take Trinity and leave him.  CPS was called and investigated.  The gutless wonder told the egg donor not to tell them about him because he had a previous case with CPS that was unfounded.  In that case he was accused of throwing a different 3 year old across a room.  What is it with this freak and 3 year olds???  Trinity herself told her mother “Eric burned me”.  All of this should have sent red flags waving and sirens blaring, but the brain dead uterus still ignored the signs of abuse that were slapping her in the face!  Trinity was sent back home…


After lying to the police about what happened multiple times the cowardly fuck finally told how all of Trinity’s injuries occurred.

The burns were actually the start of everything.  According to his statement he got pissed off because Trinity had an accident and soiled her diaper.  He didn’t know how to clean a dirty diaper so he put her in the shower because he didn’t want to “rub and scrub” her.  Trinity screamed that the water was hot, instead of getting her out of it, he held the shower head in his hand and directed the hot water at her back and kept it there for what he says it was about 5 seconds.  All I can picture is this baby girl screaming and “climbing the walls…” to get away from the water as this shit stain kept moving the stream onto her…

After that incident Trinity no longer trusted or in his words “preferred” him.  She would choose strangers over him.  She was scared of him and that “hurt his feelings”, frustrated him and pissed him off.  What a juvenile asshole!!

Trying to “be a dad” he was teaching her to ride a bike.  His way of teaching was to pull a 3 year old child sitting on a bike with training wheels with a rope.  He deliberately took her to a spot in the yard he had dug up recently.  When her training wheel hit one of the holes causing her to topple over cutting her forehead and blacking her eye she, like any hurt child, started to cry.

He picked her up by around the torso hard enough to cause bruising and slammed her back onto the seat bruising her vaginal area.  Later, knowing she was hurting, he chose to intentionally cause her more pain by slamming her “good and hard” into her high chair that had a divider for the legs at breakfast and again at dinner causing more injury to the area.  This pussy’s punishment should include being hit “good and hard” in the genitals daily with a hammer!!  The bio-mom didn’t notice the vaginal injury until 2 days later

The fatal blow happened because he was pissed off at the breeder.  They were fighting, yet again, about her suspicions that he was cheating on her.  He was sitting on the couch with Trinity in his lap when she stormed into the bedroom and punched the door.  Not holding onto Trinity, and knowing she would fall, he jumped up (pushed her) and she flew into the coffee table hitting her head and then hit the floor.  He snatched her up, yelled for Vickrey and started putting ice on the knot on the baby’s head.

Both say Trinity vomited off and on during the night and into the next day.  Vickrey, after looking up info on concussions on the web, was up all night checking her pupils and asking her questions every 2 hours.  They knew, at the very least, that baby had a concussion!  Neither took her to the hospital until it was too late, she became unresponsive on the way to the hospital.  An ambulance was never called.  When asked if she ever thought about calling for one she said she didn’t think of that.

When asked about her relationship with the fucking meth-head she referred to it as “shitty” and “like one sided I guess”.  When asked about his drug use she referred to him as a “functioning addict” and stated she had been on meth but had been sober for 7 years.  What an oxymoronic statement!  WTF is a “functioning addict”?? 

She stated her and her grandparents paid the bills.  Trinity had been in daycare until the prick moved in.  They were “friends with benefits” until then or more likely she was a booty call!!

When asked if he had a history of violence she said he was always getting into fights and has priors for domestic violence.  She still thought it was a good idea to leave that baby with this violent freak as soon as he moved in with her!!

At one point Trinity’s paternal grandmother told the deluded twit that Trinity acted scared around the abusive piece of shit.  The twit herself says at times Trinity would give him a “weird look”; she just thought it was because he was a “big goofy dude”.  Gawd damn what would it have taken to remove this stupid bitch’s blinders?!?  Burns, bruises, fear in your child’s eyes, being told to lie or omit truth to CPS, Trinity herself telling her Eric burned me”!!  Friends and relatives noticed something wasn’t right!  What the hell is wrong with this c***??  Is she that brain dead or did she just trade her baby’s safety and future for her “shitty”, month long  relationship with a violent, drug abusing pussy?!?

At this time she isn’t facing charges and is co-operating with the investigation.  Charges or not, in the court of public opinion, she is guilty of neglect at the very least!!  She failed to get Trinity medical help.  She endangered Trinity the minute she let the abusive slime around her!!  By her own admission she felt she failed as a mother…

R.I.P. "Wubzy"




Thanks for the tip go to Monique and Jeena

Baby suffocates after Breeder gets her Halloween drink on

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi Accused of Letting Her Baby Suffocate in Clothes Pile After Booze Binge:

Baby suffocated in clothes pile while mom was drunk, police say:

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you before but I don’t drink. Not to excess anyway. I can go for months without having a beer and I can’t even remember the last time I got drunk. Not because I got so wasted I don’t remember it’s just been that long. There’s several reasons behind my semi-tea totaling ways. The first is my dad was a mean drunk and I’ve seen what kind of damage excessive drinking can do to a family. The second is in a bout of excessive drinking on my part I gave myself alcohol poisoning in my early 20s and that made me lose my taste for hard liquor. And lastly during my first year of marriage I went to a bar one night to drown my sorrows and when I came back my daughter, who was 10 at the time, told me I reeked of beer. I was so embarrassed thinking back to when I was her age and my dad coming home stumbling in the door drunk reeking of booze right before he hit my mom.

So you can kind of understand when I say I don’t get why some people put alcohol above the welfare and safety of their own children, like 27-year-old Corrina Atuatasi of Garden Grove, California.

Police allege that Atuatasi was watching her two-month-old son, Aiden Galeai, on Halloween night while her husband and daughter were visiting family. While she was outside smoking, and the baby was inside alone mind you, a couple of neighbors invited her to their Halloween party. She left her son to go drink but shortly went back to get Aiden, putting him in a car seat then taking him and going back to the party for a few hours.

Supposedly when she returned home in a drunken stupor at 4am somehow Aiden found himself face down in a pile of laundry where he suffocated to death. Considering he was only 2-months-old I’m going to assume he didn’t end up there under his own power. Atuatasi woke up 2 hours later and called 911. When police arrived they said she had BAC of .23 which as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is almost three times the legal limit. This was 2+ hours after she had stopped drinking so I can only imagine what it was when she stopped drinking.

When April asked me if I wanted to do this story I said yes because someone with that BAC would normally qualify for the BB BAC Board. Usually I reserve that dishonor for cases where the kids are relatively unharmed so we can point and laugh at the idiot drunks. There’s nothing to laugh about here.

Thanks to amulbunny for the tip.

There can be only one, vato

Antonio Gutierrez

Man attacks son with sword for not doing chores, police say:

It’s not always about Breeders who harm their minor children here at (P)BB. Sometimes we do post the occasional story about a Breeder that harms an adult child. This is one of those stories.

43-year-old Antonio Gutierrez of Ventura, California was said to have not been pleased with the lack of chores his 18-year-old son was doing. As with most teens it escalated into an argument.

The argument allegedly got so heated that Gutierrez started brandishing a 4 foot long sword and attacked his son with it. Luckily, if you can use that word here, the son only suffered minor lacerations of the hand.

I haven’t been able to confirm this but I would take a guess that the sword was probably a katana, more commonly known as a samurai sword.

I tend to see the katana as just another tool of the macho douche who thinks he’s a badass and has watched too many Jean Claude Van Damme movies.

It’s also a sure sign of ‘trailerism’ right up there with neck tattoos and mullets.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.

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