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No, we don’t want her back.

Canada to deport Aust killer mum: report

Deportation to Australia for child killer Allyson McConnell despite appeal

Australian mother Alyson McConnell drowned her sons in a bath, Canadian court hears


Alyson McConnell

Selfish bitch c*** Allyson McConnell

A selfish bitch c*** who drowned her two little sons is being deported back to Australia after serving a measly 10 months of a 15 month sentence. For “manslaughter”. All because she was “depressed”.

Authorities say that Allyson McConnell, then 31, drowned her two little boys, Jayden (20 months) and Connor (3) in the bathtub of their Millet, Alberta home in February 2010. She allegedly left their little bodies to rot while she tried to kill herself by jumping off of a bridge. Unfortunately she did not succeed. Why is it that these selfish fucks who kill their kids and themselves get it in the wrong order? It’s “Kill yourself” first! The selfish bitch c*** only got a few broken bones and was taken to a hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. They should have let her die. Broken bones can kill and it’s a lovely slow painful death.

The boys’ father, Curtis McConnell, told the court that trouble had been brewing for months. They had split, and the selfish bitch c*** wanted to take the boys and move back to Australia. He was afraid that she’d take off with the boys without his knowledge. Even though the couple were separated, they still lived in the same house, and Mr McConnell was seeking joint custody of the boys, or sole custody if Allyson did indeed move back to Australia. Mr McConnell returned from work to find his sons’ lifeless bodies on the bathroom floor. Neighbours tried to console him and helped him call the authorities. The selfish bitch c*** was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to a lousy 15 months in a psychiatric hospital. 15 months. Shorter than the lives of her sons, which she so brutally snuffed out. She only served 10 of them.

Fast forward to 2013. The selfish bitch c*** has served her blip of a sentence and is being deported to Australia. She is now 34, still young enough to have more children that she can kill when things don’t go her way. There has been a review of the decision to deport the selfish bitch c***, following protests from her ex husband and Alberta authorities who opposed her lenient charges and sentencing. She was deported today. I hope her plane never makes it to Sydney and that she dies in a firey bleeding mess.

Allyson McConnell

RIP Jayden and Connor


Korrie-Lynn Kinnear likes to beat on toddlers

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear

Retarded bitch

Mother imprisoned for violent toddler beatings

Sarnia, ON mother sentenced to 3 years for beating toddlers

Is that an infected arsehole on the egg-donor’s face? Oh wait, it’s a pathetic attempt at looking “sexy”.

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear (23), of Sarnia, Ontario, likes to beat on her toddlers. Her two very young kids suffered extensive injuries including fractured ribs and severe bruising from their egg-donors attempts at “discipline”. Here’s a tip, bitch. If you’re leaving marks and causing long-term damage, that’s not “discipline” – that’s abuse! Punching and kicking your kids is not the same as a smack on the bum. I’m child-free and even I know that! The “discipline” started off as slaps and backhand punches, as the birth vessel became more and more frustrated at her children. She would scream obscenities at them and tell them they were useless. Wow, what a wonderful thing to teach your young, impressionable children to say!

One of the children had 13 rib fractures and the other had 2 rib fractures. Both the kids were under two when the beatings occurred. FUCK!! A smack on the hand/backside is okay for punishment, but a full-on beating? On a little toddler? What the fuck is wrong with you?! The doc who examined the kids had to compose himself, he was so overcome with emotion because he hadn’t seen such extensive bruising on a small child like that. Of course, the axe wound never sought medical help for her kids and never beat them about the face. Of course not. She had the forethought to know it was wrong to beat her kids so she tried to hide it. So it wasn’t punishment at all, she just liked to punch up toddlers, under the guise of discipline.

The answer to the question of “what the fuck is wrong with her?!”: She has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I’m not making it up. She was a sufferer of child abuse herself, too. So she knew damn well what it was like to be abused by her parents, yet she chose to inflict that horror and pain on her own offspring. I couldn’t give two fucks whether some enabler says “But that’s all she knows!!” She knew how it felt to be abused, so she knew better than to do it to her own kids! She also drank heavily and abused oxycodone. No surprises there, it was available to her in utero and she probably felt she couldn’t live without it. But I don’t care how fucking hard her life was. There is no excuse to abuse your children, none whatsoever.

The gaping gash was sentenced to only 3 years prison! What the fuck is up with that? She fricking abused her kids, you idiot! Sounds like the judge has brain damage too! But apparently, that’s a harsher penalty than usual for bad breeders. And she cried like the stupid bitch she is, because she got caught bashing her kids. I hope those three years are long and torturous for her, and may her fellow inmates have no patience for a child abuser. She is not allowed to contact her kids and she is banned from owning weapons (I thought that would be obvious since she has a mental deficiency) This egg donor should never have been allowed to breed, considering her IQ and the drug and alcohol problems. I thought that sort of thing would cause damage to the reproductive parts? Evidently not. Anyhoo, the kiddos are now away from this damaged DNA and are reportedly doing well. Hopefully they can break the cycle and go on to be productive members of society.

I did some research and found the egg donor’s Facebook page. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from her mutated mind: “I am who I am my mouth says it all you don’t like my words tune me out” Yeah it’s pretty hard to tune out abuse. Let’s hope you can tune out the taunts and jeers (plus all the beatings) from your fellow inmates. Here’s another little gem “Everyone has their own opinions and everyone is entitled to voice them. But make sure your back yard is clean before you judge your neighbour’s” Well, I will judge the fuck out of you because you’re a brain-damaged, oxygen-thieving child abuser. And your backyard ain’t clean, it’s full of dog shit. Our tipster also tells us that you stole from your employers and can’t hold down a job because you have sticky fingers. Maybe you can put those fingers to use, and try to steal from Big Bertha or any of the other head bitches in the pen. See how well theft goes down there. 

Luckily there are no dead kids, and that they’ve gotten away from that mutant monster. I don’t know what the fate of her “engaged” relationship status will be, but if her c***-plug is willing to marry a known child abuser, he’s a desperate dick.

Thanks to the Anon tipster for the tip. Should anyone object to my use of “retarded” to describe this bitch, especially because she has FAS, tough titties. Her actions were dimwitted and lacking in intelligence. She is slow and deficient – which is the original meaning of “retard/ed”



Man to be sentenced for sex with his own children, fiancee’s children, and dog

Dad to be sentenced for sex with kids, family dog
Alberta sicko pleads guilty to sex with own kids

I thought that since I skipped Monday this week, maybe it would be a better week…alas, not so. A man from Canada, unnamed to protect the identities of his victims, is to be sentenced for raping his own son and daughter over a ten year span, and then moving on to children belonging to his girlfriend/fiancee. Oh, and a dog – we can’t forget the dog. He didn’t actually have sex with the dog – he asked his fiancee to do that while he watched, and she complied with his request. He also used a whip on his victims during the sex acts, and chained one to the bed using a dog collar. He also encouraged other adults to participate in the abuse, including a neighbor. According to one of the linked articles, the fiancee and another ‘male friend’ are also facing charges, so maybe they will get their ‘just rewards’ for their participation too.

The Crown (Canadian justice system) is asking for an 18-20 year sentence for the ‘father’, but the pervert’s lawyer is asking for only 9-10. He says a sentence of 18-20 years would be “crushing”, and that the mitigating circumstances should warrant a lesser sentence. What are those mitigating circumstances, you ask? Well…the lawyer (Facundo) suggested that since the animal admitted his crimes and did not make the children testify in open court, AND he was abused as a child himself, he should be given lenience. My-yass. Since when does an admission of guilt make the crime any less severe, or the effects of the abuse less debilitating for the victims? Yeah. It doesn’t. No free pass for him there. As for the “I was abused too” defense – I think you all know how I feel about that BS claim. If he was abused as a child, then he sure as HELL knew what damage he was doing to those children, and that should be grounds for INCREASING his sentence, not reducing it. I personally think he should be given the DP, but Canada does not offer that sentencing option, so my desires will again be unfulfilled. As for the lengthy sentence being “crushing”, I think his third leg should be “crushed”, and then fed to the family dog, but that’s just me…

The article did not mention the mother of the two biological children much, or where she was while he was having sex with her children, but it did say that her choice of punishment (also not offered by the ‘Crown’) would be that he “rots in hell forever.” At least she’s not defending him. The first girlfriend had a thirteen year old daughter who was abused “when nobody else was around”. Reports state that the abuse continued even after the child told her mother, and the mother confronted the man. How is that possible? If she confronted him, I would have expected her to be arrested for murder – I would have been if I were in her shoes. If one of my kids ever came to me and told me someone touched them, the ‘confrontation’ would involve a pair of scissors, can of lighter fluid, blowtorch, and maybe a gun. Make of that what you will, but you can be certain the buttmunch would never again assault another child – especially not MY CHILD! I wonder why that girlfriend has not been charged?

The ‘fiancee’ apparently participated in the abuse, and as I said earlier, is facing charges of her own. I hope she gets as much time as he does. How can any woman allow some sick, twisted bastard to rape her kids?

As a side note, I thought the attorney’s name was somewhat appropriate – Facundo. Although the actual word ‘facund’ means “eloquent” (and this lawyer seems to have some sort of ‘gift of gab’ since he is trying to cut the proposed sentence in half), when I read the name I immediately thought of the word ‘fecal’ which means “of, pertaining to, or being feces”. That definitely describes anyone who wants to see an admitted child rapist walk free. A steaming pile of feces. That will conclude our vocabulary lesson for today children, now go and use the new words you’ve learned in a sentence or two.

If anyone sent in a tip on this, you have my thanks. However, I actually ran across this while reading online news myself this morning. I really need to quit doing that…

Canada Mom found Guilty of burning baby

Manslaughter for mom who shopped for CDs as baby lay dying from burns 

On the afternoon of September 11th, 2007 – Melissa Alexander insisted that the chubby-cheeked little boy pulled a bowl of hot water onto himself. 

Doctors say his injuries were consistent with dunking the boy in scalding water. It was obvious.

Yet in the hours that followed the “accident”, the 25-year-old mother failed to seek medical attention that might have saved 19-month-old Miguel Fernandes’ life. 

Medical evidence showed that he would have been screaming in agony and throwing up before falling into a coma. She said she put the boy in a cool bath and applied Vaseline to the burns. 

Despite being fully aware that the baby was terribly hurt – “multiple scraps” of little Miguel’s skin were later found in the garbage. Oh gawd, why do I get these stories?!

Alexander had left the baby with her step-brother while she went out shopping for about 2 hours.

Among other things she bought two Kanye West CDs and some groceries. 

At some point during that day she had told Miguel’s dad that the boy had pulled a pot of water onto himself, but insisted that it wasn’t serious.

She also told her husband that she had sought help from a walk0in clinic and was advised to apply an ain’t-bacterial ointment. 

That evening, Alexander dissuaded her husband from inspecting the burns on the grounds it would disturb the child. 

“He asks himself every day why he did not go ahead and look at Miguel’s legs,” the judge said.

“(But) he trusted the boy’s mother.” 

It was only at 2 a.m. the following day — about 12 hours after the scalding — that the mother dialed 911 to say her son was dead. Paramedics could not revive him.

RIP Miguel Fernandes

*Thanks go to Joy for the tip! 

And thanks to Canada for posting names and lots of details 😉

UPDATE: Two children found dead in Edmonton, Canada

Court appearance for Edmonton man charged with  son’s slayings

Caleb and Gabriel

A brief update to my original post.

The father of two boys has been charged with murder. 

Jason Bruce Cardinal, 31, appeared in court for murdering his two sons, Caleb (6) and Gabriel (almost 4). Autopsy results are still pending needing further test results to determine their cause of death. 

Cardinal entered the courtroom with a shaved head with a beard and was sporting tattoos on his right arm and both sides of his neck. He is being kept separately from other inmates. 

The mother of the boys was also in court along with several other family members and supporters. No comments were made, but there were lots of tears. According to court documents, the mother was to pay $1000 a month to the father for child support, however at the time of death they were living with their mother. 

RIP Caleb and Gabriel. 

Thanks Sue for the original tip and for the update.

Two Children found dead in Edmonton, Canada

Two Children found dead on North Edmonton home

Man charged with killing two sons in Edmonton

Just a day before two young children were found dead, volunteers had come by the house to deliver a bag of presents for Christmas.

The annual Christmas campaign, Santa’s Anonymous, collects, wraps and delivers toys for children of less fortunate families.

A 31-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene after the children’s bodies were found and was treated for mild injuries. It had been revealed that he was the father.

Both young boys – one six and the other almost four – lived with their mother in the home for about 18-months.

Police were called to the home to check the welfare of the people living there. Shortly after midnight was when they discovered the bodies.

Alberta’ Ministry of Children and Youth Services was involved with the family, and that is why the names cannot be revealed under provincial law.

Autopsies have been performed and a cause of death has not been determined as the examiner is waiting for more test results.

A neighbor and her daughter had left stuffed toys and a makeshift memorial near the home. When asked why they were doing so, the daughter replied, “So they can live a happy life up there.” More neighbors brought gifts for the children to play with in heaven.

One neighbor even mentioned that they were surprised something hadn’t happened sooner as there were police cruisers there “all the time.”

Thanks go to Sue for the tip left in our Open Thread.

An Accidental Kiss…..

Stepfather guilty of sexually assaulting girl
Judge says six-year-old’s mother lied to defend husband

A man(imal) has been convicted of sexual assault on a 5-year old girl. The girl’s birth vessel is defending the creature. I think I need to puke.

Ontario Court Justice Catherine Kehoe has rejected the versions given by both the mother and the step-penis about the events, because their stories had more changes than a set of newborn triplets, and were inconsistent with each other. The judge said that she believed the mother had ‘concocted’ the story to try and defend her sex-toy.

The child’s story, however, was consistent and unwavering. The little girl (now 6 years old) said that her mother’s bed-mate would come into her room every morning, and have her perform oral sex on him. She said he gave her a choice, and that she didn’t have to, but every day he would come in and offer, and she would comply. I’m sorry…I call BS. A five year old does not have a ‘choice’ in such matters. The fact of his even SUGGESTING such a heinous activity negated any ‘choice’ she might have had. Because most 5-year olds don’t feel they have the right to say no.

The mother’s story? She said the girl was confused. She said her daughter had ‘accidentally kissed’ the man’s penis one day when he was exiting the shower. Riiiiiight……. First of all, what was the little girl doing in the bathroom while the man was showering (or getting out of it)? Second, why was she in such close proximity to a naked adult male? Third, and most importantly – how in the blue depths of HELL did his dick end up anywhere NEAR her mouth – accidentally or otherwise? And there is a difference between a kiss and oral sex, anyway. The judge didn’t buy that story either. As far as I can see, accidentally having your genitals end up in a child’s mouth is almost as likely as ‘accidentally’ having sex with your secretary. Meaning not at all likely.

The betrayal doesn’t stop at the mother’s defense of the penis, though. She also stated that she intended to live with the penis at the conclusion of the court case. The man’s father had bought them a house, and they were all going to live there – including the victim. I wish the incubator actually WAS going to be living with him after the court case – that would mean that she would be in jail too…..right where she belongs.

And can somebody tell me WHY the freakin’ enabling tw*t still has custody of her daughter, anyway? She let this happen to her kid, then she defended the pedophile, and now she has voiced her intentions to live with the guy again. So WHY is the little girl still with her? Can anyone from Canada explain this one to me? Am I missing something here? I need to go puke again….

Thanks to Bishop Black for this tip.

Phoenix Sinclair’s killers convicted and sentenced

Life in prison for Phoenix’s killers:

The birth organism of Phoenix Sinclair and the organism’s boyfriend have been sentenced in Phoenix’s death. To refresh your memory about Phoenix’s horrible death you can go here. I don’t have the stomach to retype it.

Anyway, Samantha Kematch and Karl Wesley McKay were not only convicted of Phoenix’s death but both were also given life sentences with the possibility of parole in 25 years. Would a judge actually want to be know as the judge that paroled Phoenix’s killers?

Thanks to Nadia for the tip.

Allison Quets Abducts Her Twins After Giving Them Up for Adoption

Allison QuetsWhen I wrote for Blogging Baby, I found that there was a whole cadre of folks who are virulently anti-adoption. They believe that the adoption industry is an inherently evil, immoral entity that tears families apart. I hadn’t encountered these folks again, though, until today, when MCA alerted me to the case of Allison Quets. According to anti-adoption organization Adoption: Legalized Lies, the 48-year-old woman was faced with “intense pressure” to surrender her twins immediately after she gave birth. After six weeks of caring for them, Quets signed the papers. The babies, Holly and Tyler, were subsequently adopted by Denise and Kevin Needham of Raleigh, North Carolina. Quets changed her mind the same day she signed papers, and fought the adoption. When a court upheld the adoption as valid and legal, Quets kidnapped the kids and ran off to Canada.

Quets has since been arrested, and the twins returned to the Needhams. For their part, the Needhams won’t discuss the details of the case; their only public statement has been to insist that they want to keep the babies. Both the Needhams and their lawyer are relying on the privacy granted adoption proceedings to remain mum about their side of the story. All that the Needham’s lawyer will say is that the facts “don’t support” the Quets family’s account of how the adoption went down.

My first instinct was to side with the Needhams – largely because the anti-adoption advocates like Tricia Vaughn Smith frighten the holy hell out of me. But after considering the case, I realized that too much shit just doesn’t add up.

First, Quets is not some 18-year-old broke-ass mom who got accidentally knocked up. She’s a single professional woman who became pregnant through in vitro fertilization. She reportedly started considering adoption during the pregnancy. According to the News Observer, Quets suffered from hyperemesis, which caused her to become violently ill and frail. Her birth was reportedly a traumatic experience; according to her sister Gail, Allison had to be hooked up to a PICC line and a feeding tube afterwards. A mere 12 hours after realizing that she had given up her babies, she changed her mind. So on first blush, this is not a mom who came back after three months and tries to take it all back; this is a mom who realized she had committed a fatal error that same day.

But then there’s the question of the waiting period. Ironically, as the Ottawa Sun points out, Canadian adoption law would have enforced a 7-day waiting period on the adoption as well as a 28-day revocation period, giving Quets plenty of time to recover from the trauma of her pregnancy and change her mind. But Florida (where Allison Quets gave birth) has a three-day waiting period. Which raises the question: if Quets objected to the adoption the same day she signed the papers, why was the adoption allowed to proceed? To even further confuse the subject, check out the discussion on MCA’s site, where at least one poster claims that Quets tried to get more than one adoption agency to foot the bill for the birth. (Given that Quets has since spent nearly half a million dollars trying to get her kids back, though, that piece of info sounds a tad far-fetched.)

My verdict on this currently leans toward the birth mom and against the Needhams, who seem intent on keeping their shiny new babies regardless of what their bio-mother wants. But a key fact or two could flip my decision. So let’s open this up for discussion: who’s the real villain here? Is there one?

Sadly, there’s little question as to who the victims are…

(Minor P.S. to the folks at it’s PICC line, not “pick line”. PICC is an acronym for “peripherally inserted central catheter”. Sorry, just had to be a know-it-all…)

Mom Convicted of Killing Baby Released on Bail Pending Appeal

Katrina EffertHot tipper Tanya was outraged by the following article about 20-year-old Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta (Canada). Effert has already been convicted of murdering her newborn son Rodney by suffocating him with a towel and a pair of her thong underwear, the end result of a desperate bid to keep her pregnancy and birth a secret from her parents. Now, citing a defense of “arguable merit” brought up during her appeals filing, Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Ronald Berger has granted Effert bail while her appeal is considered.

What are these supposed grounds for freeing Effert without a cash bond? The defense argues that a murder verdict is unreasonable, and that the former salon co-owner shouldn’t serve an extreme jail sentence. But prosecutors rightly retort that Effert is at the least guilty of infanticide and/or manslaughter. In Canada, infanticide is a lesser crime than murder, and carries a maximum prison sentence of five years. In other words, if the murder conviction is tossed, Effert could serve a light sentence and be back on the streets. It’ll all come down to whether the appeals court believes she just wanted to make her newborn stop crying, or whether she wanted him to stop crying for good. Either way, I can’t see imposing a sentence of anything less than a minimum of 10 years for murdering your own baby.

Effert has been profiled on MyDeathSpace, which gives some additional details around the young mom and her murder. Her MySpace profile, which was last used five months ago, bears a picture of the ex-mom in a bikini alongside the quote, “safe sex give yourself a hand”. You think it ever occurred to Effert that, in light of the events of the past year, this isn’t very funny?

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