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Trailer Park Trash Shakes Seven Week Old

Phoenix man accused of breaking infant’s bones 

Phoenix man arrested for abusing infant son 

Phoenix father admits to shaking son, police say

These two are not only deaf but dumb to boot. Before anyone jumps my case for “picking” on the disabled, read what Taylor and  did first. Earlier this month, these two ass wipes took their precious 7 week old son to the doctor for a flu shot. This would give you the impression that they were loving and caring parents, right? Well, they aren’t, not by a long shot. The doctor noticed that the child was severely underweight and ordered them to take the baby to the hospital where staff discovered several broken ribs, numerous leg fractures, not one but two skull fractures, and a fractured clavicle.

Let’s break this down; not only was the child practically starving to death but they had beaten him as well. WTF? I guess they didn’t think that failing to feed him was enough torture. During an interview, Mr. Dumbass states he didn’t know how the baby’s bones got broken BUT he also admitted to shaking the boy and pulling on his arms. He claims that he wanted to tell them everything but Mrs. Dumbass didn’t want him to for fear of him being arrested. Okay, so how many brain cells are required in order to comprehend what actions can break an infant’s bones? Obviously more than this sperm donor has. They probably have a half of brain cell between the two of them. The only reason Mr. Dumbass gives for his actions: a “really bad anger problem” and he did it “out of frustration”.

I gotta agree with the tipster, Mandi, on this one. How can you get frustrated with a child if you can’t hear him crying? I mean, what the fuck else can a 7 week old do to frustrate you? NOTHING…..not a damn thing, unless his existence alone was enough to frustrate him. He also says “I have done some stupid things lately”. I’ll say! It sounds to me like he committed the ultimate act of stupidity by deciding to treat his infant as if he wasn’t the most precious gift given to him.

He has been charged with felony child abuse and granted a $100,000.00 bond. The mother was re-interviewed by detectives where she finally admitted to shaking the child on two different occasions. She has also been charged with felony child abuse. Surprise, surprise, Mr. Dumbass also has a prior record for domestic violence.

Thanks to Mandi B. for the tip.

***Thanks to Depraved Nymph for the write-up.***