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Bad dads and dicks behind the wheel

Drunk driver ‘remorseful’ over girlfriend’s death

A bad boyfriend was driving drunk and stoned when he crashed and killed his girlfriend. The girlfriend’s 7 month old baby, who was in the back seat, survived the crash but now doesn’t have a mummy :'(.

Allan Lisle Trezise (31) pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, after he caused the collision in Loxton, SA, in August last year. It was alleged that he took over driving after his girlfriend Sophie Anne Rathmell (29) became “too tired” to drive and let her drugged dick take over. Well, we all know what happens when you drink and drive, right? Yes, the drugged dick lost control of the car, over-corrected on a bend and crashed into a tree, killing Sophie and leaving a little baby without his mum. Speed was not a factor in the crash, but the drugged dick blew a reading of over 0.08%. He also tested positive for marijuana. He was also charged with driving while disqualified, and breaching bail conditions by being intoxicated. Oh, nice. This dropkick wasn’t even supposed to be driving anyway, and was out on parole for something or rather. Yet he still makes a good sexual partner and role model for a young baby?

I would be angry at Sophie too, for picking an alcoholic pothead for a bedmate and putting her baby at risk by allowing a disqualified, drunken dropkick drive a vehicle that, in the wrong hands, can be used as a deadly weapon. But Sophie has paid for her bad decisions with her life. She’s square with the house.

Hopefully the baby can be cared for by his dad (who is not the drunkard) or by Sophie’s parents.

Melbourne road rage caught on camera

A raging road user has been caught on camera slapping a side mirror and yelling and screaming at another motorist – all while his family was in the car.

Camera footage taken from a dashboard camera shows the incident which occurred in Deer Park, on the outskirts of Melbourne. The driver of a red Ford Territory is seen shouting out the window and swerving at a silver Toyota. The lunatic is then shown cutting in front of the Toyota, forcing it to slow down to avoid a collision. At one point in the footage, the Ford swerves to within an arm’s length of the Toyota and the driver slaps the side mirror.

All of this occurred with the Ford driver’s wife and kids were in the car.

What a great example to set for your kids. And what would have happened if the Ford driver had lost control of his car and crashed?


Mandy Stevenson is a danger to society

Woman on drugs c*cktail killed son: police

Mandy Stevenson was on a c*cktail of prescription drugs when crashing car that killed her son, court hears

Mandy Stevenson

Filthy bogan, you seriously wore THAT to court?


Drugged driving doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem here in Australia as it is in the US. We have breathalysers and roadside testing. The news makes public examples of drunk and drugged drivers. As someone who is still learning to drive and is about to sit for her provisional drivers’ licence, I wouldn’t dream of driving drunk or drugged. I know how hard it is to get a licence here and how easy it is to lose it. It’s wrong, it’s stupid and most people know that.

Mandy Stevenson (39) of Box Hill VIC, doesn’t. She killed her 17 year old son Joshua Stevenson, fractured  her 10 year old son’s skull and severely injured two other kids when she crashed into a tree while high on a c*cktail of drugs.

Mandy had an assortment of different prescription drugs in her bloodstream and was falling asleep behind the wheel when she lost control of her car on the Colac-Murroon Road at Murroon. The car smashed into a tree, crumpling the right side of the passenger compartment, where Joshua was sitting. Sadly, he died before he could be freed from the wreckage.

A 14 year old boy who was with Mandy and co. described her behaviour as “smashed” when she arrived at the other kid’s house. He described her driving as “shit” and that she was falling asleep at the wheel, with her head dropping a couple of times. Well, excuse me, but why would you get into a car with a driver who was “smashed” and falling asleep at the wheel? You couldn’t have saved Joshua and his brother, but surely you could’ve saved yourself injury by refusing to get into the car with her? Did your parents ever teach you not to get into a car with someone who’s intoxicated?

Tests conducted at Geelong Hospital showed that Mandy had our old mates Xanax, Methadone and Oxycodone in her system.  A doctor said that the effects of a combination of these drugs would impair judgement and render a person incapable of proper control. Well no shit Sherlock, you don’t need a degree in medicine to work that out!! This woman was known around the Colac area as a “doctor-shopper” – she went around getting different prescriptions from different doctors so that she could keep her constant supply of pills without raising suspicions. She was also a former heroin addict, hence the methadone. It was also reported that she passed around Xanax pills to her sons and their friends before the crash. Mother of the Year material right here, people! Not only “taking care” of her own kids but “providing for” other people’s kids too! How generous and caring!

Her husband, Clay Stevenson, who is the boys’ father, couldn’t even attend his own son’s funeral. You wanna know why? He’s in jail for a year for beating up Mandy. Yeah, I’d knock her lights out too if I found out she’d killed my son because she was driving while as high as a kite!!

Mandy was charged with culpable driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing serious injury, driving under the influence of drugs and driving an unregistered and unroadworthy vehicle. Yet, she managed to successfully applied for bail. Oh great, so now she’ll just go out and do the same thing again and probably kill her other son. But wait, she has strict conditions! That’ll stop her! Banning her from driving, only attending approved medical practitioners and reporting to police daily, that’ll definitely stop her from wrecking someone else’s car that she stole and kill someone else. She should be in jail for murder!

We have “white trash” in Australia, we call them bogans. They’re filthy and drink in public. Every second word they say is “fucken”. The females often have several children to different fathers so that they can continue to get parenting payments, which they then spend on wide-screen tellies, smokes, booze, drugs and anything but the poor kids they popped out. They’re unkempt and often don’t work, preferring to bludge off Centrelink. Their children are poorly behaved in public and are just as foul-mouthed and dirty as their parents. They’re disgusting and Mandy Stevenson is one of them.

This “mother” gave her kids drugs, killed Joshua, nearly killed her other son and their friends, and is now allowed out into society. Disgusting. I hope she does the state of Victoria a favour and overdoses in a pitiful laneway somewhere. Grind her bloated arse up for shark chum.



Josh Stevenson.

Rest In Peace, Josh


Naked n00b kills unborn child, girlfriend in car crash

Woman, 23, and unborn child die in Adelaide crash

Woman and unborn child die in horror crash

Desperate fight to save pregnant woman who died in Woodville Park crash

The scene of the backstreet crash. Photo: Tim Morris, 7News.

This is a very bizarre and tragic story from the City of Churches, Adelaide SA. It’s bizarre, there are many holes in the story, and it’s very sad.

A young woman and her unborn baby have died in a car crash in Adelaide SA. Police found Lisa Smith, 23, in the front passenger seat of the car, which had crashed into a tree or Stobie pole (a telegraph/power/streetlight pole), in Woodville Park, a suburb in Adelaide’s inner northwest. She was trapped in the vehicle for an hour before emergency services managed to cut her free, and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition. Unfortunately both her and her baby didn’t make it.

Where was the driver you ask? He ran away like a chickenshit little bitch! That’s right, after he crashed his car, he didn’t bother to check whether his girlfriend (the carrier of his unborn child) was okay, he fled the scene! What’s more, witnesses of the crash reported that he was naked when he jumped out of the window of the busted car and took off, and that he was running quite well for someone who was just in a crash. As long as HE was okay, was all that mattered apparently.

When police finally caught up with the bare-arsed bastard, he was alternately calling out for water and swearing at people. Police arrested the Woodville Park idiot, 31, and charged him with causing death by dangerous driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving unlicensed. It is thought that drugs and alcohol may be involved. Well, duh! Normal people do not drive around the city naked as a breeze. Normal people do not flee the scene of an accident, especially when their girlfriend and mother of their unborn child is lying unconscious in the wreckage. It’s just not normal behaviour.  If indeed he had been taking drugs and drinking, why would you get in a car with someone who was obviously intoxicated?

Lisa’s parents, Peter and Kerry are naturally devastated, not just for the loss of Lisa, who was a mother of 2 other kids (6 and 4) to a former partner, but the loss of her baby, which was a little boy.  “He was going to be her second son, my third grandchild, and we just can’t come to terms with what’s happened” Mr Smith said. Heartwrenching, isn’t it?  Mr and Mrs Smith will be taking over full-time care of Lisa’s two children.

Now for the clincher: While both Lisa and her baby have been added to the SA road toll, SA common law doesn’t recognise her baby as a person. The boyfriend has only been charged with one count of dangerous driving resulting in death. Lisa was 31 weeks’ pregnant, and the baby boy, even though he would be premature, would’ve been able to survive if he was born that early. The severity of the crash and the fact that doctors didn’t perform an emergency Caesarean on Lisa means that the baby was killed during the collision. The SA Attorney-General is working on having those boundaries redefined and has personally argued a case for extending these boundaries before the Supreme Court.

The Naked N00b has been refused bail and appeared in court on the 14th. Nothing yet on what he pleaded or what has resulted.


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