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Where is Chanel Haney’s newborn?

Mason City authorities search for missing newborn 

Police continue to seek help on location of baby 

Police still searching for missing  newborn 

The cleaning staff of the Iowa Workforce Development Center made a shocking discovery Saturday, January 7th.  While cleaning one the building’s restrooms they found an umbilical cord and placenta, no mother and no baby.

The police were able to locate the mother Chanel Hanley (19), however she has decided not to cooperate with police.  The newborn, believed to be 29-32 weeks old and about 3lbs is still missing.

Police have searched the area surrounding the Workforce Center, including roof tops, sewers, trash bins and landfills and have not been able to locate the baby.

Haney was arrested late Saturday, January 7thh on two warrants for failure to appear on charges of alcohol possession under the legal age and fifth-degree theft.  She was released shortly after on bond.

Ok seriously… make this bitch talk.  Newborns don’t go missing on their own. Ugh… I am so fucking sick of this type of bullshit.  I am sure this is not going to end well.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the police at (641)421-3636.

Thanks to Jennifer B. for the tips.

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