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Robert Farquharson wishes to be buried with the sons that he murdered

Mum vows to fight dam dad burial wish

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Farquharson A summary of the boys’ murders and Farquharson’s arrest and sentence

A few years ago, a horrible crime shocked the nation of Australia. Robert Farquharson, a Victorian idiot, killed his sons on Father’s Day 2005, allegedly to get back at his ex-wife Cindy Gambino. He drove his car, carrying his three sons Jai (10), Bailey (2) and Tyler (7), into a farm dam and left them to drown. When first responders turned up to the scene, he asked a witness for a smoke and made vague directions to stall rescuers for as long as possible to ensure that his sons were well and truly dead. He offered up the lame excuse that he “blacked out during a coughing fit and woke up in the dam”.

Rest in peace, young gentlemen



Now in 2013, Robert Farquharson has made arrangements to be buried with the sons that he killed in a petty act of revenge. His ex-wife, Cindy Gambino is making every attempt to block his intended actions, saying that Farquharson forfeited every right to be near his sons the day he murdered them. Too right, Cindy. The only reason the boys are buried is because Robert Farquharson is a pathetic loser who couldn’t behave like a rational adult. He blamed all of his own problems on Cindy and the boys. Before Cindy and Robert divorced, he was suffering from depression that he refused to get help for. It got so bad that he was snapping at the boys. Cindy had had enough of Robert’s selfish ways and split, taking the boys to where she could provide a loving and stable environment for them. They are dead because their father could not think of people other than himself. He saw his sons as possessions and tools to “get back” at Cindy for a split that was all his fault. And how friggin’ sick must this bastard be to want to be buried next to the children HE killed?!

Robert Farquharson

Robert Farquharson = murderer and coward

Cindy also aims to have the name “Farquharson” removed from the boys’ headstone.

Farquharson grave

Robert Farquharson was sentenced to life in prison in 2010, with a minimum sentence of 33 years, for the murder of his three boys. Cindy Gambino is happily remarried with a child with her new husband, but will never forget her beloved boys. A book “On Father’s Day”, which details the killings and the court case that ensued, written by Megan Norris, is out now.

McKinley and Cindy Warren, Abuse 3-Year-Old Son and Finally Charged for Killing Daughter in 2000

mckinley-warren.jpgMcKinley Warren, 41, and Cindy Warren, 28 of East Stroudsburg, Penn. were recently arrested for the physical abuse of their 3-year-old son, Isaiah Warren. But now they’ve been charged with the murder of their two-year-old daughter, Jessica, back in December 2000. (Cindy, the girl’s stepmother, will be charged as an accomplice.)

First Jessica – The Warrens claim the girl fell out of their parked vehicle and hit her head. After Jessica’s death, police hit a roadblock while investigating a felony case since no cindy-warren.jpgwitnesses came forward. Even though doctors found numerous cuts and bruises in varying stages of healing on Jessica’s body, they didn’t have enough evidence to make a murder charge stick. The break in the case came when police arrested McKinley for abusing his son. Not only were the bruises on Isaiah’s body similar to Jessica’s, but McKinley confessed during a taped police interview.

Jessica was the product of a short-term affair between Warren and her mother, Veronica Bock, who exposed her to crack in utero. Warren claimed that the crack-exposed toddler was unsteady on her feet and fell all the time.

Then Isaiah – The child had a handprint-shaped bruise on the side of his head, bruises on his torso, and horizontal cuts on his legs and feet, probably from a belt. Isaiah’s pelvic bone was bruised, probably because daddy or mommy dearest pushed him into a wall or a piece of furniture.

Isaiah’s worse injury was a large red abrasion stretching fom the right side of his neck to below his right ear probably caused by someone holding the boy suspended from his shirt collar or a possibly a cord or piece of rope. There’s also evidence that he had been starved and dehydrated.

Isaiah, his two older brothers and younger sister at home. After Jessica’s death, the children went to live with their aunt and uncle, Lisa and Steve Warren. A custody struggle ensued almost immediately, and Lisa and Steve moved to Indiana to avoid family strife. McKinley and Cindy were awarded custody again last year.

I understand why the police couldn’t arrest these two back after Jessica’s murder. But why did child protective services return Jessica’s siblings to these monsters? How many kids do you have to beat up and kill to get your kids permanently taken away from you?