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Homophobic hag allows daughter to be raped, films it

Anti-gay activist found guilty of filming child porn

Anti-Gay Zealot Guilty of Child Pornography After Videotaping 14-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex

Anti-gay lawyer Lisa Biron, 43, faces 25 years in prison for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with two men.

Intolerant and incestuous hag

I had to save this until I got back from work. I cannot get my head around it. Firstly I am disgusted and saddened that “anti-gay” activism exists. I was brought up to be tolerant of others’ differences. I have many gay friends who are awesome and beautiful, inside and out. My neighbours growing up were a transgender couple who were the nicest people. I seriously cannot believe that some people cannot appreciate others for who they are, and are full of so much vitriol and hatred for their fellow humans.

Lisa Biron (43) of Manchester, New Hampshire, is an intolerant homophobe and a religious nutjob. She is also a child molester. She got her 14 year old virgin daughter drunk and filmed her being raped by two men. She also filmed herself sexually assaulting her OWN DAUGHTER!! Argh!! She also took another teenage girl to Canada for the purpose of making more films. She has been found guilty of child pornography after the jury deliberated for all of less than one hour, and now faces a minimum sentence of 25 years – 10 years for the transportation charge and 15 years per child exploitation charge, of which there is 8. Fuck yeah!! Now to find the two perverts who raped her and charge them with rape, sexual assault and child porn…

Wanna know the real kicker? Biron (or should I say Bigot) has been working with a virulently anti-gay Christian right organisation which actively demonises the LGBTI community by making up stupid bullshit like how homosexuality and pedophilia are linked, and that gays take away freedom of speech. Bigot just proved that it’s actually homophobia that’s linked with pedophilia, and that deep down inside, she has lesbian tendencies. But she’s not one of the people she dehumanises. You know why? Gay people would never molest their own children, gay people do not advocate rape, gay people are good parents. Bigot hates them so much because she wants to be one of them, but never can become part of their community. She wants them to be like her instead.

Bigot claimed on her Facebook page (which has been shut down) that her favourite book was the bible and that she worked with the “Alliance Defending Freedom”, the aforementioned homophobic, religious whackjob organisation. The ADF have since removed any mention of her working with them and deletes any comments mentioning her on their website. They are ashamed of her. Bigot has nowhere to go but the slammer, where Big Bertha and her lackeys will be waiting with open arms and open legs. Although I don’t think Bigot is pretty enough to be Bertha’s bitch. They might just shank her with a sharpened crucifix instead.

I think Bigot’s daughter was coming out as a lesbian and Bigot didn’t like that, so she tried to “convert” her by having men rape her. I don’t know why Bigot sexually assaulted her own daughter, it makes no sense. Maybe she wanted to see if her daughter still liked women. Maybe Bigot wanted a lesbian experience. Who knows, I really don’t want to delve into her sick and twisted mind.




Brttiny Dick exchanges “goods” via Craigslist, but not HER “goods”

Tulsa Man, Vinita Woman Arrested For Child Pornography

Man, woman arrested, accused of exchanging child porn

Child porn, dog sex and parents exploiting their kids for sex. Just another day on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of Trench’s favorite subjects.  Not because of all the Ikea shit you can buy for scratch; not because of the abundant listings of used cars that he can troll; not even for the sex starved skanks that list personal ads with half nuded, pouty faced pics.  Nope.  Our Trench loves Craigslist because it provides him with endless material for his other crime blog. It’s true.  He really is that geeky.  Anyhow, you are about to learn exactly why our Trench loathes Craigslist.

31-year- old Ricky Lee Lewis is a Craigslist Creeper.  Lewis used Craigslist for a myriad of personal business.  Seemingly, he was just a man looking to sell stuff, looking for couples, relationships and even posted ads looking for playdates for his son.  It all seems on the up and up, although Craigslist isn’t where I turn for someone to keep my child company, but I digress.  I’m not sure which one of his ads garnered the attention of Brittiny Linne Dick, 21 (that has to be a typo), but the two cretins found each other.  It seems that Lewis was looking for more than a playdate and Dick was all too willing to acquiesce.

Lewis was arrested on September 21st after a search warrant on his residence turned up several THOUSAND pornographic images of children on his laptop.  The sick fuck admitted to also having child porn on his cell.  He was re-arrested within a week after his phone was examined.  Along with pervy photos of children, the phone contained disturbing text messages where Lewis was soliciting women to send nude pics of children and about sex acts he wanted to perform on a toddler.  There were also photos of Lewis getting busy with his dog and texts containing details of the doggy encounter.  *gag*

Brittany Dick was actually depraved enough to take the sick bastard on his proposition.  In exchange for her sending nude pics of her 3-year-old, Lewis offered Dick pornographic pics of an 8-year-old boy and asked her to commit sex acts on the child.  ewww.

Authorities were alerted by one of the couples that Lewis contacted via Craigslist.  The conversations started with Lewis telling them he had a baby.  Eventually he told them all the sick shit he’d like to do to the baby.  Thankfully, they weren’t into that kind of thing.  They immediately drove to the police station to turn his ass in.

Lewis is being held atTulsaCountyjail on $70,000 bond.  He is facing charges of possessing child pornography, manufacturing child pornography and crimes against nature.  Dick is being held atCraigCountyjail on charges of manufacturing child pornography and lewd molestation.  She is being held without bond.

Thanks to all who sent this tip.  I wasn’t going to post it because I knew Trench was all over it, but he thought it deserved a place on both sites.


Molestation, Murder and Arson; a duo of demons trifecta

Graphic allegations made against brothers

Slain girl’s grandma wins round in court 

SAPD: Woman Found Dead in Fire Had Filed Protective Order

Conrad Ochoa

Samvastion “Sammy” Ochoa was told by her uncle, Baron Ochoa, that she would die if she ever told anyone that he had been molesting her.  He wasn’t bluffing.  Sammy was stabbed to death on September 14.  She was 10 years old.  Her mother, Rebecca “Veggie” Gonzales, and Gonzales’ roommate, Pamela Susan Wenske, were also murdered before their home was set on fire.

Let me back it up just a smidge.

In August, during a custody battle, Rebecca Gonzales reported to police and CPS  that Sammy claimed to have been sexually abused by her uncle and father from November of 2010 to July 2011.  A protective order was requested.  Sex crimes detectives requested a forensic

Baron Ochoa

interview of Sammy.  She gave graphic details of the abuse she had been subjected to.  She claimed that he uncle made her watch pornography and recorded himself assaulting her.  She also told how he threatened to kill her and her mother if she ever told anyone.  Well, he “allegedly” made good on his promise.  Baron Ochoa wasn’t the only relative Sammy claimed was sexually abusing her.  According to the little girl, her father inflicted the same type of sexual abuse on her.  Sounds like damaged DNA to me.  The kind that should be removed before it spreads like cancer.

That interview was August 11th.  Sadly, warrants to investigate the sex abuse were not issued until after the murders.  FAIL!  It wasn’t until September 21st,, 7 days after the murders, that police reviewed the recording of the forensic interview.

Baron Ochoa and his brother, Conrad Ochoa (Sammy’s father) were questioned after the killings.  Conrad was arrested on the day of the murders for an outstanding traffic warrant, but was released.  Police state that, during his interview that day, they “immediately smelled the same strong odor” that was noted in a fire earlier that morning.  As if that wasn’t a tell-tale sign, he made comments about websites and what-not instructing how to combine materials to start fires, yet he denied any involvement in the crime.  WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!  (That’s not a fire alarm.  That’s a “he’s the fuck head responsible for murder” alarm).

When police interviewed Baron, it was noted that he had fresh scratches on his neck, head and shoulder.  WOOP WOOP WOOOOPPPPP!!!

Two days later, armed with a search warrant, police found a black vibrator in Conrad’s SUV.  Also seized was Conrad’s computer and digital storage.  He had over 7,000 images of suggestively posed, scantily clad little girls and some images of young boy.  There a video of Baron having sex with and girl whose age and identity were unknown.  If that wasn’t stomach turning enough, there were another 21,900 images from a single encounter that show Sammy engaging in sexual activity with another young girl.  Documented in those images was the use of a black vibrator.
(I think I just threw up in my mouth).  The second little girl was interviewed September 27th.  She identified Baron as having repeatedly sexually
abusing her, beginning when she was in the fourth grade.  Conrad was not starring in any of this putrid pornography; not that it makes him any less guilty or any less vile.

Neither of these sorry bastards has been arrested for the murders.  The murder investigation is ongoing.  Baron Ochoa has been charged with two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Conrad Ochoa was charged with possession and promotion of child pornography. Both have posted $1 million dollar bails, but remain in jail. Thank God.

Conrad’s crimes weren’t limited to those of his equally as fucked in the head brother.  To add insult to injury, he had asked for Sammy’s remains to be sent to a funeral home and that there not be a service for her.  As next of kin, he was the one to make that decision.  Sammy’s grandmother, Suzy Bianchi-Peters, is fighting to remove his right to make that decision.  She has received a restraining order preventing Conrad from claiming Sammy’s remains, but has not been able to lay her to rest.  She should have been buried with her mother, but Conrad’s final act of assholery prevented that.

It’s evil mother fuckers like Conrad and Baron that make me happy that Texas has the Death Penalty.  I hope the crimes committed against Sammy, her mother and Pamela earn the Ochoa brothers a fast pass to death.  I’m hoping for a slow, painful death, but I will settle for them being put down humanely; as long as they aren’t able to hurt any more children.

Rest in peace Sammy, Rebecca and Pamela.

Thanks go to Deena for this tip.

Child Porn Staves Off Murderous Rampage?

Joshua Price







Joshua Price used child porn to keep from murdering wife, daughters

Man claims child porn kept him from killing wife and children

Police: Man used child porn to keep from killing his family

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes a brand new chapter in the Child Abuse for Dummies series – I used the kiddie porn to keep me from murdering my family.  That’s right, Joshua Price (26) of Crest Hill, IL got caught with child porn and his excuse for having it was that he was using it to distract him from his murderous thoughts towards his wife and two daughters, ages 4 and 6.

Price was a student at Joliet Junior College and as most students do, he used the campus computer lab.  He left his flash drive in one of the computers which was found by another student who turned it in to the lab assistant.  The assistant checked the drive to see if he could find the name of the owner and stumbled on something way more disturbing than a simple crib sheet – photos of girls “who appear to be under 13 years old engaged in sexual activity” mixed in with the homework and term papers (which of course, had his name on them).  Price was arrested at his Crest Hill apartment where computers and additional flash drives were seized.  All told the police found about 1,700 images which included not only the kiddie porn but pictures of dismembered women as well.  Holy hell – sick, sick, sick!!!

Ole Honest Abe there has been quite open with investigators since his arrest telling them that he suffers from PTSD after serving in the Middle East and that he uses the images to take his mind off his anger.  Um, okay I don’t personally suffer from PTSD nor do I know anyone who does so I’m not an expert but from over here, I’m having a very difficult time following the dots he’s connected from his angry, murderous thoughts towards the ladies in his life to the rationale that “using” the kiddie porn is an acceptable way to keep him from doing them harm.  Sounds like I may have a contender in my quest to be the Ultimate Rationalizer of the Universe!

Price is facing three child porn possession charges which could net him up to seven years in jail and is being held on a $1 million bond.  That bond was increased from $250,000 at a hearing last Wednesday.  Sounds like the judge realized just what a psycho he was dealing with.  Call me a cynic but he’s trying to play the PTSD card to make himself seem like a saint who just didn’t know where to turn.  I call bull shit.  He’s a sick fucking perv who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Thanks to yours truly for the tip!

Lights, Camera, Innocence Lost…

Pinckney, Mich. man, 52, faces child porn charges

Livingston County man arrested on child pornography charges

Pinckney Man Accused of Exchanging Pornographic Images of Sons

There’s few things more evil then betrayal of a child to satisfy a parent’s depraved urges; innocence is so easy to lose and some lessons are best left unlearned at that age!  

This limp pisser out of Livingston County, Michigan called Marcus Wilson cared more for his pedophile urges then his sons’ well-being. He was subject of an international child porn investigation for causing his boys aging five, eight, and nine in sexual explicit poses in video chat sessions. Shit. Nothing like being sexually abused and being displayed for others to get their jollies off on, way to keep it classy smegma and make a profit too! Innocence is going for pennies, when at one time too valuable for a price tag. 

 So what lead the authorities to come knocking on this shit stain’s door? Remember, it was an international investigation which started in Australia, then went to United Kingdom, then to Texas – instead of following the ‘money’ the poor investigators had to use brain bleach and follow the photographs of three young boys losing their innocence. Well the creep in the Lone Star State, Timothy Whitington, told the Homeland Security Investigations and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents where they could find the source. There’s no comment on where the mother is in this case from what I can find at this time. Naturally these days due to it being illegal to arrest someone without charges Wilson’s got two: criminal complaint with production, transportation and possession of child pornography. 

 It’s good that law enforcement is cracking down on child porn and traffickers of children sex; this case brought on by Project Safe Childhood and Operation Predator. It’s just a damn shame though parents could look at their own child and see them as a means to and end, damn what it costs the child. Anyone who tries to tell me it costs the child nothing, go do us all a fucking favor and castrate yourself and don’t bother cauterizing the wound. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I’ve been there; and know the hell it brings – no child needs it! 

 A thank you is due to sun runner for the tip and me for scrounging around for more information.

***Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for writing this one!

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