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“You Know, the Thing about Christian”

Christian Choate, boy found buried in concrete died while locked in a cage, sister says

Dad, stepmom charged in murder of boy found under concrete slab

Sister: Gary boy, Christian Choate kept in cage when he died

Gary couple held without bail in boy’s death

Couple pleads not guilty to killing, abusing boy

I have had many a moment where the only thing in the world I wanted was 5 minutes of total silence – or as much as is possible in a house with 2 kids, a dog and a husband who (God love him) sometimes can’t find his head even though it is consistently attached to his shoulders.  What I’ve never done to accomplish this feat?  That would be to lock my child in a dog cage or chain him to his bed and instill such fear in him that he knew even the slightest whimper would bring my wrath upon him.  Such was the fate of 13-year-old Christian Choate of Gary, IN at the hands of his, ahem, “father” Riley Lowell Choate (39) and his step-“mother” Kimberly Leona Kubina (45).  We also get a piece of shit bio-“mother” too but more on her a little later.

It all started several years ago when family members alleged that Christian had molested a male relative.  This may or may not be true – Christian was murdered before anything was proven.  Well, instead of doing what a good parent would like investigate the incident then seek appropriate punishment and/or counseling, big Choate decided that torturing his son would really be the better course of action.  The beatings worsened as Christian’s bio-parents’ marriage began to deteriorate and big Choate took a lot of his anger out on Christian.  Long story short – Christian’s parents got a divorce and big Choate got custody of Christian and his older sister.  Yep, you read that correctly – the abusive fuck that regularly beat his son was given full custody of him.  Mama (Aimee Estrada) jumped ship because she was being abused but hey, who gives a shit about the kids as long as her ass was safe.  Her son was dead for two years before she did anything about it.  How the hell do you go for two years without seeing or at the very least speaking to your child whom you knowingly left with an abusive piece of shit!?  She’s a worthless bitch who doesn’t deserve to remain on this earth.

I digress….

Big Choate remarried to a lovely woman, Kimberly Kubina, who was such a supportive, dutiful wife she helped him expand his torturous repertoire.  They kept him locked in a basement until they moved on up to a mobile home where Kubina purchased a dog cage from a neighbor for $15 which is where Christian was moved to spend the rest of his short life.  He was only allowed out to eat and go to the bathroom.  Christian’s older sister was put in charge of her brother.  She was to feed him, take him to the bathroom, make sure he exercised and to beat him if he didn’t do as he was told.  The day before he died, Christian refused to eat – gosh, I can’t imagine he wasn’t hungry given the fabulous life he was leading – which irked “daddy” so he punched him several times in the head then threw him back into his cage.  The next morning Christian again refused food from his sister so, she slapped him and put him back in his cage.  A little while later, she discovered he wasn’t breathing and she went to get her step-monster who told her to perform CPR on him but it was too late.  Once again, these geniuses chose not to call the proper authorities or even a funeral home – they went across the street, dug a 2-foot-deep hole and dumped Christian’s little body in it then covered him with lime, dirt and concrete.  Kubina told the other children in the house that Christian had run away, it was a family thing they would work through and it was to go to the grave.  She was overheard asking big Choate if he thought they would get caught.  He looked up from his computer game long enough to ask her what she was talking about and she said, “You know, the thing about Christian.”  Good lord dumb ass how quickly one forgets about having buried his murdered son in a shallow grave across the road!  Call me crazy but that strikes me as something that is not so easily forgotten!

After Christian’s death, big Choate moved his daughter to Kentucky where she was not permitted to go to school or talk on the phone until about three weeks ago.  Big Choate left his current family and moved back to Indiana without his daughter which is why she finally felt safe enough to call her mother and tell her what had happened.  Gee, “mom” how much longer would you have gone without wondering how your son was doing if she hadn’t contacted you?  Once again, she’s a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to share oxygen with the rest of the human race.

Kubina and big Choate have been charged with murder, battery, neglect of a dependent and criminal confinement.  Big Choate has also been charged with removal of a body from a death scene, failure to notify authorities of the discovery of a dead body and failure to report a dead body.  They have been ordered held without bail.  However, big Choate’s lawyer is asking that all charges against his client be dismissed due to lack of specificity.  How’s this for specific scum bag – his child is dead, he admitted to burying him in a shallow grave and for that he deserves to be locked in a cage meant for a Chihuahua, branded daily and receive absolutely no medical care while he dies a slow painful death from the rampant infection coursing through his body; don’t even get me started on the punishment he deserves for actually murdering his child!

RIP little man – you didn’t deserve this.

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