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Lazy Slob Kicks Out A Kid- Keeps The Roaches

(Special thanks to Catalina for the post)

Mother arrested after 5 children are found living in feces-ridden, bug-infested home in Florida:

Yolander Lasane, zero fucks given

Yolander Lasane, zero fucks given

Yolander Lasane (45) of Orlando, Florida, gives zero fucks about anything but herself. It seems that as long as she has a working air conditioner and television in her bedroom, all is right in her world. She won’t even let a little animal feces and cockroaches come between her and feeling cool while watching her stories. I’m in the mind frame of live and let live…except when letting live involves neglecting 5 children.

The house of crap was discovered by police after they were called to check on Lasane’s 17 year-old. A Department of Children and Family worker was concerned about the teenager, who hadn’t been seen at home for weeks. When they entered the home, investigators found 5 kids, aged between 5 and 17, living in disgusting, deplorable conditions.

Luckily, the 17 year-old was found, and said the queen of filth and laziness had thrown her out, so she had been staying with a friend. However, the state in which the home was found is enough to make me gag and send shivers up my spine, because I’m a neat freak and entomophobic (not a fan of creepy crawlies).

According to the article (which, by the way, includes several photos of the cesspool), police found the usual decor adorning these shit shacks- dog feces and urine soaked mattresses where the children slept, rotten food, a broken toilet, and an insane amount of clutter. I bet that place smelled heavenly, especially in the middle of Florida’s hot summers.

Furthermore, the kids looked as if though they hadn’t bathed in a really long time, and no oral hygiene meant they suffered from rotten teeth.

The part that really got my tear ducts active was reading that one of the children begged police to be given to a new family. Damn it. That’s desperation right there.

And what was Lasane’s excuse for refusing to do her basic job as a mother and human being? The nasty slob said her excessive weight caused her to lose mobility and be bed bound. Those kids were left to their own devices, and neighbors said they often saw them wandering the streets, looking for jobs for money. Good grief, that’s not even close to being a normal childhood.

Lasane is being charged on five counts of child neglect causing great bodily harm. Oh, and the good-for-nothing loafer walked out to the patrol car for her arrest. It’s a modern-day miracle!

Meanwhile, the children are staying with relatives, while the state is looking to find them permanent homes. I hope with all my heart that those kids finally get to feel loved and cared for.

Thanks to Sherri for the tip.

Judy Gratton Starves Her Three Kids and Gets 15 Years

judy-gratton.jpgJudy Gratton, 48, of Cortland, NY got15 years behind bars for assault, drug possession, and nearly starving her five-year-old son with Downs Syndrome and his siblings to death.

During a drug bust, they found the boy, Harley Morgan, in a playpen, covered with body lice, and wearing a soiled diaper. He only weighed 15 pounds and was near death. A five-year-old boy should normally weigh around 40 pounds.

Along with cockroaches and bags ofsoiled diapers, police found an 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy who also showed signs of malnutrition.

Social services did receive calls telling them neglect was taking place. Social workers visited several times but were not allowed in. A new law was passed giving social workers easier access into homes where they suspect a child being neglected or abused.

In court, Gratton showed no remorse, blamed her alcoholism, and showed little regard for her own children. The judge believes that she didn’t starve her three kids on purpose, but blasted her for hiding them from social workers.

God, how far do you have to crawl into a bottle to forgot to feed your kids? By the way, Harley is doing better. He’s starting to walk.

(Thanks to Dena for the tip.)