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Methtards charged with burying newborn in bucket of concrete

Matthew and Krystal Scroggs

Matthew and Krystal Scroggs

Cass County parents charged in death of baby found in concrete:

Both parents of baby found in concrete now in custody:

Matthew and Krystal Scroggs of Pleasant Hill, Missouri are methtards of the highest order. The last time Mrs. Scroggs was pregnant she smoked a lot of meth, didn’t get any prenatal care, told no one she was pregnant, then delivered at home. Suffice it to say the baby was born with complications and after about a day died. In keep with their dumbass methtard decisions Mr. Scroggs decided that the best course of action would be to encase the newborn’s body in concrete inside a plastic bucket. The cause of death was basically a meth overdose because of Mrs. Tweaker’s habits.

The birth took place in November but for some reason the police didn’t charge them for three months. Probably waiting for the toxicology results.

Their other children, ages 11, 6, 4 and 3, have been placed in state custody and also tested positive for meth. Both Breeders are looking at life sentences and then some on second-degree murder charges.

Having never been a drug addict at what point does all sensibility and consideration for your children just completely go up in smoke? Not to mention I would never smoke anything that mixes trailer trash and chemistry.

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

Cause of death determined for Rodricus Williams

Autopsy confirms toddler died of head trauma:

I originally posted about Rodricus Williams here and here. He was the two-year-old boy who was reported to have fallen in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina by his Breeder Roger Anthony Williams and his skankbag Grace Nichole Trotman. Instead Rodricus’ body was found behind an abandoned trailer encased in a trash can with 400 pounds of concrete.

Just last week the coroner’s report was released which revealed that Rodricus died from blunt force trauma to the head. The Breeder and his seminal receptacle are claiming that Rodricus died from a health issue. That blunt force trauma must have magically appearede then. Kind of like the immaculate hematoma.

Thanks to MayQPanic for the tip.

DNA confirms ID of boy found in concrete

Coroner: Body found in concrete that of SC child:

I originally posted about Rodricus Williams here. He was the 2-year-old boy from South Carolina who was reported that he had fallen into Charleston Harbor but his body was actually found encased in 400 pounds of concrete.

DNA tests have confirmed that the body was in fact that of Rodricus Williams.

Rodricus’ male Breeder, Roger Anthony Williams, and his girlfriend, Grace Nichole Trotman, have both been arrested in connection with Rodricus’ body being found.

Thanks to Jennifer for the update.

Breeder and girlfriend put boy’s body in concrete, report him missing

Couple charged with homicide by child abuse:

UPDATE: Couple Charged With Homicide By Child Abuse:

On Tuesday Roger Anthony Williams and his girlfriend, Grace Nichole Trotman, reported that Williams’ son, 2-year-old Rodricus Williams, fell in to Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. However that wasn’t exactly true and by not exactly true I mean not true at all.

However during the investigation police were suspicious that the boy was not in the harbor at all and interviews with the suspects led police to a trash can in Orangeburg County. The trash can, which was behind an abandoned trailer, contained a small decomposing body wrapped in trash bags and encased in 400 pounds of concrete. Due to the decomposition police have not yet identified the body but it is believed to be Rodricus Williams.

Allegedly Trotmkan admitted to the FBI that the missing child ploy was used to cover up possibly a beating incident and that Wlliams had beaten the boy before.

The day after Rodricus was reported missing he was supposed to have been returned to his mother.

If Williams is guilty of not only Rodricus’ death and the desecration of his body he should be encased in 400 lbs. of concrete at thrown into Charleston Harbor.

Thanks to Kerry for the tip.