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Mom finishes the job dad started four years ago

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Indiana woman charged with starving son
Courtney Tressler, Indiana Mom, Charged With Starving Disabled 4-Year-Old Son To Death
Ind. mom charged with starving 4-year-old to death

The sorry looking individual you see above is Courtney Tressler. This 25-year old birth vessel from Indiana starved her four year old son to death. But that’s not even the worst of it….her son was already physically and mentally handicapped from a beating given to him by his father when he was 2 months old. Yes, my friends, the beating by the father did not kill the baby, and it took the little witch 4 more years to finish the job. She chose one of the most painful ways to kill him, too. Starvation is a horrible way to die.

Her son, Payton Ettinger, weighed only 12 pounds when he died. When the boy was a year old, he weighed more than 16 pounds. You wouldn’t think that losing a pound a year was all that much of a loss, but you have to remember that this child should have grown more than a foot in height during those same three years. I have a 4 year old son. He weighs almost 40 pounds. He’s not fat, and he’s not particularly tall. He’s an average sized 4 year old. I can’t even imagine what he would look like if he weighed only one third of his current weight – nor do I want to imagine it. I would, however, like to see what Courtney would look like at one third of HER current weight. I hope she finds out what starvation feels like when she gets to the girls dorm at Camp Incarceration. I hope that the only thing the boss of the ward allows her to eat while she’s there is….well, you know what women like….

So, the sperm donor beat this poor child so badly that he’s been confined to a crib since then (for which he’s only serving 5 years, I think), and then the egg donor denies him one of the basic necessities of life. Now he’s dead.

The pathologist found that Payton had no food in his stomach or intestines when he died. His skin was stretched so tightly over his face that you could see the bones underneath. He had no fat on his body, and was suffering from “profound malnutrition”. I hear that’ll happen when you don’t feed your kid for a while – or ever. As shown in the lovely photo provided by law enforcement, SHE doesn’t appear to have missed many meals. Let’s hope that changes real soon.

Cuntney has already trotted out a few excuses for why her son hadn’t been to a doctor. Among those reasons are that she could not afford to take him to the doctor (but she took herself TWO times during the week her son starved to death). She also said she had applied for medicaid for her son TWICE, but the police say that’s a lie too.

Did I mention that this worthless excuse for a human has also remarried? The husband hasn’t been charged with anything yet, but I sincerely hope that changes. If he was living in the same house he should have seen what bad shape the child was in and reported the abuse. Instead, he is defending his coochie, saying that everybody is out to get his wife, and that she has done nothing wrong. Ummmmm……yeeeeeeah …….except starve her son to death. That’s all. Greg Tressler says his wife is completely innocent of all charges, and that she has been ‘traumatized’ by the allegations that she killed her son. Traumatized? TRAUMATIZED?!?! What the devil did she think her son was feeling as he slowly starved to death? Warm fuzzy thoughts? He’s a damn sight more traumatized than that witch will likely ever be. You can’t get more traumatized than DEAD. Greg also claims that this whole thing is just some kind of big misunderstanding. Hey, Greg…..a misunderstanding is when you buy Iceberg lettuce when your wife asked for romaine. Or when you ask for a Bud, but your wife hears spud, and brings you a bag of chips. Letting a four year old child die of starvation is not a misunderstanding – it is murder. I understand completely. The skanky ho was tired of the drain on her time and energy, and decided to get rid of him. I hope as part of her sentence, she has to have her ovaries removed. Without anesthetic.