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Woman accused of beating son to death with part of crib

Mother charged in baby’s death:

25-year-old Lori Beth Workman of Uniontown, Pennsylvania has been charged with criminal homicide in the death of her 3-month-old son Homer.

Back in august the Workman’s called 911 because Homer was being unresponsive. The emergency crew found a pacifier taped to Homer’s mouth. The Workman’s said that was a common practice with Homer.The autopsy revealed that Homer had died from repeated blows to the head.

Just this past Wednesday during police questioning Workman admitted to squeezing the baby and letting his head repeatedly hit the handle of a baby stroller during a walk. She said that she was mad that her husband was not helping with the baby. Then as she was assembling a crib Homer wouldn’t stop crying. That’s when Workman allegedly took a piece of the crib that she was putting together and repeatedly struck Homer in the head. Their older son, Eric Jr., was placed into protective custody after Homer’s death.

Now get this. Workman is now 8 1/2 months pregnant with their 3rd child. If your husband didn’t help with the baby you killed what makes you think this time is going to be different? Now he’ll have no choice as I’m sure mom will be giving birth in prison.

Thanks to Gloria for the tip.

Mom Convicted of Killing Baby by Bouncing Him off A Wall

PlaypenStraight outta Chesapeake, Virginia, it’s the depressing story of Jennifer Lynn Grisetti, a 28-year-old mom who was convicted this week of killing her three-month-old baby, Trey Alexander Grisetti. The mom admitted to throwing her son so hard into his playpen that his head bounced off of the wall.

Her defense lawyers tried to paint it as involuntary manslaughter. Hey, all she wanted to do was shake the little bastard up a bit! You know, make him scared. Show him who’s boss. She didn’t mean to MURDER him, for gosh sakes. And the judge might have bought that…if it hadn’t been for the multiple, healing breaks and fractures the ME’s office found during the autopsy. In other words, Grisetti tossed her sound around like a football – and then had the audacity to act surprised when she finally killed him.

Jennifer Lynn Grisetti will be sentenced in January. By Virginia law, she can be sentenced for up to 40 years; in the worst case, she can skip off with a paltry five years for her crime. Gag. Keep your fingers crossed for high double-digits, folks.

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