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What kind of shit-for-brains gives custody to a sex offender?

Convicted sex offender gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter

Sex-offender dad gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter


The title isn’t a riddle.  It’s an actual question.

Lisa Knight had every reason to keep her 6-year-old daughter from her ex-husband, 55-year-old Nicholas Elizondo.  Elizondo was convicted of raping his 6-year-old step daughter 6 years ago.  In that time, Lisa Knight moved from California to Oklahoma and raised their daughter without any help from the sick fuck.  There’s nothing wrong with a mother protecting her baby girl, right?  Wrong.

After 6 years of being in prison, Elizondo petitioned for sole custody of little Sarah after Knight stopped allowing him visitation.  The reason Knight ceased the visitation; On one trip to California to see her “father”, Sarah claimed that her half brother (19) touched her inappropriately.  Sadly, it was speculated that Knight made up this story to get back at her ex.  Even if she did, I still find her to be a better parent than a man who has proven he is a sick fuck.  Even worse, it seems that Sarah is in danger times two, being as her father and half brother are both sick fucks and she no longer has her mother to protect her.

After minutes of deliberation, the judge decided that Elizondo seemed more suitable as a parent.  …the fuck?  Knight’s parenting came into question  when she didn’t have all of Sarah’s medical info handy.  Sarah was born with a cleft pallet and had several specialists.  I suppose her mother was supposed to have had all of that info committed to memory.  I can’t remember the name and number of my ONE child’s doctor most days.
Here’s to hoping the piece of shit judge comes to his senses and / or Elizondo accidentally falls into a wood chipper.

Thanks go to Dodia Fae from PACA for sharing this tip with us.

Ex-Deputy on Trial for Kidnapping Daughters, Keeping Them Out of School

Old German Baptist BrethrenHave you ever heard of the Old German Baptist Brethren? (Not to be confused with the German Baptist Brethren, and certainly not to be mixed up with those bastards the Old Order German Baptist Brethren.) They’re an Anabaptist group, theologically similar in some ways to the Mennonite and the Amish. I’d never heard of the conservative religious group until I stumbled across this story about 34-year-old Michael Hari of Illinois, who’s standing trial for kidnapping his daughters, Mollie, 15, and Allene, 13.

How does this relate to the Old German Baptist Brethrens? According to the article, Hari is a member of the church, which according to the writeup prohibits educating girls after the eight grade. I couldn’t actually confirm this in any statement of belief about the OGBB, so I’m taking that one with a grain of salt. The best I could gather is that the OGBB don’t support “higher” education. But it seems that even that opposition has eroded in recent years.

Whatever the reason, something inside Hari compelled him to skip the country with his daughters in tow, landing him and the girls to a Mennonite colony in Belize. Hari’s attorney denies that his client fled to Belize. But he seems incapable of explaining why Hari told his ex-wife, Michelle Frakes, that he’d be drop the girls off in “a couple of hours” – and then thoroughly disappeared for 10 months. Hari’s attorney also doesn’t explain how a private investigator tracked the wayward dad to Belize, and why it took no less than Dr. Phil McGraw to talk the guy into returning voluntarily to the states. (You can find the full account of The Dr. Phil Show’s involvement on

This is one of those cases that make me glad I never became a defense attorney. There just can’t be that much job satisfaction in manufacturing excuses for people like Michael Hari. If I wanted to tell lies for a living, I’d get a more socially respectable job – like, say, being a TV news anchor, or a presidential press secretary.

The Rachel Marran Case: Daughter Abducted by Mom, Finally Reunited with Dad

I hate blogging about child custody issues. Most of them are muddled messes of "he said/she said", with no clear-cut hero or villain. (Gee, sounds a lot like…life.) And in cases where there’s clear-cut good and evil, it’s often the father who ends up being the dickweed. As a dad, there’s only so many such cases I can cover before I become disillusioned with my gender.

By all appearances, however, the Rachel Marran case is different. Marran was four when courts awarded joint custody of her to her father, Michael, and her mother, Claudia Librett. Librett had accused her former partner (the two never married) of molesting their daughter, a claim which the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania DA – along with local detective, state child welfare advocates, and local, state and federal courts – say was fabricated by The Ex-Girlfriend from Hell. (And the woman still got joint custody? Um…) Frustrated by her inability to pop a judicial cap in dad’s ass, millionaire mom Librett went into hiding with the girl in Canada, preventing Marran from seeing his daughter even once over the past three years.

Recently, however, the noose tightened on Librett’s vindictive bitch self. With authorities closing in on her, mom turned herself in. Now, Michael Marran has what it sounds like he deserved all along: custody of Rachel. The Montgomery County courts expedited the custody ruling for Marran, shortening a seven-day waiting period by four days and delivering a ruling in what Marran’s attorney calls "unprecedented" time. Rachel will return to school next week, after she’s had some time to adjust to life with the father she hasn’t seen in 36 months – and after authorities have time to prepare security, to prevent Rachel from being abducted by Librett’s "supporters". (Egads.)

I was going to run a photo of Claudia Librett with this story, but it seems much more fitting to run this touching pic of Michael Marran and Rachel, which is obviously old. I have no doubt Marran is busy capturing more happy memories now that he and Rachel are reunited.

As for mom? She’s awaiting extradition in Canada. Hopefully she didn’t squander all of her funds on the luxury condo she rented in Niagara Falls, and has some couch change left over for a wicked good defense lawyer. If you couldn’t prove abuse allegations a few months after they allegedly happened, there’s no hope in hell of anyone buying your bullshit three years later.

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