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Nasty bitch ties up, beats and starves her 4 year old

Police: 4-Year-Old Girl Starved, Beaten, Tied to Bed

Laketha Moore, 36

Yeah I beat my child, whatcha gonna do about it?

This smirking slut up there is Laketha Moore (36) of North Las Vegas is nasty and foul. She regularly tied up and starved her 4 year old daughter, as well as beating her with a belt.

The abuse was discovered during a routine maintenance check on the birth vessel’s flat, at Loma Vista Apartments. A maintenance worker found a belt connecting the bedroom and bathroom doors. This was obviously not part of the design of the apartment, so the worker decided to investigate further. When they opened the bedroom door, they discovered the 4 year old girl tied to a bed, surrounded by filth. She was starving.

According to police reports, the birth vessel had been leaving her daughter tied to a bed in her bedroom, 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. She’d also been beaten with a belt until she fell unconscious. The little girl complained that she was hungry because “Mommy ties me up all the time”. How heartbreaking :( Apart from starvation, her injuries included a black eye, cuts on her nose, a bruised ribcage, back, ankles and matted hair. The birth vessel placed a bin next to the bed so that the little girl could go to the toilet. Hang on, isn’t she tied up? How would she be able to use the bucket if she were tied up?

The birth vessel’s excuses for this abhorrent treatment was that the little girl often ransacked their apartment, and that the little girl wouldn’t eat any food. I’m pretty sure that for a kid to eat food, you actually have to GIVE them some! Not surprisingly, the fridge was full of a wide variety of foods, so the birth vessel wasn’t starving. As for ransacking the apartment, that’s what kids do. You can punish them and tell them not to, but somehow there’s always toys everywhere. If you don’t want to clean up every two seconds, don’t have kids. Works for me!

The bitchy birth vessel has been charged with 31 counts of child abuse, each count standing for each day she left her child tied up and home alone. Counsellors say that the little girl will have difficulty erasing the memories of the abuse inflicted on her by her birthing unit. The little girl has been placed in child protective custody until she can be placed with a relative or a foster family. Please, let her relatives abhor this whore’s actions and step up to the plate.

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To readers in the Las Vegas area, there is a march being held on April 22 – Million March Against Child Abuse. More information and Facebook page here. https://www.facebook.com/MMACAlasvegasnv





McKinley and Cindy Warren, Abuse 3-Year-Old Son and Finally Charged for Killing Daughter in 2000

mckinley-warren.jpgMcKinley Warren, 41, and Cindy Warren, 28 of East Stroudsburg, Penn. were recently arrested for the physical abuse of their 3-year-old son, Isaiah Warren. But now they’ve been charged with the murder of their two-year-old daughter, Jessica, back in December 2000. (Cindy, the girl’s stepmother, will be charged as an accomplice.)

First Jessica – The Warrens claim the girl fell out of their parked vehicle and hit her head. After Jessica’s death, police hit a roadblock while investigating a felony case since no cindy-warren.jpgwitnesses came forward. Even though doctors found numerous cuts and bruises in varying stages of healing on Jessica’s body, they didn’t have enough evidence to make a murder charge stick. The break in the case came when police arrested McKinley for abusing his son. Not only were the bruises on Isaiah’s body similar to Jessica’s, but McKinley confessed during a taped police interview.

Jessica was the product of a short-term affair between Warren and her mother, Veronica Bock, who exposed her to crack in utero. Warren claimed that the crack-exposed toddler was unsteady on her feet and fell all the time.

Then Isaiah – The child had a handprint-shaped bruise on the side of his head, bruises on his torso, and horizontal cuts on his legs and feet, probably from a belt. Isaiah’s pelvic bone was bruised, probably because daddy or mommy dearest pushed him into a wall or a piece of furniture.

Isaiah’s worse injury was a large red abrasion stretching fom the right side of his neck to below his right ear probably caused by someone holding the boy suspended from his shirt collar or a possibly a cord or piece of rope. There’s also evidence that he had been starved and dehydrated.

Isaiah, his two older brothers and younger sister at home. After Jessica’s death, the children went to live with their aunt and uncle, Lisa and Steve Warren. A custody struggle ensued almost immediately, and Lisa and Steve moved to Indiana to avoid family strife. McKinley and Cindy were awarded custody again last year.

I understand why the police couldn’t arrest these two back after Jessica’s murder. But why did child protective services return Jessica’s siblings to these monsters? How many kids do you have to beat up and kill to get your kids permanently taken away from you?

Santa Magdalena Campos Charged with Murder of Grandson in San Antonio, Tex.

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santa-magdalena-campos.jpgSanta Magdalena Campos confessed to San Antonio police that she was upset when her four-year-old grandson Jeremiah soiled his underpants. So she took him to a bathroom, punched him in the back and the buttocks, and pushed him, causing his head to strike the edge of a door.

Wouldn’t soaking the underwear in the sink and giving the boy a shower been less work? Good God.

On Friday, Campos’ husband called 911 when he returned from work and found Jeremiah unresponsive. Police arrived and noticed several bruises on the boy’s head and chest. Campos told police that the boy “bruises easily.”

Doctors said the boy suffered cardiac arrest and had bruises on his feet, legs, knees, arms, head and back, and a cut on his neck. Many of Jeremiah’s injuries appeared old and consistent with severe child abuse.

The family was investigated by Child Protective Services previously after Jeremiah was seen by doctors for a fractured elbow, his second since August. Doctors felt that the injuries were consistent with normal childhood accidents, so nothing was done. Now that he’s dead, CPS speculates that Jeremiah was a victim of an abuse pattern called “scapegoating” in which one child is singled out by a caregiver for abuse.

Campos is being held in Bexar County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bond. The 44-year-old grandmother was the legal guardian of Jeremiah and his five siblings after their mother was incarcerated. The siblings will likely be sent a local child abuse and neglect assessment center. They have not been told about Jeremiah’s death yet.

Doctors saw this child twice for injuries. CPS investigated but drew no conclusions. Neighbors say they often saw the children playing in their grandparent’s front yard. And yet no one, including grandpa, noticed old injuries like cuts and multiple bruises? What a goddamn tragedy.