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Rock a bye baby


Baby found in house with rock

March 30Th, Rock Hill S.C. police responded to a tip of possible drug use. It turned out to be a little more then that.

David Manny Henson Jr., 38, and Bobbie Jo Wulf Henson, 42, were caught cooking up some meth in their home. I admit I was relieved since their names have a serial killer ring to them.

South Carolina’s laws must be be very lenient because this is the SECOND time these two idiots have been caught with a meth lab in the last YEAR. Last April, Bobbie Jo was pregnant when she was and her husband were caught with a meth lab in their bedroom They also had 11 ounces of meth, 12 ounces of marijuana and meth lab equipment.

Less then one year later these dipshits would be caught again ( while out on bond ) however this time they would have their 7 month old daughter inhaling the caustic fumes with them. The house they used as their ‘lab’ was a fairly nice one. Not the condemned pieces of shit a person would normally associate with crack heads and meth-turds.

The police removed the baby and transported her to the hospital for an evaluation. The house was so heavy with fumes from the lab that a Hazardous Material team had to secure the area before the investigation could continue. Did I mention a little baby was living in this? Did I also mention this is the second time they have done something like this??

It is alleged that the piece of shit father/husband David comes from a family with money and they were released on bond for that reason. I hope not. This isn’t a traffic offense, this is two failures of parents messing up their baby even before it’s even born.

Prayers go out that the little girl did not suffer any long term problems from this.

Thanks Jess for the tip!

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.** 

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