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Queensland twins “intentionally” malnourished to death by breeders

Queensland couple ‘intended to kill toddlers’

Brisbane parents plead not guilty to murder after court told twin babies starved to death

A Brisbane couple stand accused of underfeeding their twin toddlers, keeping them in a dingy back room and not letting anyone see them until their 11 year old sister found their emaciated remains.

The bad breeders pleaded not guilty to murder in Brisbane’s Supreme Court on Wednesday. They pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but the Crown prosecutor refused to accept it.

The court was told that the 18 month old twins’ bodies were found by their 11 year old sister, together in the same cot, in a dingy bedroom of the family’s home in 2008. What a horrible thing for these murderous maggots to put their children through! Starving to death and being unable to get food, and then the poor girl finding the gruesome remains of her brother and sister – knowing full well that her so-called “parents” killed them. When the babies were found, they were so emaciated that they weighed as much a 3 or 4-month old baby when they were 18 months old!

The court heard that the direct cause of the twins’ death was malnutrition as a result of being underfed for a period of more than a month. They had been fed nothing but baby formula for a number of months, and then feedings became more and more sporadic until they died. There was suggestion that the toddlers had been fed but just not enough, meaning that the formula could have been watered down or that feedings were spaced too far apart.

The jury heard evidence that suggested the family were happy right up until they moved to a rental property in Sunnybank Hills in 2007. ┬áThe breeders became withdrawn from extended family and friends in early 2008, which was the last time anyone saw the twins alive. There was an apparent breakdown in the de-facto couple’s relationship, with the female breeder spending long hours in front of the computer and the male breeder hanging out in bars. The female was heard to have said that she wished she’d given the twins away multiple times. The couple had three other children apart from the twins and their 11 year old sister.

The prosecutor added that the female had failed to provide her babies with sufficient nutrition and the male had refused to do anything about it. The maliciousness of their actions was further amplified by the fact that they pleaded for manslaughter rather than murder, implying that they didn’t think their actions were wrong.

The trial is expected to run for 3 weeks, with the jury expected to hear from up to 103 witnesses, including the couple’s other children, extended family, neighbours and others who were in contact with the family. None of the extended family had bothered to call DOCS, even though they knew things weren’t right in that household. They should be rotting in a jail cell with the murderous breeders.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!! How do you just shut that bit out of your brain, the one that tells you “It’s wrong to not feed your babies just because your relationship isn’t great”? How did they not hear the babies’ screams of hunger? The bitch prevented other family members from going into that bedroom. Imagine the other kids hearing their baby siblings crying for food and the breeders telling them to ignore them. This is so so so sad, I’m just speechless and heartbroken for those twins and their siblings.

RIP little ones, together in life and together in heaven.

School principal starved her disabled daughter to death

Former principal Angela Puhle admits starving daughter to death

Mother admits killing starving daughter

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Occasionally at BB, we find stories of adult children being abused or harmed by their breeders. This opens our eyes to the fact that not all victims are little. Some are fully grown and still at the mercy of their breeders, especially if they have special needs.

Kyla Puhle (27) was just 12 kg (26lbs) when she died at the hands of her birth vessel Angela Puhle (56), who allegedly starved her to death between October 2010 and March 2011 at their North Brighton SA home. Her sperm donor Harry Puhle was a pathetic coward both in life and death. Not only did he fail to act when the nasty hag decided to neglect their disabled daughter, but he then took the coward’s way out and committed suicide shortly after his arrest in 2011.

Kyla was bedridden and suffered from a range of problems including quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis of the spine. She was also intellectually disabled. She depended on her breeders to care for her, feed her, clean her, help her go to the toilet, keep her company. It’s always horrible when a child is abused by their so-called parents, but when that child is even more dependent on their parents for basic care, and the parents decide instead to neglect and abuse them, that’s just even lower. Kyla’s official cause of death was dehydration and a lung infection, brought on by neglect and starvation.

Angela Puhle was a former school principal at a primary school. Harry Puhle was a teacher. These monsters wouldn’t even care for their own child. How were they expected to be in charge of other peoples’ children?? The Puhles’ neighbours didn’t even know that Kyla was living with them because they never saw her being taken out of the house. Ever. What a lonely and horrible existence Kyla must have had. Looking at the same four walls while her breeders took their abled-bodies to work. Wanting to be fed but no food ever came, and she was unable to get herself to the food. Her bitch breeder will pay for Kyla’s slow and torturous death.

Angela Puhle was ordered to stand trial last November. She and Harry were originally being charged with murder because they reportedly made the conscious decision to withdraw care from Kyla. Since Harry offed himself, Angela took a plea bargain. Murder has been dropped and she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. She has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in July. She left the court amid a flurry of supporters. Who in their right mind would support a she-beast who killed her own child?

Rest in Peace Kyla. Your body and mind are free.

Breeder starves baby, dodges death penalty

Army wife won’t face death for killing baby while husband deployed to Iraq

When I read this headline, all I could think was “Why the fuck NOT?”

Missouri gestator Kristin M. Phillips, 35, allegedly starved her 11-month-old daughter, Alexis to death in 2008. Before killing the baby, she also inflicted bruises on the baby’s head and neck, and allowed her to sit in a filthy diaper so long that she developed a rash doctors first mistook for burns. When police went to her home in response to two inarticulate 911 calls, they found one baby dead, another baby caked with feces, two other older children, and Phillips — whacked out of her skull on drugs and alcohol. All this while her husband was serving in Iraq. The also found pill bottles and empty liquor bottles in the house which was covered in the usual shit and piss we see in these cases.

Of course, there’s evidence of severe mental illness – unspecified in court documents. Still, how did this bitch, this wretched excuse for a human being whose only resemblance to a true mother is that she has a uterus from which she has spawned multiple offspring, how did this evil whore escape getting charged with the death penalty? Especially since the grand jury recommended it for her and her own child said he heard her making noise in her bedroom the day Alexis died and he assumed his mother had killed the baby. AND since she’s known to have killed a baby before, in 1998. That time, she got 90 days in the pokey, two years probation and 90 hours of community service for not notifying authorities of a death. Her dead baby was discovered hidden in a shoebox with air freshener to conceal the smell.

The only answer I can come up with is another gutless wonder of a prosecutor who amended the charges against Phillips to second-degree child welfare endangerment. In exchange, the whore pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and got just 8 years in prison followed by three years of probation after she gets out.

There’s nothing in the article about the father or what happened to the surviving children, and I couldn’t find anything else on this bitch. My only hope now is that there will be 8 years during which time she may get the prison justice she deserves since the “justice system” can’t seem to figure out a fitting punishment for a piece of shit who murders not one but two babies.

If she were anyone other than the “mother” of these babies, she would be facing death right now. When will our court systems stop giving a free pass to women who murder their infants?

LaRhonda McCall is Now a Murderer

Article 1
Article 2

A new picture of our animal, because of the new developments. Plus, I like variety. I originally posted about this woman here.

It seems that our poster child for cruelty has been even busier than we originally thought. Oklahoma City police uncovered the past record of McCall, although back then she went by the name LaRhonda Pressley. She was arrested in New York in 1995 for the starvation death of her two year old daughter. In 1996 she pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter and was rewarded with a sentence of jail and probation. The reason I say ‘rewarded’ is because it was obviously not a long enough jail term to keep her away from her other kids.

If you do the math….she was convicted in 1996. She was released no later than 2005, because that’s when she moved to Oklahoma and began her new reign of terror, using her then 10-year old son as the target. That means that the maximum she actually served in jail was 9 years. She kills a baby, and only gets nine years. Or less. Then she proceeds to abuse another child. I hope this time they lock her away forever.

The DP would be even better.

I can’t type any more right now….read the linked articles for the details. You’ll have to excuse me while I go puke.

Thanks again go out to hot tippers April and Jenny.

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