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SA sperm flinger goes to jail after neglecting his diabetic daughter to death

SA dad jailed over fatal neglect

Parents deny killing teenage daughter

Richard Edward (50), a South Australian sperm slinger, has been jailed for allowing his 14 year old diabetic daughter Dawn to die. Her incubator Debra Marlene Edward (54) has avoided jail.

It is alleged that Dawn weighed only 28 kg when she died in August 2009. On top of having Type 1 diabetes, she was apparently physically disabled, which would explain why she could not get to food or a doctor on her own. Her cause of death was hyperglycemia and dehydration.

According to the judge presiding over the case, Dawn was very ill in the week before she died. Yet her breeders did nothing to help her.

Not that this has anything to do with the case, but the breeders were intellectually disabled, as well as their five children including Dawn. The sperm slinger was controlling and domineering, while the incubator was apathetic, choosing to spend time in her room watching TV.  He made all the decisions, while the incubator regretted not standing up to her husband enough. Umm, how hard can it be to stand up to someone with a maximum IQ of 70?

The sperm slinger Richard was charged with mere manslaughter and was sentenced to a pitiful 4 years and six months, with a non parole period of 3 years and 7 months. The useless incubator Debra was placed on a 3 year good behaviour bond, after suspending a 3 year jail period.

These people should never have been allowed to breed. There must have been signs that they could not live independently or look after one child, let alone 5. Not to mention that whatever disability they had, it was obviously genetic for all five of their kids to be disabled too.

RIP Dawn.

School principal starved her disabled daughter to death

Former principal Angela Puhle admits starving daughter to death

Mother admits killing starving daughter

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Occasionally at BB, we find stories of adult children being abused or harmed by their breeders. This opens our eyes to the fact that not all victims are little. Some are fully grown and still at the mercy of their breeders, especially if they have special needs.

Kyla Puhle (27) was just 12 kg (26lbs) when she died at the hands of her birth vessel Angela Puhle (56), who allegedly starved her to death between October 2010 and March 2011 at their North Brighton SA home. Her sperm donor Harry Puhle was a pathetic coward both in life and death. Not only did he fail to act when the nasty hag decided to neglect their disabled daughter, but he then took the coward’s way out and committed suicide shortly after his arrest in 2011.

Kyla was bedridden and suffered from a range of problems including quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis of the spine. She was also intellectually disabled. She depended on her breeders to care for her, feed her, clean her, help her go to the toilet, keep her company. It’s always horrible when a child is abused by their so-called parents, but when that child is even more dependent on their parents for basic care, and the parents decide instead to neglect and abuse them, that’s just even lower. Kyla’s official cause of death was dehydration and a lung infection, brought on by neglect and starvation.

Angela Puhle was a former school principal at a primary school. Harry Puhle was a teacher. These monsters wouldn’t even care for their own child. How were they expected to be in charge of other peoples’ children?? The Puhles’ neighbours didn’t even know that Kyla was living with them because they never saw her being taken out of the house. Ever. What a lonely and horrible existence Kyla must have had. Looking at the same four walls while her breeders took their abled-bodies to work. Wanting to be fed but no food ever came, and she was unable to get herself to the food. Her bitch breeder will pay for Kyla’s slow and torturous death.

Angela Puhle was ordered to stand trial last November. She and Harry were originally being charged with murder because they reportedly made the conscious decision to withdraw care from Kyla. Since Harry offed himself, Angela took a plea bargain. Murder has been dropped and she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. She has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in July. She left the court amid a flurry of supporters. Who in their right mind would support a she-beast who killed her own child?

Rest in Peace Kyla. Your body and mind are free.

9-year old girl run to death for lying about eating candy bars

9-Year-Old Savannah Hardin Dead; Forced to Run for 3 Hours
Savannah Hardin forced to run for 3 hours, dies; Jessica Mae Hardin and Joyce Hardin Garrard charged

RIP Savannah


Savannah Hardin was probably just like other girls (or boys) her age and liked candy bars. I have my very own 9-year old girl at home, so I know firsthand her love for sweets. I also know that if she sneaks too much or has 4 cookies instead of 3 and I catch her, she’ll lie about it. Not because she’s a bad kid, she’s a great kid. But kids lie, sometimes about the stupidest things ever.  Well Savannah doesn’t sound too different than my 9-year old and she lied to her grandmother about eating a candy bar and the punishment she got was death.

Savannah’s grandmother, 46-year-old Joyce Hardin Garrard, forced her to run for 3 hours after she found out that she had lied about eating a candy bar. Also involved was Savannah’s step-monster,  Jessica Mae Hardin, who was a part of the cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, after running for 3 straight hours nonstop, Savannah finally collapsed. She had a seizure and a few days later died in a Birmingham, AL hospital.  The coroners office says that she was severely dehydrated and had very low levels of sodium.   The pathologist declared her death a homicide and her grand-breeder and step-monster were arrested and charged with her death.  They may upgrade the charges to capitol murder, which could carry a death sentence. We should all be so lucky, right?

In an interesting twist, 27-year old Jessica Mae gave birth to a child the same day she was arrested for Savannah’s death. Her 3-year old son has been placed in the care of a family member and that family member will also likely take the new baby once he/she is discharged from the hospital.

Savannah’s father filed for divorce from Jessica Mae over the summer.  It looks like the grandmother and stepmother cared for her because her dad, Robert Hardin, is a  contractor with the U.S. State Department and was working overseas.  He took a total of 8 flights to get home just hours before Jessica died.  He had to make the decision to pull the plug on Savannah’s life support.

No word on bio-mom.

RIP sweet blonde-haired Savannah. I’m sorry you were killed for being a kid. I hope and pray that the justice system doesn’t fail you and the 2 c***s responsible for your death pay and pay hard.

Thanks to all 17 tipsters who sent articles in.

Death by Dehydration and Depravity Parents Charged in 10-Year-Old's Dehydration Death

Michael James and Tina Alberson

10-year-old victim’s twin wanted to help

Jonathan James (10) died after parents denied him water after wetting bed

10-yer-old punished for bed wetting died of dehydration

Boy (10) died parents refused let him drink water for 5 days as punishment

Boy who died of dehydration was punished for wetting bed


**Thanks to all the readers who sent in the tip.**

The lovely mother fucking sons of a bitch pictured above are responsible for killing a ten-year-old-boy by denying him water for five days while forcing him to stand in a window in direct sunlight, in the summer, during a heat wave, with no air conditioning! For FIVE FUCKING DAYS! These twisted assholes drew an x on the floor where the poor angel had to stand as punishment for whatever the hell they thought he did.

One source claims he wet his pants, another claims he broke guitar strings. Who the hell cares? This was a tiny boy. Ten is small. Hell, I am 50 and I could not withstand this. He was also a cub scout. And, he was a TWIN. His own twin brother witnessed this torture and was too afraid to speak out lest he be punished in the same manner.  My sisters are twins. Believe me; twins will do anything to help each; so this must have been an unbelievably horrific household to begin with in order to prevent a twin from coming to his brother’s defense.

And, on the last day of his tortured life, they fed that poor, thirsty baby boy peanut butter and would not give him water to help him swallow it.  His twin watched the whole thing.  Personally, I will never be able to eat peanut butter again, even though I used to love it.  And, I will never stand in front of a window with the sun flooding in without thinking of this sweet, brave little man who spent the last five days of his life in a Hell he had nothing to do with creating.

My prayers go out to Jonathan in Heaven and to his twin brother, Joseph, on Earth. May you stay together in spirit.  Jonathan, we are all so sorry for what you went through. Not one of us reading this would have turned a blind eye if only we had known.  From Heaven above, where I know you are, please help Joseph overcome the tragedy he witnessed.  He loved you so much. He was just too afraid to stop the madness. To everyone; for the love of God and all that is holy; please raise your hand and your voice to help these innocent babies. They don’t have anyone else!!

As for the parental pigs responsible for this; I am afraid to say what I would like to do given two minutes alone with either or both.

The handsome Mr. Micheal James and his not-so-lovely wife Tina Alberson have both been charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.


**Thanks to Robin for the write-up.**

R.I.P Jonathan

"I didn't shook him hard."

Kent parents charged with assaulting and starving new born

How many of you remember your babies at 5-weeks old?  I do, in fact I almost daily glance at my babies, now 3 and 6-years-old and long for the days when I could just hold them while they slept and look at them and know…if I have never done or do anything right in this world…I did this right!  Sadly that is not the case for our next set of breeders.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Christopher C. Robinson (20) and Tarea L. Demry (19) and they are the not-so-happy parents of a 5-week-old baby boy, who nearly died due to their care or lack thereof.  Both were booked on July 29th, Robinson charged with second-degree criminal mistreatment and Demry charged with first-degree assault and second-degree criminal mistreatment, after Demry brought their unresponsive son to the hospital and police were contacted by a social worker.

According to charging paperwork, on July 16th a social worker from Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital contacted Kent Police regarding suspected child abuse.  The baby, just 5-weeks-old, had been brought into the hospital in critical condition, unresponsive and seriously malnourished.  Good Gawd!

The baby weighed at 5-weeks less than his birth weight and a CT scan revealed new and old subdural hemorrhaging in a pattern suggestive of abuse.  The hospital staff reported the baby was so thin they couldn’t even “pinch a bit of fat on the boy’s bottom” and he was “very close to dying.” The lil’ guy will have permanent brain damage; the severity is unknown at this time.

When questioned the parents provided some insight into how their sweet angel came to be in his current condition.  Demry would tell them, “some days I accidentally dropped him,”…um what?  Mommy dearest also added that “I never shook him. I did one time. I didn’t shook him hard.” Well which is it… did you or didn’t you shook him?  Dumbass!  Hold on it get’s better… well not really but if you aren’t already steaming let me help the process along.  Demry also admitted she did NOT feed her son for TWO days, because she ran out of formula and couldn’t find her state benefit card, so she just gave him water.  Holy Shit… you have breasts you idiot… use them! Only water for two days… I will tell you when I had my son and first child, when we went home I only fed him what the nurses at the hospital had me feeding him, I never increased the amount because I didn’t know.  My son screamed and screamed, I was so upset I gave him more formula but just a little bit because I was scared to over feed him.  He still screamed, I was so scared I took him to the hospital, a nurse there sat me down, as I bawled my eyes out, gently placed her hands on mine and asked me how much and when I was feeding him, I told her explaining that I knew I had over fed him and I was sure I had caused him to be sick or something.  She then said “Do you have a bottle with you?” of course I did and I gave it to her.  She fed him as I bawled and she told me “honey he was hungry,when he’s hungry feed him.”  I was distraught over the thought that I had starved my son for two days.  I was humiliated.  Basically what I am getting at is this baby had to have been screaming, with nothing but water for two freakin days!

Now on to daddy… well he admits he’d see his son about three days a week for a few hours a day and noticed several times that the baby’s eyes would roll back in his head and his mouth would hang wide open.  He was concerned and questioned mom and she said the nurse told her was normal, so he did nothing.  It doesn’t end there, he told police he noticed one day the baby did not eat or cry and had dried lips and seemed dehydrated.  Did he take his son immediately to the hospital? No!  Why you ask…we “life’s hard” that’s why!  Brilliant!  Yeah dad life is hard especially when you are 5-week-old baby and completely dependant on not one but two twits that don’t have one functioning brain cell between them.

Good news, the baby’s condition stabilized and he was taken into the custody of child protective services.





2-year-old beats death twice….

Neglect case built against mother of 18 lb 2-year old

As I begin this post, I think about my two children, both of them are healthy, happy, loving children.  Both of their parents work hard to make sure they are given the best possible life we are able to provide.  I sacrifice time with them to be at work, their daddy goes to work at night and sacrifices time with his entire family to ensure we have a warm home and food on the table everyday.  We may not be rich, we may not have all the bells and whistles some families have, but we love them, they know it and I make sure that even after discipline that they understand that I love them ALWAYS.  I have never let them go to sleep thinking I am angry with them.  They are my everything, the reason I live and breath.. I am thankful for their love every single day. 

After saying all of the above I bring you the following story of an 18 lb. Two-year-old, Evansville, IN police are calling “Toddler Jane or KW.”  You see Jane has been near death not once, but twice in her short life.  Can any of you say you beat death twice?  I certainly can’t, but this little girl can, she is nothing short of amazing in my eyes. 

Jane’s story starts in October of 2010 when she suffered a head injury at the hands of her father that was so severe she required a feeding tube.  It’s awful, I know, she was in the hospital from October to January 13th.  The monster was arrested and released on bond but ordered to have no contact with her.  She survived, thankfully and went home with her mother, Keresa Wilford (21), but her life with mom was not be a happy life either.

Jane was again taken to the hospital on February 14th; her condition at the time was described as “morbid and unresponsive.”  One of the nurses actually believed she was deceased when she arrived at the hospital.  How sad, she is released to mom in January and a month later she’s back in the hospital, I guess mom was trying to finish the job dad started.

The Evansville PD are reporting that Jane weighed 18lbs when she arrived at the hospital and that the doctors said she likely would have died within 6 to 12 hours, had she not been taken in for treatment.  Jane was suffering from “severe dehydration and malnourishment.”   Her birth vessel (I refuse to call her a mother) admitted to NOT feeding her two and half year old angel for two days.  Two Days?  This stupid skank bitch did not feed her baby girl for two days (at least).  I wonder if the stupid cow skipped any fucking meals in those two days.  I hate this bitch!

Police believe as well the Keresa allowed Jane’s father access to her against the court order. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

I’m a stupid bitch has been charged with neglect of a dependant resulting in serious injury and ordered no contact with Jane.  Her bond has been set at $50,000, I say starve the fucking asshole to death myself but hey, I’m angry!

As of February 16th, yes just two days after going to hospital, Jane had gained 5 lbs.  Boy, peeps it sure is amazing what a little nourishment can do for a baby.  Gawd Damn!

Ok so, I have to say that this story is heartbreaking on so many levels, did this little girl ever know love, true real love, you guys know the kind I’m talking about, you know the kind of love we all share with our children.  How can they do this to her, she’s a baby, she didn’t ask to be born or for the parents she was given.  I know that all of us will love her unconditionally.  I hope, hope, hope she makes it through this and grows up strong and healthy, to one day face these two, fuckers and say “ha… I beat both of you!”

Sleep Your Troubles Away At Camp KOA

Infant found in hot car with passed-out Parents in Indian River County, hospitalized

Deputies: Parents Slept In Hot Car With Baby Inside 

Here we have another story out of the great state of Florida.  24-year-old Nicholas Roberts and his main squeeze, 20-year-old Justina Sullivan put the DUH in Flori-duh.

Sunday morning someone called 911 to report Justina, who appeared to be falling asleep, driving down a county road.  When deputies located the black Impala at a KOA campground, most of the windows were rolled up and the Dumbass Duo was passed out inside the car.  Sullivan, who was still in the driver’s seat,  had to be shaken awake and kept falling asleep while officers were talking to her  – I guess she was a little high, eh?  They were not alone in the car…..  Nope.  That’s not how they ended up featured on BB.  The couple’s 1-month-old baby was in the car.

 Apparently the couple was living in the car, as they were evicted from their home on Saturday.  Not only were they living in the car, but they were partying in it also.  Besides the severely dehydrated infant, police recovered 75 oxycodone pills and a marijuana pipe.

 Roberts and Sullivan were both arrested and charged with child abuse and possession of a controlled substance.  The child was hospitalized for dehydration.  I can’t find any info on where the child will end up upon release from the hospital.  Let’s hope somewhere FAR away from these two – but we know the story.  A stable home, parenting classes, Narcotics Anonymous… Blah, blah, blah.  This is just another fine example of why stupid people shouldn’t breed.

I wonder if that scar on homeboy’s head is where his brain was removed.  Hmmmmmmm.

 Thanks go to me for bring you this “happy” story that doesn’t involve a raped or murdered child.  Thanks also go to your friendly angelic being for asking me if I can post a story without cussing.  Look Angel!!  I did it!  Where the fuck is my sucker???

Breeders sentenced for tying teen to tree

NC Couple Sentenced For Boy’s Tree-Tying Death:

Do you remember the death of 13-year-old Tyler McMillan? He was the boy from Nortrh Carolina who father and stepmother tied him to a tree and left him overnight to discipline him. This was after a switch beating as well. Tyler ended up dying from dehydration.

The pair of Breeders have been sentenced in what I think isn’t nearly enough. Both Breeders entered into an Alford plea which means they don’t admit guilt but admit that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict them.

Sandra McMillan was sentenced to 13 to 16 years in prison while Brice McMillan was sentenced 10 to 13 years in prison.

Yet Tyler was given a death sentence for committing no crime.

Va. couple charged with murder in death of 11-month-old daughter

Murder charges for baby’s parents:

Breeders Linwood Jones Jr. and Shawntay D. Jones, both 25, of Suffolk, Va. were arrested Monday and charged with murder in the December death of their 11-month-old daughter Zanya Jones.

On December 1st paramedics were called to the house to find Zanya laying on the floor. Her body was already cold and rigor mortis had already started to set it.

The Breeders were charged with murder after the autopsy revealed that Zanya died from malnutrition and dehydration.

As usual in these cases the home had little heat, trash all around, no running water and feces in the bathroom.

Makes me wonder if they had a flat screen TV and an Xbox though? Not only that but it doesn’t cost money to pick up the damn trash in your house. And if they were really that bad off there are plenty of government programs that would let you feed your own damn kids.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Teen tied to tree died from dehydration

Brutally Tortured Teen Tied to Tree Dies From Dehydration:

A 13-year-old boy who was lashed to tree overnight in June likely died from dehydration a coroner’s report has stated.

Tyler McMillan of North Carolina was tied to the tree overnight by the man who dared to call himself Tyler’s father, Brice McMillan, as a form of punishment because he was being ‘disobedient’.

The report also states that Tyler’s body was covered with insect bites and had marks on his body that were basically switch marks, as in ‘go out to the woods boy and cut me a switch.’

The next morning Tyler was found unresponsive and when Brice McMillan and his wife Sandra called 911 they repeatedly ignored the dispatcher’s questions about what Tyler was doing before he stopped breathing. Tyler’s temperature was 105.6 by the time he got to the hospital.

Two other children, ages 7 and 9, were placed in the custody of DSS.

Even though Sandra McMillan was Tyler’s step-mother it still took two alleged adults to agree that tying him to a tree and leaving him there overnight after a sever beating was a good idea. How do these monsters keep finding each other. It goes to support my outlandish theory that there’s some kind of underground child abuse network.

Both McMillans are due in court next month.

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