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What are diapers for, anyway?

Police: Texas solider beat daughter to death

Fort Bliss Soldier Dartarious Graham Allegedly Uses Belt To Kill 2-Year-Old Daughter

Notorious and Lizardmeth...oops....Dartorious and Elizabeth (honest mistake) - two of the three responsible for Peyton's death.

The two seemingly normal looking people above are Dartarious Graham, 20, and his wife, Elizabeth Graham (no age given), of El Paso Texas. They, along with a cousin of the father, have been arrested and are being held in connection with the death of two-year-old Peyton Graham. Peyton is the biological child of both Dartorious and Elizabeth. Since I don’t think either of these two individuals deserve to be called by name any longer, I will simply refer to them as Notorious and Loose-screw. Yes, I came up with those myself. Not very original, perhaps, but at least they’re accurate.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned that these two are being held in connection with the death of little Peyton. That was not quite accurate. Notorious has been charged with her MURDER, and Loose-screw and Robert Franklin (the cousin) are both being charged with “injury to a child by omission”. Folks, that’s just a fancy term for not doing a blessed thing to save a child who is being killed right in front of your eyes. They stood by and did nothing as Notorious beat little Peyton to death with a belt. Well, to be completely fair, the bio-slag wasn’t actually there at the time of the fatal beating, but according to reports, she had witnessed multiple previous beatings and did nothing to stop them. How can a mother stand by and watch anyone beat her child that way? The cousin actually witnessed the beginning of the final beating, and turned and walked away. My head spins. All three of the pseudo-adults in this debacle are being held at the El Paso County Jail. Notorious has a $250,000.00 bond, but no bond amount was listed for either the sorry slag or the callous cousin.

Why, you may ask, did this precious child deserve such a beating? She didn’t. NO child ever deserves to be treated this way. But Notorious thought she did, and why? Because she “soiled her diaper”. What?!?!?! She was TWO freakin’ years old! What in the blue depths of Hades did he expect? If she was wearing a diaper, that tells me that he KNEW she was not potty-trained, and therefore he knew that she might occasionally have an accident. However, instead of cleaning up his daughter, getting her a clean diaper and taking her to the bathroom to see if she needed to finish up (as any reasonable parent would do), he decided that a beating was in order. People like this make my flesh crawl. I hope he has explosive diarrhea every day for the rest of his life, and his inmates beat him every time he stinks up the cell.

As indicated in my previous remarks, this was not little Peyton’s first beating. Authorities have said that older wounds on the girl’s body were indicative of prior assaults by the sperm-donor. Good Lord. Older wounds? At two years old? When did the abuse start, I wonder? If this case is anything like previous cases, it likely started before she was a year old. Sick arse-tards. You don’t beat a baby, people. Ever. They are fragile, and often don’t realize that they have done anything wrong. Especially when that ‘wrong thing’ is a biological necessity. All people have to use the bathroom, and babies sometimes can’t control their bowels at that age.

Good grief, people, if I had beaten my children like this every time they had an accident while potty training, I wouldn’t have any children left alive! ALL children occasionally have accidents. And some kids have “deliberate accidents” (they are having so much fun playing they don’t want to interrupt playtime to go to the bathroom). One of mine did that one day in the back yard. She had been completely potty trained for several weeks, and came in with saggy pants and an ungodly stench about her. I knew what she had done, but I asked her anyway, and she politely explained to me that she “was having too much fun and didn’t want to come inside.” So I beat her bloody, and threw her on the floor. No, NOT really. What I did was send her to the bathroom with instructions to remove her soiled clothing and get into the bathtub. I told her if she was old enough to know better, and stubborn enough to poop in her pants anyway, she could clean up her own mess. I waited about five minutes and went to see if she was doing as she was told. She had taken off her clothes and dropped them on the floor, and was standing in the bathtub with crap from her waist to her ankles. And in the bottom of the tub. Guess what? I STILL didn’t beat her. I helped her wipe away the major portion of the mess with TP and flushed it. Then I turned on the shower and finished bathing her. Then I made her watch as I rinsed out her panties and shorts in the toilet, telling her next time, I would make her do it. She never did it again. No beating required. Now, this little ‘lesson’ did necessitate a thorough cleaning of the bathtub and bathroom floor afterwards (by me), but hey, what are Scrubbing Bubbles for, anyway? Oh, and I didn’t have a dead kid when I was done ‘teaching’ her, either. Everybody wins!

Why do some parents think that beating a baby with a belt will teach it ANYTHING? The only thing abuse like that teaches children….is fear. The floor is now open for comments…..

A Whole Different Kind Of Diaper Duty

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Stephanie Broten and Darnell Landrum diaper daughter

Stephanie Broten and boyfriend Darnell Landrum forced girl to shave head and wear diaper, police-say 

Have you heard about the great new way to help your youngster earn better grades? No? Well, then, you’re in for a treat and a tutorial full of douchery made possible by the cruelty of Stephanie Ann Broten and her partner in idiocy, Darnell Allen Landrum. Apparently, Stephanie’s 12-year-old daughter hadn’t been doing so well in school and received some bad grades, so Miss Broten and Mr. Landrum decided a twisted form of punishment would be the best course of action to get the young girl back on track. Their creative and criminal idea of motivating the girl to get a better round of grades on her next report card has led this dumbfuck duo to being charged with malicious punishment of a child.

Broten and Landrum’s opportunity to shape a child’s mind and give the gift of knowledge turned into a life lesson on why, in this sick sad world, a child can’t trust anyone. Forced to shave her head and wear nothing but a tank top and a diaper, Broten and Ladrum made the 12-year-old run sprints along the street and refused to let her back inside the home, leaving her outside, humiliated, and crying hysterically. Somewhere between 50 and 100 people witnessed this mortifying scene, but only two called 911 and another, a classmate of the girl, took pictures to supposedly show police. The classmate says the pictures have now been deleted and I seriously hope they actually are. It’s enough that a mob of people saw this girl embarrassed beyond belief, but to have pictures of what she endured floating around out there for the entire World Wide Web to see is just victimizing her all over again on a larger scale.

Police say the girl was likely outside for about 30 minutes when they arrived and when they spoke to her mother and the dick of the month, they explained that the girl was doing “diaper duty” as punishment for her bad grades. Police obviously didn’t agree with what they were trying to pass off as discipline and decided to take Broten and Landrum to jail, something they must have found terribly hilarious because Lt. Mike Monsrud said the pair laughed and joked in the backseat of the squad car on the way. They also bitched that it was ridiculous that police got involved in what they called their “parental decision”. They’re “parental decision” also got the 12-year-old, and three other children who were in the home, removed and placed in foster care. Broten and Landrum are facing up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine if they’re convicted and I truly hope their cellmates make a collective “decision” to put a foot up their asses. Figuratively, of course.

Thank you’s all around to everyone who gave the heads up on the kid cruelty.

***Special thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***


Grandma’s Meth Lab

Grandma’s meth found in baby’s diaper:

In Sidney, Michigan police arrested 5 adults for having a meth lab in their house. Among those adults were Lorri Compo and her main squeeze Roman Sobie. Also present at the drug raid was Compo’s 1-year-old grandson Steven Rish Jr. After the bust Steven was released to his paternal grandmother who found a baggie of meth in his diaper.

Steven’s mother also lives at the residence and wasn’t home at the time of the raid. She claims she had no idea meth was being cooked in the house. I’m a little leery of that because meth productions causes a distinct odor. But she hasn’t been charged with a crime so that’s neither here nor there.

This is just further evidence of the trashification of our society. Grandmother’s are supposed to bake apple pies not cook meth.

Thanks to Leah for the tip.

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Man leaves 3-year-old in diaper for over a month

Boy Left In Old Diaper, Critical In Pittsburgh Burn Unit:

34-year-old Jesus Rodriguez of Greensburg, PA was arrested after it was discovered his 3-year-old son had caustic burns on his body. The child got the burns because his idiot father hadn’t changed his diaper in over a month. His 4-year-old daughter also has redness and marks on her body.

Of course Rodriguez’s apartment was strewn with garbage, old food, and what the article called ‘waste’.

And if you’re wondering where the mother is she’s currently in jail.

I’ll be honest here. I never had any kids of my own that were diaper age. I inherited two wonderful step-kids when they were 8 and 11. However even I know that a diaper needs to be changed more than once a month. Hell, it may even need to be changed more than once a day.

When neglect of this magnitude happens the breeders should have their parental rights terminated and any future parental rights forfeited.

Thanks again to LadyJade for the tip.

Judy Gratton Starves Her Three Kids and Gets 15 Years

judy-gratton.jpgJudy Gratton, 48, of Cortland, NY got15 years behind bars for assault, drug possession, and nearly starving her five-year-old son with Downs Syndrome and his siblings to death.

During a drug bust, they found the boy, Harley Morgan, in a playpen, covered with body lice, and wearing a soiled diaper. He only weighed 15 pounds and was near death. A five-year-old boy should normally weigh around 40 pounds.

Along with cockroaches and bags ofsoiled diapers, police found an 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy who also showed signs of malnutrition.

Social services did receive calls telling them neglect was taking place. Social workers visited several times but were not allowed in. A new law was passed giving social workers easier access into homes where they suspect a child being neglected or abused.

In court, Gratton showed no remorse, blamed her alcoholism, and showed little regard for her own children. The judge believes that she didn’t starve her three kids on purpose, but blasted her for hiding them from social workers.

God, how far do you have to crawl into a bottle to forgot to feed your kids? By the way, Harley is doing better. He’s starting to walk.

(Thanks to Dena for the tip.)