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Breeder marries daughter’s molester

Damascus woman secretly marries fugitive accused of molesting her daughter:

47-year-old Don Edward Smock Jr. of Damascus, Oregon is accused of molesting the 7-year-old daughter of his 41-year-old girlfriend Barbara Lynn Whitehead. So what does she do? Not only does she marry him but they took her daughter with them on the honeymoon.

Whitehead is also accused of helping Smock avoid police. He has been arrested though.

Check out the kind of scumbag that Smock is…

On July 30, Smock was indicted on 13 counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, eight counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse, one count of first-degree attempted sexual abuse and 23 counts of second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse.

I can only imagine what horrors could have possibly occurred on the ‘honeymoon’. She obviously didn’t care what the penis was doing to her daughter as long as she was getting her vagina filled.

The girl is now in the custody of CPS.