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Murder, Fraud, And Possible Gender Discrimination

There is so much that needs to be said about this case and I am curious as to whether anyone else believes that there is some kind of gender discrimination here. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is just the introduction. Onto the case. Unfortunately, just as last time, this case happened in Florida as well. This case is a bit more confusing than most, but still horrific. It reminds me of the Casey Anthony case. And I don’t know if it’s gender discrimination or what, but there is definitely something wrong going on with this case. 

Dontrell K. Melvin was once a happy, healthy baby boy. Around July, 2011, he was 5 months old–almost 6 months. He disappeared that month. His mother, Brittney Sierra, claimed that she reported the child as missing immediately. She said that her boyfriend at the time, Calvin Melvin, took their son on a walk and she phoned police immediately upon his returning without Dontrell. Court documents do show that the police met with her in July, 2011, but the police officers say that they do not specifically remember why she called the police.

However, knowing her son was “missing”, Sierra applied for and received food stamps and other benefits with Dontrell’s name listed as a dependent. In one she claimed near December 2011 that was involved with getting Christmas toys for children, it was claimed that Dontrell was 9 and a half months old. this is a little bit more than suspicious. Why she didn’t continue to phone the police as her child was missing, and then why she claimed him fraudulently on some benefits programs does not per se speak of an innocent mind. 

Calvin Melvin denied the claims that Brittney Sierra had made, pointing the finger at her and saying that he didn’t do anything and that Sierra was crazy, cutting herself and saying that she didn’t “want the fucking baby anymore”. Sierra responded telling police of how Calvin could suffocate the child. But when asked where the child could be, it was Calvin’s location that was correct. He said that the child could be in the backyard of their former home and even gave a diagram to police. It was there that little Dontrell’s skeletal remains were found buried. Both parents have been arrested for crimes such as child neglect and child cruelty. Calvin was given a harsher charge and also two charges of falsifying statements to police. 

The medical examiner confirmed that the skeletal remains were Dontrell’s, and the death was ruled a homicide by unknown violent means. Both parents plead not guilty to the charges. Recently, Sierra has not only had her charges reduced, but she has also been released on bail. Her lawyer fought hard for this because she is pregnant with her fourth child. The other two children are currently in state care. This whole incident started when there was an anonymous CPS report of Sierra smoking marijuana and verbally abusing her children. When the CPS social worker showed up to investigate, there were two children instead of three, and that’s where all of this began.

I’m really upset that this woman is being released from jail. She not only failed to continually report her child–her baby–missing so that anyone who would hear her would take her seriously and her child would be found, but she also fraudulently received benefits because she used her dead child as a dependent when he obviously wasn’t there. Loving parents generally don’t do that. They generally care about their children”s well being to the point where they’d start asking questions and demanding answers if their child could not be found and if the child just disappeared one day while the father was allegedly out walking with the child. Loving parents don’t wait 18 months (!!!) until CPS comes along and notices a child missing, ignoring the fact. They just don’t. 

So here we have a child who is dead, a mother who did nothing about anything that happened to her child and maybe even participated in causing it and she is out with a tracker connected to her ankle because she is pregnant with her fourth child. Oh, and did I mention that she is afraid that the child will be taken by the state? Imagine that! Sorry lady, but who knows what will happen if you keep this baby. They might go “missing” too and you may not report it until God-knows-when!

Now, I know I don’t have all of the facts that the court has. I can obviously only go on the information that I am given. However, in this case, I have so many unanswered questions and am so confused by our “justice” system. These two people though will more than likely be known in the court of the people, so hopefully no matter how this case turns out, they are closely monitored for the rest of their lives. This should never have happened. Ever.

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Baby’s remains found in Flori-DUH

Parents jailed as human remains discovered in missing baby case

Little Boy Has Been Missing Since July 2011: Hallandale Beach Police

Brittany Sierra, the mother of a toddler missing since July 2011 has been arrested, as well as the father, on charges of child neglect and remains have been found at an address they provided to police.

Rotten egg donor Brittney Sierra could use a bath

Calvin Melvin Jr, the father of a toddler missing since July 2011 has been arrested, as well as the mother, on charges of child neglect and remains have been found at an address they provided to police.

Calvin Melvin Jr, Dontrell’s sperm donor



















This story is sad. Missing child cases, more often than not, end badly. This one is no exception.

Human remains, consistent with an infant’s body have been found by police who were investigating the disappearance of Dontrell Melvin, a 5 month old boy who went missing 18 months ago. From the length of time that Dontrell had been missing, it wasn’t going to be a happy ending.

Dontrell’s DNA dispensers Calvin Melvin Jr (27) and Brittney Sierra (21) were arrested before the baby’s body had been found. They’re being held on child neglect charges after they admitted that they didn’t provide any care for little Dontrell. Of course they were blaming each other for Dontrell’s demise, as abhorrent abusers are wont to do. Even though Dontrell had been missing since 2011, authorities just found out on Wednesday because of an investigation of child neglect being conducted on the egg donor. When CPS came to investigate, instead of 3 kids, they found Dontrell was missing. Brittney began making up stories to try and throw them off the scent. She told them that he was with his grandparents in Pompano beach. Nope, that didn’t work. CPS talked to the grandparents and they said they hadn’t seen the boy in a year. Police questioned both DNA donors, who blamed each other, saying that if any harm came to the boy, it was because of the other. They also expressed concern about a certain area to which the boy may have disappeared. It was their former address at Hallandale Beach, Miami. Aha! Sounds like they really do know where he is!

Police searched the area with cadaver dogs, when one dog insisted on sniffing a particular spot. His handler uncovered what appeared to be the remains of a baby. So sad. The tenant who currently lives there said that her pet Labrador would also sniff and sniff in that particular spot, and she couldn’t work out why. Not in a million years would she imagine that there was a baby’s body in her garden.

While the boy was missing Calvin made up all sorts of crap to keep the cops at bay. He said he dropped Dontrell off at a fire station, but recanted that story. Then he said he had an argument with Brittney and left the house, and when he returned, Dontrell had mysteriously vanished. When he asked her where the baby went, she asked for his forgiveness and that if he really loved her, he should stop asking about Dontrell. Brittney, meanwhile, said that Calvin took him. Not only did this dumb-shit duo lie to the police, they also spun elaborate lies to satisfy their families, letting them believe that the boy was elsewhere due to financial hardship and that different family members were caring for him. Well, if you put as much effort into caring for Dontrell as you did spinning lies about his whereabouts, you wouldn’t be in this incredibly fucked up situation!

We could go on about the silly stories and lame excuses for Dontrell’s disappearance. But it’s not the point. The point is, that a baby was killed through neglect and carelessness and now these idiots are lying to police about what actually happened to him. Well the gig’s up, losers. Your baby’s body’s been found and you’ve been arrested. The truth will come out.

Thanks go to Laine for the tip!

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