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Parents helping children…not always a good thing

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Utah mom accused of helping son in drive-by shooting

Mom Accused of Helping Son in Drive-by Shooting

Nice tat

While many of us enjoy helping our children with homework and projects, there are SOME things that we should avoid assisting them with. Indeed, we should discourage some behaviors altogether. Alas, Lisa Egersdorf has too few brain cells to be able to distinguish between the good activities and the bad ones. But, she DOES have that really nice face tat, so I guess that is some sort of consolation for her.

Lisa is a 36-year-old woman who thought it would be a great idea to help her 17-year-old son, Damian Garcia, with a drive by shooting. No, you did not misread that. She (allegedly) drove the car from which her son shot at some classmates who were fighting with him at school. Great role model there, mom! I wonder if she taught him how to fire the gun as well. If she did, then we can be thankful that her shooting skills (and his) are as atrocious as her ability to make good decisions. None of the kids who were shot at were hit.

As the story was reported, Loser (sounds better than Lisa, don’t you think?) picked up her son from school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he told her that some of his classmates had jumped him. She allegedly replied, “It’s all right, we’re going to get them.”

She then drove her son past a convenience store where he opened fire on a car in which the other students were passengers. After he shot at them, Loser asked Damian, “Did you get them?” My head spins.

Loser has admitted that she and her son are members of the same gang, but denies that they were involved in the shooting. Yeah, it was all a big misunderstanding, right?

I know this is not the usual fare here at BB, because it doesn’t involve physical abuse of the perpetrator’s child. However, IMHO, this woman has ruined her son’s life just as effectively as if she had beaten him to a bloody pulp or pimped him out. They are both now up on multiple felony counts, and the mother has also been charged with child endangerment. I could not find any info on bail or the status of their incarceration, either. Personally, I think she should be charged with gross stupidity and general butt-munchery as well, but I’m pretty sure those are still not chargeable offenses. Pity. If the world was fair, stupidity would be a terminal disease, or at least be so painful that those suffering from such severe cases of it would be physically incapable of leaving the home to perpetrate these kinds of acts.

The good news on this one is – no dead babies. I needed something a little different, after the other recent stories I’ve written up here. I was almost at the end of my tether.

Mommy Lied, Daddy Cried, Drive By Shooting Done Inside

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We may as well say that both parents are losers and liars, and they have both cried at some point during this clustermuck. I would be willing to bet that neither has cried as much as their three year old did when he was shot. Just guessing on that one, though.

William Thalley, 29, and his wife, Nicole Fernandez, 25, have been arrested on child abuse charges, and it hasn’t been reported yet, but I would imagine also for filing a false police report (for lying to the cops). Now if they could just be charged with terminal stupidity as well, we could call it a day.

Thalley told the cops that his three year old had been shot in a drive by shooting, and the little woman backed up his silly story. The child was at the hospital where they had taken him after he was injured at the family home. I guess they thought that taking the child to the hospital BEFORE notifying authorities would keep them from doing a thorough investigation at the residence, and their story might be believed. While no details were given, my guess is that the first clue that the parents were lying was probably the lack of a bullet hole in wall or window.

The 3-year old boy, whose name has not been released, was in serious condition just after the incident but has since been released into the custody of Colorado CPS. The parents have been barred from all contact with the child (good call, Judge!), and both still remain in jail. Thalley has a bond set at $275,000.00, and Fernandez’ bond is $150,000.00.

The police determined that the child was shot inside the residence, and that the bullet came from a gun that was also inside the residence, and being held at the time by the sperm donor. Thalley has tried to blame an unidentified Hispanic man for the crime. Nothing says brotherhood like trying to blame one of your own ethnic group, huh?

Thalley has a prior conviction for domestic abuse, and hopefully this incident will get him the lengthy sentence that he so richly deserves. He cried crocodile tears for the judge, but apparently the judge doesn’t care for reptiles, because the waterworks didn’t sway him (her?).

I know this is off topic, and irrelevant, but I had to bring it up because it intrigues me. One of the couple’s neighbors said that the child has blond hair. I looked at the pictures of the parents. While I completely understand genetics, and know that two brown eyed people can create a blue eyed child if each has a recessive blue-eye gene, and the child gets it from both parents; I find it hard to believe that BOTH of these individuals have a gene for blond hair. Which makes me wonder if the child even belongs to Thalley, or if he is the step-penis. Just a little something to make you go “Hmmmmmmm…..”

In other news, the only remaining member of the family, a dog, was confiscated from the home on Monday. I wonder if he had any bullet holes in him, or if the boy was the only interesting target for the abusive idiot.

Thanks for this tip go to jakes_daddy.