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The first rule of teen fight club…

…is don’t take your kids to teen fight club.

Mother Accused of Driving Girls to Fight:

That disappointed looking individual is one 46-year-old Sherri L. Turner of Kearney, Missouri. She’s accused of allowing her daughter’s friend to drive her in Turner’s car and her 16-year-old daughter to a fight that her daughter and her friend were going to be in. She also had 3 beers prior to 5:30pm. Well at least she had a designated driver.

As is usual in these cases the fight was captured on video.

Police say a video of the incident that ensued shows Turner encouraging the girl who drove her there and another girl while they continually hit and punched a different girl, who at times was on the ground being held by her attackers.

Turner has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Mom Drives Off with Pregnant Daughter’s Arm Trapped in Car

Car keysWe’re seeing a new trend in stories about moms and dads who act like assholes toward their pregnant offspring. It’s a two-for-your-money Parent Behaving Badly – a parent who puts their child and grandchild at risk simultaneously. Most of these recent stories have centered around parents attempting to force an abortion upon an unwilling daughter. But today’s story from Hopkinton, Massachusetts is unique. A police officer on duty reports that he witnessed 42-year-old Susan Revel arguing with her 22-year-old pregnant daughter over the use of their car. When the daughter tried to grab the keys from the ignition, the officer says that Revel trapped her arm with the windshield, and then tried to speed away! The daughter fell to the ground, the officer intervened, and Mommy Dearest was booked for aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Smooth move, mama. I can’t wait to hear the defense for this one in court. It’s pretty hard to get away with being a bad parent when a cop was watching the whole thing go down. Note to Revel: next time you choose to drive off with your pregnant child dangling out of the car, do it in the privacy of your own home, where nobody can see you.

Aussie Dad Lets Toddler Steer Car, Kills Six Teens

Thomas Graham TowleAs busy as Trench is with CrimeNe.ws and The Trenchcoat Chronicles, I’m elated that he still looks out for the little guy. He sent me this tip today about 35-year-old Australian dad Thomas Graham Towle, who has turned being a destructive bastard into some sort of extreme sport. Towle, drunk and reaking of alcohol, went on a drive with his four-year-old son, even gracious letting the boy take the wheel for a while. Witnesses put the vehicle’s speed at up to 150 kph (about 93 miles per hour) when it careened into and killed six teenagers:

– Shane Hirst, 16
– Abby Hirst, 17
– Stevie-Lee Weight, 15
– Cory Dowling, 16
– Cassandra Manners, 16
– Josie Calvi, 16

Could it possibly get any worse? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because it can, indeed, get worse. Police have further accused Mr. Towle of running away from the scene and abandoned his own kids in the car. In other words, he fled and left his kids scared, alone, and confused, leaving them to cry as innocent teens died all around them. Mr. Towle’s lawyer Brendan Murphy – a.k.a. Satan’s Stooge – insists that his client first told a witness to call an ambulance before leaving. So, wait. You mean he didn’t flee the scene and abandon his kids. Towle asked a witness to do something the witness had probably concluded was a good idea anyway, given the number of dead people on the ground…and then Towle fled the scene and abandoned his kids? Well, shit, let’s pin a metal to his chest and give him the key to the city!

During a police interview, Towle reportedly acknowledged being drunk, but maintained that it had “no effect” on his driving. I know six sets of grieving parents who would take issue with that, sir. Enjoy the rest of your sorry-ass life being someone’s shower room butt-bitch, asshole.