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Duct tape is not a toy

Tiffany Ennis charged with covering two kids’ heads with duct-tape

What to do on a rainy afternoon? Craft projects, bake some cupcakes, duct tape the children…

Tiffany Ennis

Tiffany Ennis. I can practically hear the banjo music…

Tiffany Ennis, duct tape

Ennis’ son

Tiffany Ennis and her friend, of Sandusky OH were having a nice Kaffeeklatsch when they decided it would be funny to put duct tape over Ennis’ 8 year old son’s eyes and mouth. Tiffany then took a photo and sent it to her son’s father Rudy Yado, who then called the police. Tiff also put duct tape on her friend’s 11 year old daughter.

When the po-po arrived, Tiff told them that the kids weren’t hurt and that they were joking around. Uh huh, sure. The duct tape wasn’t meant to hurt when it was removed from the kids’ eyelids or lips or hair! If one of the kids vomited randomly, as kids are prone to do, they didn’t mean for the child to choke on their own vomit!

Of course, our sticky simpleton still doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong! She pleaded not guilty to two charges of child abuse. She will reappear in court on May 30. The police don’t know whether the boy will remain with the taping twat.


Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver

2 14-month-old children found with duct tape over their mouth, hands bound

After writing about baby-beating boyfriends and penis-protecting mummies, I have to admit this article made me giggle. As a child-free young woman, the thought has popped into my head from time to time to do this to annoying children. But there is a big difference between thinking that something would be funny and actually doing it. And duct tape hurts like hell when you tear it off bare skin.

Jose Picazo and Sorida Carabantes of Bakersfield, CA were arrested last week. Jose was accused of duct taping two 14-month-old’s mouths and hands together. Now why would he do a strange thing like that? The answer is simple and completely logical:  because they were fighting! Yes, Jose duct-taped their mouths to stop them from yelling and crying, and he duct-taped their hands behind their backs to keep them from hitting each other! I know duct tape is a very useful tool and it can be used to fix just about anything, but I didn’t know you can use it to “fix” angry fighting children. Or maybe not.

Now I’m trying not to laugh. I know it’s not funny and that it’s child abuse, hence why it’s on this blog. But it seems so logical, despite the fact that it’s child abuse. It’s like when Mr. Bean decides to repaint his flat so he wraps everything up in newspaper, sticks a firework in a can of paint and leaves. It’s stupid and it’s disastrous (especially when Mr. Bean’s friend ends up wearing paint because he comes by to get his hat) but it’s just so logical. This is a totally Mr. Bean thing to do.

Mr. Bean  Picazo and Mrs. Bean  Ms. Carabantes have been charged with felony child endangerment. Sorida’s in the poo because she knew Jose duct-taped the kids together and didn’t do a thing about it. There were other kids in the house that weren’t “fixed” with duct tape (perhaps they were “fixed” ages ago) and all of the children in the house have been taken into protective custody.

Thanks go to Chelcie for the tip (and the laugh). Please don’t think I’m a monster for laughing at this, but it reminded me of Mr. Bean and after all the darkness of dead children, I needed a laugh.

“This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; )”

Chicago cops probe Facebook photo 

Here we go again… a Do-do brained idiot, not only thinks it’s appropriate punishment for a child to duct tape them but then follows up said punishment with a posting on Facebook.

Today’s Do-do brained idiot, is Andre Curry (21) of Chicago and he posted a picture of his bound daughter on Facebook with the caption reading “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; )”  Of course, we all know what followed the photo circulated its way around the internet and finally made its way to the Chicago Police.

As of right now all Chicago Police will say is there is an investigation underway.

Curry’s friend Je’Vanna Cobbins said she believes Curry was just “playing around” and “I wouldn’t call it child abuse.”  Well Je’Vanna… I would and it is!  She also said that “the image went a bit too far,” but that Curry was “being playful with his child” and “people play with their children differently.”  Playful?  Really?  What is playful about binding and gagging your young child?  Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

Thanks to Lisa-Marie G. for the tip.


UPDATE – Thanks to Natasha Drinkwine

AZ Breeder flicked her Bic on child’s genitals

Jennifer Barnes

Gilbert woman accused of abusing boy:

Gilbert woman abused adopted son with lighter, police say:

Yet another child hurt, yet another set of CPS fingerprints:

I’m sure you know by now that I make no secret that I was adopted. I probably drone on and on about it. I don’t know what my situation was like before I was adopted. What I do know is that my parents treated me as if I was their own flesh and blood from the time I was adopted until they passed away. I really hope that 39-year-old Jennifer Louise Barnes of Gilbert, Arizona doesn’t treat her biological family the way she allegedly treated her adopted son.

Barnes is accused of torturing her 10-year-old son in ways I don’t think we’ve ever seen here before on (P)BB. According to the boy’s testimony she put dog feces in his mouth then duct taped his mouth shut, sodomized him with a toothbrush, burned his genitals with a lighter and a curling iron and tied a necklace around his penis until it bled.

No word yet on whether this adoption was just another cash grab however some reports say that CPS had been called several times before and nothing was ever done.

Not surprisingly Barnes’ family says that the allegations are false even though a doctor says that an examination backs the claims up. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from one of them soon.

Anyway to not appear misogynistic I am going to let the female readers and commenters determine what the appropriate punishment that ‘they’ should lay down. I only hope it involves a blow torch at the very least.

It also has to be asked why are so many people turned away from adopting a child because of stupid reasons and trash like this gets to adopt?

The system is broken.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

“This is how we take care of our kids”

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Mother’s arrested for duct taping children


Not a whole lot on this one, every link I find says basically the same thing so let’s get to it.  I can’t find a picture of the two “mothers” in this story, so if any of you can, please share I am definitely curious.


Lequanda Brown (26) and Jaya Claggett (29) didn’t spend their Mother’s Day, opening gifts and enjoying some quality time with their children, instead they enjoyed the comforts of the gray bar motel, in Pineville, Louisiana.


The two apparently think the proper way to punish their children, 3-years-old and 10-years-old is to use duct tape to bind them and cover their mouths.  It doesn’t end there the two mental giants followed the punishment with…. wait for it…. picture taking to commemorate and
then posted the pictures on Facebook, with the caption “this is how we take care of our kids.”


I’m guessing you have figured out that, someone disturbed by said photos contacted the police.  The two have been arrested and charged with one count of cruelty to juveniles.


Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!  Hope you enjoyed your day!


Thanks to Lori for the tip.

2010 Stepfather of the Year…. NOT!

Stepfucker aka Kenneth Hast

Stepfather arrested for duct taping stepson 

4-year-old duct taped, stepfather arrested 

Let me start by apologizing for my delay in posting this story.  Between the holidays, work, my kids, and my hubby having knee surgery, I’ve gotten a little behind.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have for you the stepfather of the year for 2010… or NOT!  Meet 22-year-old, Kenneth Hast of Shawneetown, IL.  What landed him here you ask?  Well, his solution to his 4-year-old stepson’s habit of sucking his bottom lip.  You see… tough guy up there must have been seriously annoyed with the fact his stepson sucked his bottom lip because on December 20th, while watching him he decided it was appropriate to duct tape the little guys arms and legs and slam his head into a desk when he refused to stop sucking his lip.  Jeez… what’s the big deal he’ll out grow it and if he doesn’t who freakin cares!  

When mom arrived home from work, she took her son to the hospital for a possible head injury he was treated and released.  Stepfucker was arrested and charged unlawful restraint, aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery of a child.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!  

I have to say, that my 6-year-old son has a habit of chewing on the collar and/or sleeve of his shirts.  Now it has never occurred to myself or my husband to try the duct tape/head bashing treatment to break him of the habit.  I just let him deal with the soaked collar/sleeve and in time he’ll either out grow it or get used to having wet clothing, either way it’s his habit to deal with.  

No one was killed, or permanently maimed so all in all a happy ending, but if mom doesn’t get rid of stepfucker with the quickness, we may be reading about him again, in the near future.  He clearly has some control/anger issues. 

Thanks to our very own and the always-lovely Nicole for the tip.

Bad TN Boyfriend slapped child, duct taped dog

Unicoi man accused of child, animal abuse:

29-year-old Robert E. Hensley of Unicoi, Tenn. is accused of slapping his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son. He’s also accused of duct taping his girlfriend’s pug to the dog’s body and rubbing the dog’s ass in the kids’ faces.

Um…yeah. I really have nothing more to add to that. I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Prescription drugs and alcohol may have been involved and he also violated a restraining order which shows how effective they really are.

Thanks to Winnie for the tip.

4 year old boy bites his own nose…..

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W.Va. man accused of forcing child to eat cat feces sandwich
W.Va. man charged with child abuse
Man Arrested For Throwing Boy Into Dryer, Forcing Him To Eat Cat Feces

Joseph Edward Jones, 22, is a bad boyfriend. He has been arrested on child abuse charges for throwing a toy car at his girlfriend’s 4 year old son’s head (causing a cut), duct taping his hands and feet and throwing him in a dryer, and throwing him against a wall, among other atrocities. This all happened (apparently) 2 years ago, but is just now being reported, because the little boy was afraid of this monster. Joe told him he would hurt his mother if he told.

There are several levels of wrongness in this story, and I am not sure everything has come out yet. The way it has been reported, the boy, now six, didn’t tell on the abusive animal until this year, and I am going to guess that this coincided with the breakup of the two quasi-adults involved. It may be a case of ‘revenge reporting’. I’m not saying the abuse didn’t happen, I am just questioning whether it would have EVER come out if the mother had stayed with the a-hole. It just seems a little fishy to me.

Freaky Joe up there also forced the boy to eat a cat feces sandwich (it’s what’s for dinner!), and also admitted to throwing him against the wall several times. These actions (I suppose) could have gone unnoticed by the mother, if she wasn’t home at the time the abuse happened and the child didn’t tell her. BUT……Joe also bit her son on the nose and face (and other body parts) as well. The police report said he left VISIBLE marks. How in blue blazes did the mother NOT notice teeth marks on her child’s face?!?! That seems like a pretty obvious sign of abuse to me. Yup. I think I’d have noticed if it were my child. Ya know, if he had bitten the boy on the shoulder, back, chest – any place that would normally have been covered by clothes – I might be able to dismiss the lack of knowledge of that too. But unless the child wears an iron mask, or a burlap bag over his head like the elephant man – there’s just no hiding a bite to the face, folks.

And what’s even funnier (if you can call any of this funny), is the fact that while Joe admits to abusing the boy, he denies the bites to the face. So……I guess the 4-year old was a contortionist of extreme skill, and bit HIMSELF on the face. Yup. I bet that’s just what happened. My kids do it all the time. Why, just yesterday my 6-year old bit herself on the shoulder blade. Using my 8-year-olds teeth, of course.

Anyway – whether the mother deliberately overlooked the abuse for two years, or she honestly didn’t know (yeah, right), this is just another example of why you never leave your children alone with your two-legged thigh grinders. ‘Boyfriend’ is not synonymous with ‘babysitter’. Eejits!

Thanks for this tip go to….ME! I actually did some research on my own!

Adopt a Child and then Kill Him


The sweet little North Carolina boy (Sean) pictured above with his Monster adoptive mother has passed.  They adoptive monster and her spouse say Sean’s death was an accident.  He was bound so tightly in a blanket that he suffocated.

Reports say that Sean told social workers BEFORE the adoption that the couple beat him. Trial testimony from Paddock’s five surviving children spoke of physical and emotional abuse almost on a daily basis and said that the children were kept from the outside world and that they were trained to lie to social workers.

“We were told to tell all social workers there was no spanking,” Jessy Paddock, testified. “The forms of punishment were ‘restriction’ or ‘time out’ – those were the terms we were to use.” She also testified that on more than one occasion Sean’s entire head was wrapped in duct tape to keep him quiet.

The monster is 47 year-old Lynn Paddock … may she rot in hell!

Duct taped child in WV leads to arrest of three

Child Duct Taped and Forced to Sleep in Child Safety Seat, Police Say:

W.Va. adults arrested for duct-taping boy:

In Charleston, West Virginia (no comment) three people have been arrested in a case of child abuse.

James Usher and Della Jackson were watching the two-year-old son of Jessica McClure. Allegedly Usher thought it would be a a good idea to duct tape the child probably to make it easier to keep an eye on him.

Police say the boy’s ankles where taped together, his arms were taped to his body, and his mouth was duct taped shut.

They must have thought this was such a good idea that they allegedly took a picture of the boy.

Luckily someone saw the photo and reported it to authorities. Usher and Jackson were arrested but the story doesn’t end there.

Jessica McClure was also arrested because the investigation uncovered that McClure allegedly made the boy sleep in the child safety seat in the floor AND the residence was filled with trash, roaches (the crawly kind) and the ever present animal feces.

I’m still amazed that not one, not two but three people who feel it’s ok to abuse a child find each other.

Thanks to Angie for the tip.