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15-day-old child killed by father while high on Dust-Off

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Julian20-year-old Kenneth Ryan was left in charge of Julian, his 15-day-old boy.

Kenneth claims he blacked out after huffing a can of Dust-Off had and has no recollection of what happened. Dusting, also known as Huffing, is the act of inhaling canned air, like Dust-Off, for a quick and cheap high. The high comes from chemical propellants found within the cans and not the compressed air itself.

He is currently telling police he does not know how his baby died.

Julians mother, Alicia Woody, was upstairs napping when she was awaken by Kenneth Ryan carrying their limp and dying child.

Autopsy reports have determined death was caused by multiple blunt force trauma to the head and face.

Kenneth Ryan is being charged with first-degree murder.

WJZ.com also has a video interview with the mother.