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Baby “M”

Edmonton malnourished twins

Edmonton couple starved daughters

Edmonton Baby “M” life support appeal

“It’s shocking and depressing as well,” said Mohammed Al-Ani. “I mean, you don’t treat your pets like this let alone your children.”

Those words describe how two breeders treated their twin 27-month-old girls. On May 25, 2012 the police and paramedics were called to the residence and found Baby “M” in cardiac arrest and her twin sister with multiple bruises, Baby “M” and her twin sister weighed 13 and 16 pounds, they were 27-months-old. A third child a boy (age 3) was unharmed and removed from the home and placed in foster care.

Since that day Baby “M’s” sister has improved, but sadly the injuries suffered by Baby “M” were so bad that she has remained in a coma. The girls’ parents have been charged with aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Baby “M’s” condition has been evaluated and it has been brought to court to seek a ruling to take Baby M off life support,

“Doctors have testified that Baby “M’s” condition is believed to be permanent and she is close to brain dead.

Since being admitted to hospital her condition has remained unchanged and she has suffered three bouts of pneumonia.

Doctors said the toddler is deeply comatose and completely dependent on technology to survive.”

Today that decision was released, and Baby M will be taken off life support.


Jailed parents visit child before life support removed

No word on when the judgement will come down from the Supreme Court, the “parents” will be visiting Baby “M” to say goodbye.

Update #2:

 Sad news this morning as Baby M has passed away.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

***Special thanks to Harmony for tips, write-up and updates.***

R.I.P Baby “M”

UPDATE: Two children found dead in Edmonton, Canada

Court appearance for Edmonton man charged with  son’s slayings

Caleb and Gabriel

A brief update to my original post.

The father of two boys has been charged with murder. 

Jason Bruce Cardinal, 31, appeared in court for murdering his two sons, Caleb (6) and Gabriel (almost 4). Autopsy results are still pending needing further test results to determine their cause of death. 

Cardinal entered the courtroom with a shaved head with a beard and was sporting tattoos on his right arm and both sides of his neck. He is being kept separately from other inmates. 

The mother of the boys was also in court along with several other family members and supporters. No comments were made, but there were lots of tears. According to court documents, the mother was to pay $1000 a month to the father for child support, however at the time of death they were living with their mother. 

RIP Caleb and Gabriel. 

Thanks Sue for the original tip and for the update.

Two Children found dead in Edmonton, Canada

Two Children found dead on North Edmonton home

Man charged with killing two sons in Edmonton

Just a day before two young children were found dead, volunteers had come by the house to deliver a bag of presents for Christmas.

The annual Christmas campaign, Santa’s Anonymous, collects, wraps and delivers toys for children of less fortunate families.

A 31-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene after the children’s bodies were found and was treated for mild injuries. It had been revealed that he was the father.

Both young boys – one six and the other almost four – lived with their mother in the home for about 18-months.

Police were called to the home to check the welfare of the people living there. Shortly after midnight was when they discovered the bodies.

Alberta’ Ministry of Children and Youth Services was involved with the family, and that is why the names cannot be revealed under provincial law.

Autopsies have been performed and a cause of death has not been determined as the examiner is waiting for more test results.

A neighbor and her daughter had left stuffed toys and a makeshift memorial near the home. When asked why they were doing so, the daughter replied, “So they can live a happy life up there.” More neighbors brought gifts for the children to play with in heaven.

One neighbor even mentioned that they were surprised something hadn’t happened sooner as there were police cruisers there “all the time.”

Thanks go to Sue for the tip left in our Open Thread.

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