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Another broken baby courtesy of TX douche

Man arrested, charged with injuring infant

A 9-month-old baby in Goliad, Texas is was taken to the hospital, coutesy of his douche-dad, Emiliano Israel Zuniga (18).  The good new is, the angel is alive.  The bad news is, she’s broken.  She suffered a broken femus, broken ribs, a black eye, and bruises on her head.  All at the hands of the boner donor who contributed to half of her DNA.

Zuniga was arrested and charged is being charged with injury to a child.  He is being held in lieu of $200,000 bond.

The source article has some comments from people claiming to know this taint stain.  Please please please let them show up here.  I love when people try to defend these fuckers.

Thanks for the tip goes to Lori.

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