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Drugs and darlings found in demonic dwelling

Five arrested after children found living in hellish conditions


Candace Carnahan. Source: Vanderburgh County Detention Center

Candace Carnahan – the desperate man’s Kristen Stewart

Toni Carnahan-Tosti. Source: Vanderburgh County Detention Center

No, no, no, Toni! The mop doesn’t go on your head, you use it to clean the floor!

Jerrod Fuqua. Source: Vanderburgh County Detention Center

Fuqua you, freak!

Michael Robb. Source: Vanderburgh County Detention Center

Pig-face here was happy in his sty until the cops dragged him away for a hose-down…

Dani York. Source: Vanderburgh County Detention Center

Ugly witch couldn’t even conjure up a cleaning spell!

A band of demons have been arrested and charged with neglect of a minor after their poor kids were found to be living in disgusting squalor in Evansville, IN.  I nearly jumped right out of my skin when I saw the mugshots. They’d scare the bejeebus out of Stephen King!!

Police were sent to the house to investigate a narcotics complaint and to check on the welfare of some children living in the house. Hope they remembered their crucifixes and bibles… When they knocked on the door, the head demon Michael Robb warned them that the house was “a little messy”. That’s the understatement of the year! The house was past messy – it was practically uninhabitable!

Although it was a 2 bedroom house, only one bedroom was being used. Between 6 people! What happened to the other bedroom, you ask? The other one had been damaged by smoke and fire!! It was unsafe to use, and the fire probably had caused structural damage to the rest of the house, making it unsafe for anyone to live there! Perhaps if someone exorcises the demons from it, it’ll collapse like The House of Usher.

Officers discovered piles of rubbish, clothing, and food all through the house. In the bathroom, there were piles of wet and mildewed clothing around the toilet and bathtub. Silly demons, that’s not where you wash clothing! And they won’t dry if you throw them on the floor!

The children had no beds and were sleeping on the floor, along with the garbage. There was also the ubiquitous dog and cat shit lying around on the floor, as well as rotting food including chicken thighs. The children, one running around naked and the other wearing only a nappy, were eating the rotted food from off the floor. Bleurgh! One started eating a chicken thigh until the officer made them put it down! Oh my god, I think I’m going to be sick…The children were dirty and did not have any clean clothing to wear. The two younger kids didn’t have any coats (I believe it’s the middle of Winter over there, am I right?) Another child was crawling around through the filth with a blue tubular object in his mouth. Can anyone guess what it was? You’d be correct if you said it was a metal pipe with burnt marijuana in it! Nice!

The five hands of hell: Michael Robb, Candace Carnahan, Toni Carnahan-Tosti, Jerrod Fuqua and Dani York have been arrested and charged with child neglect. Michael Robb and Dani York face additional charges for possession of prescription pills (Yeah I’d need a few Xanax and Oxys too if I lived in hole like that!) Candace Carnahan, who is the mother of two of the children, is four months’ pregnant. With a demon family like that, we’d better hope it doesn’t turn out like Rosemary’s Baby…

Thanks to Steve for the tip, and to Malevolent April for the encouragement!

Thanks to techsupport for the quip about Kristen Stewart!



Amusing Methtard logic from a knocked up repeat offender

Police: Five arrested in meth discovery on Read Street

Police: Pregnant woman admits using meth, bath salts 

Two Arrested for Westside Evansville Carjacking 

Oh boy… Where do I start with this one?  Lone methtards are more fun than a barrel of monkies, but 4 methtards and a knocked up, repeat offending methskank with skewed logic… Whoa fucking Nelly.  Now that is a party.

5 Evansville, Indiana methtastic shitheads were carted off to the hoosegow after an early morning bust prompted by a tip to the coppers.  Among those busted were 23-year-old Chastity A. Hertzberger, 21-year-old Christopher J. LeSieur, 20-year-old Timothy W. Hart, 20-year-old Kristina D. Benningfield and Benningfield’s 22-year-old boyfriend, James J. Moore. 

All of the methtards were residents of the upstairs portion of the home except Timothy Hart.  My guess is he still lives with his mommy.  Also, all of the methtards were high on meth, including the visiting Hart. The homeowner, who lived downstairs, allowed the officers in to search the home.  And search they did; turning up (in a back bedroom) several items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine including over 100 pseudoephedrine pills.

During questioning, Benningfield told officers that she was expecting a little bundle of joy, and she was not talking in the form of pharmaceuticals.  Benningfield is, in fact, four months preggers.  She also told officers that she likes doing bath salts.  Winner, winner.  Pregnant, meth lab, high as a fucking kite and dumb as a box of rocks is certainly a recipe for disaster. 

When officers asked the Queen of Methtardia if she knew about the effects the drugs would have on her baby, she told the officers, “Well, my baby likes it.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  The baby likes being poisoned?  And perhaps Benningfield would like me to c*** punt her into next fucking week.  Sheesh.

Hart is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and visiting a common nuisance.  Hertzberger and LeSieur are both being charged with maintaining a common nuisance.   Moore is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and visiting a common nuisance.  

Benningfield who, as I mentioned in the title, is a repeat offender.  Thanks to handy dandy Google, I found where the Butterface… I mean Benningfield was previously arrested after her and Joseph J. Witham, another stellar member of society, threatened a man at knifepoint, forced him into his car, drove him around for two hours, threatened to kill him, and then let him go after beating and strangling him.  The pair was spotted in the stolen car in a parking lot and were taken into custody.  Witham had himself a myriad of charges including, but not limited to, carjacking and narcotics possession.  Benningfield’s charges included carjacking and criminal confinement.  This time around, Butter….errrr… Benningfield is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and maintaining a common nuisance.  Hopefully CPS will keep an eye on her and take her baby as soon as it breathes its first breath. 

Thanks go to Mr. Steve Weiss for posting this one in the Open Thread.

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