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The 1st is the Worst, The 2nd is not the Best and the 3rd is the only one that did the right thing

SC mom charged after boyfrind beat child with a cord

A Summerville, South Carolina mother has been arrested on charges of unlawful conduct towards a child after her boyfriend beat her 4-year-old daughter with an extension cord. 

Bad boyfriend, Keith Williams (31) is accused of beating Jordan Suzanne Reynolds’ 4-year-old daughter with an extensi0on cord because she dropped a 5-month-old baby. Williams turned himself in, and the next day Reynolds was charged as well. 

This little girl had contusions and hematomas on her stomach, arms, buttocks, back, thighs and legs – all which resembled a cord. She also had dried blood and bruising. 

Reynolds is being charged because the victim told police that her mother looked at her injuries and did not seek help. 

How did this all unfold?

Well, turns out Williams’ ex-wife was asked to baby-sit the victim and her 2 siblings. When she arrived she asked why the little girl was walking funny – well, he didn’t lie. He told her he beat her with the cord for dropping the baby…

His ex-wife then took her to the hospital. 

Thank goodness someone within that family has a head on their shoulders. 

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Update to Thanksgiving post

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Man Jailed for Child Abuse Walks Away from Workhouse

I’m not going to go into all of the details about this one again, but you can read the original article here. The basic gist of things is the animal you see above abused his girlfriend’s son. He beat him with a belt and an extension cord and burned him with an iron. The incubator participated in the abuse, and also turned on an oven that the child had hidden in to get away from the abuse.

It seems that William Tajahn Hurley, 23, has no more self control now than he did then. In June he was found guilty of malicious punishment of a child, and sentenced to 180 days in jail. As far as I’m concerned, that sentence was way too lenient to begin with, but apparently Hurley thought otherwise. On Wednesday, he walked away from the workhouse and didn’t return. He hasn’t served even half his sentence, and he’s disappeared. I hope when they find him, he gets more time tacked on for escape.

The incubator in this case has still not been sentenced. She’ll probably get even less time than he did. What a poor example of our justice system at work, folks…..

I’d like to thank Betsy for the tip that brought us this update.

And the beat goes on……

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Or beating, I should say….

The foul specimen of humanity pictured below is Jacquelyn Williams, 31.

Serial abuser - and I don't mean spilling the corn flakes...

She and her new playmate have been arrested for gross abuse of her 6 year old son, who was found to have over 100 cuts and bruises after being beaten with an extension cord by the BF, Troy Clay, 37. With an EXTENSION CORD??? WTF? How shocking! Perhaps the abusers should each get a turn holding the exposed end of their own live extension cords, while standing in a puddle of water to facilitate better conductivity. Just a thought.

The ‘serial’ part comes in due to the other children who have been abused (one to death), by this woman. Or animal. Whatever. Anyway, JW apparently had a child when she was only 20 who never made it to his first birthday. He had multiple broken bones and internal injuries when he died. He was only 8 months old at the time. So how is it that this waste of oxygen was not incarcerated then? Another abysmal failure of the justice system and the CPS department. Oh, and JW also has a 10 year old son who is believed to have been abused as well.

So, by my reckoning, the timeline goes like this: JW has baby. Baby dies (under very questionable circumstances). JW has another baby. 4 years later, another child comes along. six years later JW allows BF to beat her 6 year old to the point that the child will have permanent scars. Both JW and BF are arrested. I see only one good thing in that whole timeline. The arrests. And in my opinion, they didn’t come anywhere near soon enough.

A little good news….the family of the bio-monster wants to see her go to jail. Apparently they are not trying to make excuses for her – it’s about time we had a family who thinks more about the child than the abuser. Good job folks.

You can read about it here and here.

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Woman escapes death penalty for strangling twins

Woman pleads guilty, gets life in twin killings:

32-year-old Sherie Shantel Simms of Baton Rouge pleaded guilty to the strangulation deaths of her 6-year-old twin sons Samuel and Soloman. By doing so she’s been spared a dance with the needle and was given two concurrent life sentences.

In May of 2007 Simms gave her sons Tylenol PM then strangled them with an extension cord because ‘she was tired of struggling to make ends meet.’ She allegedly tried to overdose herself but obviously failed there as well.

So you were tired of struggling to make ends meet. Boo-hoo. Welcome to life sister. We all struggle. You couldn’t put your kids up for adoption or asked a relative for assistance? The failed OD attempt makes me wonder how hard did she actually try to kill herself.

Again if you’re going to off yourself be ‘man’ and go alone.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

Man beats daughter and shaves her head for skipping school

Father allegedly beat teen daughter, shaved her head for skipping school:

41-year-old Mariano Tapia of Mercedes, Texas was arrested on charges of child abuse. Police were called to Mercedes Junior High School on a report of a student with facial injuries. Police brought the girl to the police station where the girl’s mother told police of the abuse.

It’s alleged that Tapia was so mad that his 14-year-old daughter skipped class the day before that he slammed his daughters head into the wall, beat her with a broomstick and an extension cord, and then shaved her head. The mom claims she tried to intervene but was met with a rolling pin from Tapia.

Tapia is being held on $175K bond.

Just another big man who gets off pushing women around. Hopefully the mother will take her daughter and get out so we don’t see Tapia’s name on this site again.

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