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More kids alone!!

I feel like I’m always typing that line, but more on that at the end.  Had I gotten to these yesterday it would have been a “Tuesday Two-fer” but sadly I didn’t get to them until this morning!

Mom charged after kids found home alone

Fabiola Zamor

In our first case we find Fabiola Zamor age 29 of Boynton Beach, FL.  Police say they found her 5 and 7-year-old daughters home alone PLAYING WITH CONDOMS!  The property manager of the community where Zamor lives had called the police after finding the girls home alone.  The apartment where the girls were living had no power, air conditioning and no open windows and to make matters worse there wasn’t ANY food for the girls to eat!  Of course when Zamor arrived she told the police that her boyfriend was supposed to be watching the girls and was to have gotten them McDonalds to eat.  Zamor is charged with four counts of child neglect and is being held in lieu of $12,000 bond.

Woman leaves 4 kids home alone, heads to bar

Tiffany Ann Calhoun

Ahh another mom who thinks it’s ok to leave her kids alone to go to a bar.  That’s Tiffany Ann Calhoun of Temple, Texas age 23.  Police were called to her apartment at 2:30am on a welfare concern to find four small children left home alone.  Apparently the children had been alone for a couple of hours while their mom went to a bar.  Calhoun arrived 2 hours later.  A relative was located and CPS released the children to the relative.  Calhoun was arrested for abandoning a child and was taken to jail.

I can’t say it enough, there is nothing so important that you should leave your children home alone.  The sheer amount of tips we get about kids left alone is astounding.  When you become a parent your first priority should always be the welfare of your child and part of the responsibility of being a parent is making sure that your children are supervised at all times.  I can only imagine what my kids would do if left alone for five minutes let alone hours!  Both of these moms deserve to be punished!

Thanks to Amanda for the tips on these stories!