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“I’m doing what the Bible says…”

Chicken coop case teen allegedly wore a shock collar 

Diana and Samuel Franklin kept adopted child in chicken coop  

That stellar looking couple there, one Diana and Samuel Franklin, were arrested Tuesday morning in Georgia on multiple counts of cruelty to children and false imprisonment against their 15-year-old adopted daughter.  It is alleged that they kept the girl locked in a freakin’ chicken coop and used a dog’s shock collar on her as a form of “discipline”.  What the fuck happened to a good grounding from the phone and texting?  Oh yeah, these are degenerate fucks we’re talking about.  Not only does common sense escape them, but they’re downright evil to boot.  The girl was taken into custody on May 25th based on an undisclosed tip and at that time, officials could not find said dog collar but DID find a receipt for the item.  Upon arrest on Tuesday, they located the shock collar.  The girl is said to have been given only bread and water to her for days on end as another “discipline”.  Her “mother” claimed she was following the bible.  I’m sick as shit of these monsters using the bible as some shitty excuse to torture their children.  Diana and Samuel have 3 older boys by birth that had possibly aided in this girl’s abuse.  Not blaming them, these poor kids were very likely forced to partake in this torture.  No TELLING what their own childhoods were like.

These asswipes adopted this poor girl in 2009 and apparently the abuse started immediately and progressed to the point of shocking her.  When I think of someone actually going to a store to purchase a shock collar and then forcing it around her neck, I want to kill them both.  I have 2 dogs myself, that bark like crazy and I couldn’t imagine putting one on their little neck’s, much less a human being’s.  Disgusting waste of fucking air.  These two assholes posted bail that very night and are expected to appear in court at a later date.

Good news; no dead girl but Lord only knows the internal scars that will linger so much longer than the sting of that collar. May she overcome the evil of these two and have a happy life and a family that both adore and respect her.

Thanks to Jude and Cody for the tips.

 ***Thanks to Crystal for the write-up.**

Renee Lester locked her adopted kids in the dark

Renee Lester

Family Members Outraged by Childrens’ Alleged Abuse:

Woman Accused of Locking Up and Abusing Children:

Cleveland woman accused of mistreating foster children is out of jail:

46-year-old Renee Lester of Cleveland, Ohio was arrested last week for allegedly committing severe abuse against her 3 adopted children. She is said to have kept them locked in an attic with all the lighting removed or the basement again with all the lighting removed. The children have also said that Lester beat the children, ages 12, 12, 10, as well.

The kids were not allowed to use the bathroom at night and when they were locked in the basement police say there was a motion detector set up on the basement toilet to keep the kids from using it.

Occasionally they were allowed to sleep in a bedroom but the door had double locks and only a single mattress. The rest of the time the kids were forced to sleep in the attic or basement with no bedding.

The kids actually are Lester’s sister’s. She is a former drug addict who articles say has been clean for 6 years and wants the children back. To make it worse Lester has 4 of her own biological children who are said to have been treated wuite well actually and the house is in pretty good order, you know, outside of the kids that are being locked away like the girl in the pit from Silence of the Lambs.

Other family members say that they have called Children’s Services at least 10 times to no avail. Two Children’s Services employees have been placed on leave, no word if it’s unpaid or not.

Letser allegedly treated the children this way because they….wait for it….we’ve heard this one before….they stole from her. What the hell could three children possibly steal to receive that kind of punishment. Hell, carjackers don’t receive that kind of harsh punishment.

If she put more effort into actually taking care of them instead of setting up elaborate prisons for them she could have been mother of the year. Now she’s just another useless Breeder.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Sperm contributor beat and chained his daughter to a desk

 Authorities say father trying to justify alleged behavior

Deputies say father cuffed his daughter to desk and beat her 

This here is one of those stories that will make you scratch your head and go “What the fuck is wrong with people”.  Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question.

33-year-old Donald Miller III and his live in skank, 32-year- old Lisa Faber, have been arrested to the abuse suffered by Miller’s 11-year-old daughter.  Investigators found the little girl handcuffed to a desk, malnourished and beaten.  At 11 years old, the child only weighed 56 pounds.  My 9-year-old son weighs 77 pounds, for fuck’s sake, and I think he’s skinny.  Miller apparently got his rocks off abusing his little girl while his vagina supplier sat idly by and did dick (literally). 

According to the deputies, the child was handcuffed to the desk for hours at a time, often overnight, and was forced to eat and do her homework there. She wasn’t allowed adequate bathroom breaks either.  The child was too afraid to ask her father to use the restroom so she would often just go in the chair.  Miller also made the girl sit on one of her legs which was shackled to the desk.  She would be unchained in the morning so that she could attend school.  Whadda guy.

As if chaining the child to the desk wasn’t bad enough, Miller also beat the child.  He hit her in the face, leaving her with a black eye, and slammed her head down on the desk, chipping one of her teeth.  I don’t know how he school missed that something was going on with this little girl.  They had to have seen the black eye and chipped tooth.

Miller has admitted to beating and chaining his daughter, however he denies the incident where her tooth was chipped.  His justification for the cruelty inflicted on the poor girl… She was misbehaving, of course.  *shrugs*

Donald Miller is being charged with second-degree battery on a juvenile, cruelty to a juvenile, false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a juvenile.  His hoe was charged with principal to second-degree cruelty to a juvenile and principal to false imprisonment for not stopping the abuse. I hope the dick was worth it, bitch.  There is an ongoing investigation so additional charges may be forthcoming.  The child has bee placed in protective custody and 2 other children that were living in the home were sent to live elsewhere.  There was no mention on the whereabouts of the child’s mother.  If one of you fine readers comes up with that info, please post the link.

Thanks go to Jhilhan for posting this in the Open Thread and to Calvena for sending it in via the tips link.

Breeders chain teen to table

Teen Chained In Home For 2 Days; Parents Arrested:

California police: Boy, 13, chained to table by father, stepmother:

I’m behind on stories so I’m going to have to do these rapid fire for the next few days.

Anyway in Sacramento, California 40-year-old John Vang, and his wife, 34-year-old Thong Vue were arrested for allegedly chaining Vang’s son to the table for two days. The 13-year-old escaped when the pair went out gambling. Where can you gamble in Sacramento?

Not only was the boy chained but police say he was beat as well while he could not defend himself. It is also being said that he was being punished for stealing something from a relative. What the hell did he steal, the crown jewels?

Thanks to CJB for the tip.

Smacks, Drugs, and Lock in Hole

Article1, Article2

OK, ok….so it was a closet the child was locked in, but ‘hole’ just fit in better there. Anyway, the hairy hag up there is Heidi L. Duesing-Christensen, who has been arrested and charged with several felonies, including child abuse, neglect, enticement, and reckless endangerment.

It seems that Heidi has allegedly been tying up her five year old daughter, taping her mouth and other body parts (after administering adult doses of benadryl), and then locking the child in a closet. The poor child has also been starved. When she went to live with her father, she only weighed 30 lbs. (bottom 3% of the weight range for her age), and had scars, scabs, and bruises all over her body. Dad was good enough to report the slag who had abused his child, and a two-week investigation ensued, culminating with the arrest of this walking waste of flesh.

The egg donor claimed that she had to restrain the girl because she would throw ‘fits’ and was uncontrollable. She blamed the bruising and scabs on the girl as well, saying the injuries were caused when the child would throw herself against the floor and walls. I wonder how the child could throw herself against ANYTHING if she was tied up all the time. Oh, yeah….she didn’t. My bad. The birth-witch did it.

In addition to all of this, though, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the blame where it is warranted. Only after the girl was sent to live with her father did the child’s teacher mention that back in October she noticed discoloration over 50% of the child’s back, and extensive scabbing. Oh, and the little girl was also one of the few children who would consistently snarf down every morsel at lunch in school. That should have been a red flag right there. Any child who is willing to eat the mystery meat, AND all of the toxic trimmings served at your average public school, is either being starved, or has no taste buds. So lets hear it for the incompetence of the teacher as well. Isn’t there a law that says teachers are REQUIRED to report suspected abuse?

Most amazing of all is the fact that the child’s father says she has exhibited no behavior problems at all since moving in with him. Well, not really so amazing….I tend to think that the only behavior problems going on in the child’s former residence were most likely the ones exhibited by the incubator and her live-in boy-toy.

The hag faces up to 29 years if convicted on all charges, but has been released on $2,000.00 bail. She also has a charge of bail jumping against her, so I am guessing that they will now have to find the witch before they prosecute her. Way to go, judge and justice system.

Thanks go out to jake’s_daddy for this tip.

Update on Raijon Daniels

Crazy mother

Crazy mother


This story was originally posted by Zero boss here, and updated by him here at a later date. It happened back in 2006, but it seems that the murdering psychopath has just now been sentenced for her crimes……although ‘sentenced’ in this case is a joke, as far as I’m concerned.

I won’t go into great detail about all of the atrocities she inflicted on her 8 year old son, Raijon Daniels, before killing him, because Zeroboss did it so well that I really don’t think there is much more I can add. Please go to the links I have provided, and read what he wrote.

In a nutshell, little Raijon was abused over a long period of time – starved, locked up like an animal, tied to the bed, and made to lie in a tub full of his own waste and Pine-Sol, because he wet himself. The day he died, his incubator admitted to pouring Pine-Sol on his genitals.

She has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. What a freakin’ crock! The rules for her ‘incarceration’ are that she will be required to spend at least six months in a mental hospital, and could be there for the rest of her life. Notice I said “could”. I’m sure she’ll do what so many other murderers have done over the years – spend a few months on the crazy ward, be miraculously cured, and then be freed to kill again. This disgusts me. Crazy or not, cured or not, she should be required to remain locked up SOMEWHERE for the rest of her miserable life. Her son doesn’t get the chance to be ‘cured’ and live again….so why should she? The bile in the back of my throat is gagging me.

I don’t see how they could have come up with an insane defense anyway though, since her lawyers originally tried to ‘explain’ her reasons for treating him in such a subhuman manner. While her current attorney Robin Lipetzky, was not available for comment, a former attorney had argued that Moses was forced to take such ‘extreme measures’ because “Raijon often urinated and defecated on himself at home and at school, acted out and once ran away from home.” Really? I wonder why? Could it possibly be because the beat the crap out of him (defecation and urination on himself, anyone?), and was so mean that he wanted someone else to notice his plight (acting out, anyone?), and he didn’t want to live with such a horrible monster (running away, anyone?)

I imagine that just having to look at her face every day would have been enough to scare the piss out of him. I would have run away too.

Thanks to Layla for the update on this story.

Randall Piercy sentenced to 9 years

Father Gets 9-Year Prison Sentence For Child Abuse:

Some of you may remember the case of Randall Piercy. He’s the alleged father who kept his 9-year-old son locked up in a room all day with only a 2 liter soda bottle for a toilet. The window in the room was covered and the light switch was disabled. The house was strewn with video cameras so he could keep tabs on his son at all times. The light switch was also disabled in the boy’s room. The boy was only allowed out of the room once per day to go to the bathroom and he didn’t go to school or a doctor.

His mother was rarely allowed to see her son and the notes she left for him was the only form of communication she had with him.

Piercy had pleaded guilty to aggravated child abuse and was sentenced to the max of 9 years. Hardly enough if you ask me but the judge did let him have it.

In court on Friday, Judge Mallory Cooper gave Piercy the maximum sentence allowed under his plea agreement.

“I believe that for nine years you should eat alone, you’ll have cameras on you, your lights will go on when the prison wants them to go on and your lights will go off when the prison wants them to go off,” Cooper said.

She said that is exactly how Piercy’s son lived.

He’ll still have it better than his son did.

It just boggles my mind that someone who dared to call himself a parent would think that this was acceptable behavior. Not only that but this is another case where the mother was complicit. If your husband has forbidden you from seeing your own son in your own house why in God’s name did she not go to the police?

Michelle Piercy is going to trial later this month.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

4th person arrested in shackled teen case

4th Person Arrested in Shackled Teen Case:

A fourth suspect has been arrested in the case of the shackled teen in California. yesterday police arrested 29-year-old Anthony Waiters on charges of torture, conspiracy, child endangerment, corporal injury to a child and false imprisonment.

Police are not saying what led them to Waiters as there is a gag order in the case.

Lemuel and Julia Redd: Sorry About That Whole "Kidnapping" Thing

No time for a bigger post right now. Thanks for everybody who’s been sending tips; I’ll get to them as time warrants. Meanwhile, remember the case of the Utah parents who kidnapped their daughter to prevent her from getting married? Lemuel and Julia Redd appeared on Good Morning America today and said “sorry” for abducting their daughter on the day of her wedding. Attorneys are working on a plea deal as we speak. Frankly, I think this was all just an elaborate plan by the Redds to avoid buying their daughter a wedding gift. They’re not dangerous criminals – they’re just cheap! But seriously, I doubt these people are menaces to society. Let’s just give ’em two years probation and call it a deal, ‘k?

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