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Starvation and filth in Adelaide

Officials describe neglect case as one of the worst

Parents accused of starving child appear in court

Couple charged over failing to feed son

Thanks go to KH for the tip on this one, and to Trench for passing it on to me. I have been a bit busy with starting my Master’s degree, so this makes a suitable change of pace.

A couple from Adelaide, South Australia (23 and 27) have been charged with child neglect after their 4 year old son was found to be weighing only 8kg (17.6 pounds). The house was also a complete mess, with piles of used nappies and rubbish everywhere. The stench of the house could be smelled from the street, according to authorities. When the boy arrived at the local hospital, his condition was so bad that some of the medical staff who were treating him, required counselling.

Gross, nasty filth

Last year in March, Families SA were alerted by the family’s neighbours to concerns about the kiddo’s welfare. However when officials spotted the boy, they saw that he was fine. And then, because an NGO was involved with the family, Families SA saw no need to continue investigating the family, according to news sources. This case has prompted an internal investigation by Families SA into how it handled the case. A Child Safety expert has blamed a lack of communication leaving children vulnerable.

The breeders have been to court, where they were charged with criminal neglect and failing to provide food. The male (27) also had a charge of aggravated assault tacked on. They have been remanded in custody.

The young kiddo is now in the care of Families SA.

Another Epic CPS Fail Claims the Life of an Innocent Baby Boy

Authorities called weeks before 2-month-old baby was found dead

Mother ‘starved two-month-old son to death until he was mere skin and bones and living in a house unfit for human habitation’


Police arrested Bambi Glazebrook, 29,  a serial neglecter out of Indiana earlier this month after police found her 2 month old son, Phillip Robey dead in a dresser drawer. The house, not surprisingly, was deemed “deplorable” and “unfit for human habitation”.


Family members are taking Phillip’s death especially hard because they notified CPS (Child Protective Services) that the baby was being neglected weeks before he died.


Glazebrook’s cousin Martha Robinson is quoted as saying “I called CPS three times and I called the police twice to come out here and try to do something… I told them every time that it was a life and death situation… that if they did not do something that the child was going to die.”


Glazebrook is not a stranger to CPS. “She’s had CPS (Child Protective Services) in her life for seven years now,” said Amanda Robertson, another cousin to Glazebrook. Glazebrook has given birth to five children, three of which were removed from her home and adopted out. I don’t understand how this woman was allowed to keep this child? Was CPS not watching her? I would think that they would be keeping an extra careful eye given her past parenting fails.


Stephanie McFarland, spokesperson for DCS (Department of Child Services which looks over CPS) confirmed that a recent complaint was reported involving Glazebrook, but was not able to confirm any specific details of the case.  She is quoted as saying “DCS did receive a report recently and was working to locate the family so we could assess the child’s situation,”


Family members feel that Phillip was failed by the system. CPS was notified of the severity of his situation. The police were also notified, but aside from knocking on the door, nothing was done and now its too late.


Phillip was reported to be about 5 pounds at his time of death. His body was emaciated, he had sunken in cheeks and eyes. Martha Robertson said it was clear that the baby was not being taken care of and even urged Glazebrook to take the child to the hospital.


Bambi has been arrested and charged with murder and Neglect Resulting in Death. She has plead not guilty.


I want to thank Martha and Amanda Robertson for trying to save Phillip. There need to be more people like you.


Thanks go to everyone who sent this in.


***Speical thanks to Amanda for the write up.

R.I.P. Phillip

Chandra Greene is a selfish bitch

Woman Accused of Beating Son With Hammer For Eating Her Food

Mother accused of hitting son with hammer for eating her food

Child care workers in Fort WayneIndianawere called to the home of a middle school aged boy to investigate a tip that the child had been beat with a hammer.  “He got a whooping because he ate all of his mom’s food.”  A “whooping” is how Chandra Greene’s daughter described the beating her brother received with a hammer.  To me, that means that his form of punishment was normal to her.  Why would 32-year-old Chandra Greene beat her son with a hammer?  Because he ate her food, that’s why.  “Her” mother fucking food?  I don’t have any food in my house.  There is no “this is mine and this is yours” shit.  It’s OUR food.  Then again, no one in my house has ever been beat with a hammer for eating anything – mine, theirs, or otherwise.

In addition to the injured child, the caseworker found the home filthy and without power.  Classy.  The child was taken to the hospital with injuries to his leg, arm, and head.  Greene is facing three counts of neglect of a dependent (one count for each one of her children).  I haven’t been able to find where she is being charged with beating her child.  I’m sure the neglect charges will earn her a slap on the hand and some parenting classes.  She’ll be back to abusing her kids in no time.

Thanks go to  Erin for the tip.

3-year-old tries to escape his life… 3 times before he gets help


Toddler wandered out of filthy apartment three times

The two ugly mugs you see staring back at you belong to George Howard and his main squeeze Lucy Johnson.  They are gracing us with their presence today because they have a tendency to crash out while leaving their children unattended.  One of their children despises his living conditions so much has tried to escape 3 times and at least once he’s been nekkid.  Nice!

It appears that on August 1st their son decided today would be the day…finally he’d escape and not be brought back.  He left behind his little brother, pledging to return to get him, no not really but the image of a 3 and 1-year-old plotting an escape from the shit parents they have been born to kind of makes me giggle.  Anyhow, he found his way to a nearby restaurant, where a police officer happened to be dining.  What Luck!

The officer took the little guy home and found an unlocked apartment and the 1-year-old little guy inside.  After announcing their presence several times with no response they began to clear the apartment.  They would find not one but both “parents” asleep in the back bed room.  Both Howard and Johnson said they were not aware their son has escaped or how long he’d been gone.  Here’s a suggestion for ya mom and dad… stay the fuck awake when your kids are awake… just sayin’.

The apartment was the usual filth hole we read about here, soiled clothes and empty beer bottles on the floor.  Police contact DCFS and left the children with their parents.  Um, excuse me… they left them there!  It gets better, when the caseworker showed up the NEXT day, she found the 3-year-old once again making a run for it and in the parking lot nekkid and barefoot and once again he was returned to his parents.  Hey professional adults, when a 3-year-old has enough sense to get the hell out, follow his lead and take him the fuck out.  How many failed escapes does he need to make before you get a hint?  Shit!

Ok, so a brief recap the little guy has tried to escape the filth and shit parents he has on August 1st and 2nd and was returned and left with his “parents.”

August 25th rolls around and…wait for it… the little makes a run for it AGAIN, he goes back to the same restaurant, this time he has on an adult t-shirt and no shoes.  When he was returned home AGAIN, Johnson answered the door and once AGAIN told police she and Howard had been sleeping.  Police believe the little guy made his escape this time through an open window in his room.  His room, I might add that was covered in human feces.  There were several dirty diapers on the floor, dried feces in the carpet and c*ck roaches.  Do we get it now?  The baby at 3-years-old wants the fuck out of there, by any means necessary!  Gawd Damn it, take him and his brother out!

Howard and Johnson were arrested and charged with child neglect.

DCF has taken temporary custody of the children.  The toddler was hospitalized with swollen legs and blisters on his feet.

These two mother fuckers are nasty ass pigs, but what is more disturbing than that is the fact that not once but twice trained professionals returned these children to these people.



Feces, feces, more feces and five caged kids

Bethany and Paul Jenkins

Liberty parents charged after children found locked in basement

Parents charged with confining children in feces filled room

Children found locked in squalid room


The four links above are a few of many that I have found regarding the Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins.  What they all say is the two scum of the earth above have been charged with the locking their five children ranging in age from 1-year-old to 8-years-old, in…. wait for it…. feces smeared rooms.  I bet you didn’t see that one coming did you?  Oh, yes you did that seems to be the fad here on BB lately.  Is there some prize winning competition going on that we don’t know about?  The “Who Can Cage Their Children In The Most Feces Longest” competition, with the winner being awarded the longest (or shortest depending on the state) jail sentence and highest bond.


On May 3rd Liberty, MO police received a call from the Jenkins’ neighbor after Paul Jenkins was heard saying to the children “I’m going to stab you all.”  The responding officers found the children in a situation so disgusting and disturbing one of the officers was gagging at the scene.  Yuck!  Reportedly the police found four of the five children in a basement bedroom with the door tied shut, the room smelled of feces and had feces smeared on the walls and in the carpet.  In the room were two beds with no sheets or blankets.   On the second floor, alone in a feces smeared crib was the one-year-old.  The odor of urine was so strong the officers’ eyes began to water.  OMG!  Seriously… who in the fuck thinks living like this is acceptable, not only for them but their children too?  Nasty, Nasty, Nasty!


According to a neighbor “I knew what the conditions were, I lived next to them for a year, and you could smell the stench from their home coming into ours.”  Difuckingusting!   Many of the neighbors said they have been calling the child abuse hot line about the children for sometime and can’t figure out what took so long for them to respond.  Liberty Police say they have been called to the house nine times over the past six months, including three times this week and twice to assist a Children’s Service Investigator, who reported the father being belligerent.


The 7-year-old told police her parents shut the kids in the room at bedtime and tied the door shut, only letting them out in the morning.  The two-year-old and three-year-old have been hospitalized for rashes.  While being interviewed by police Bethany Jenkins said she did not understand why she went to jail.  Now that is laughable… um Bethany dear, how many people, friends or family, do you know that lock their children in feces filled rooms?  If there are any other besides you and your hubby, then there is a real problem.


Paul Jenkins’ bond is $200,000 and Bethany’s is $100,000.  Bethany’s mother is seeking custody of her grandchildren.


Thank you to Anna Mitchell for the tip.



How Are Babies like Dogs? – Ya Gotta Feed ‘Em

Charges Upgraded Against Parents 

Babies Starved and Beaten, Cling To Life In Little Rock Hospital

Slide show of the house

Burning with rage and crying at the same time.  I am, and I’m sure you are, too.  There is nothing uplifting about this story other than that the two babies are alive – currently.  There’s no assurance they will stay that way, poor things, but we can hope.  They are both in critical (but stable) condition at Arkansas Children’s Hospital 

Those starved little legs up there belong to either 2 month old Ricky Bruner Jr (son of Melissa and Ricky Sr) or of 2 ½ month old Eli Richard (son of “Angel”).   

In Fort Smith Arkansas, acting on a tip-off from an anonymous phone call, police found: 12 well-fed dogs, plenty of dog urine and feces, evidence of drug activity, and two neglected, beaten, starving babies.  Dear little Eli two broken legs, multiple bruises on his face, a hemorrhaging brain and possible other broken bones in different stages of healing.  What the hell…what the HELL…could a TWO MONTH OLD do to deserve such a beating?   Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   What could three badbreeders do to deserve the same and more?  Oh, they already did it.  And here’s hoping the inmates wherever they land find a way to slowly, slowly starve them to the same pathetic state.  I hope these three bags of 100% pure human-evil concentrate suffer and suffer and suffer for what they’ve done.  

There were 10 cans of infant formula in the house.                         

Here’s some cut-and-paste from the 3/21/11 article about the charges:

 “Melissa Workman, 21, and Ricky Bruner Sr., 33, are being charged with first-degree battery, but their charge is a class Y felony, Shue said.

According to the first-degree battery law, the charge is a class Y felony “if the person knowingly causes serious physical injury to any person four years of age or younger under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.” A class Y felony is punishable by 10 to 40 years or life in prison.”


Oh, life.  Let it be life!

Seriously.  I almost couldn’t write this one, but I felt that I had to.   We have to keep an eye on this case, on these babies, because we just HAVE to know whether they live or not.

***Special thanks go to Eretrea for writing this one.

Sandra Augusto’s intra-vaginal parasite beat her son and she let him


Police: 4-year-old beaten with belt 

Boy, 4, severely beaten with belt

Police: New Bedford man abused 4-year-old 

Witnesses: Mother of abused 4-year-old left him with strangers

You know…. People think I’m a bitch.  As a matter of fact, it would probably shock ALL of you to find out that my husband is the primary disciplinarian in my home.  As much of a hard ass as I think he can be at times, he has NEVER laid a hand on my son.  Even more, as much as I love him and he is able and willing to rock my fucking world, I would never sit idly by and let him beat my fucking child.  I just can’t imagine that there is a dick in the world that would temporarily render me retarded enough to let someone hurt my kid. 

Sorry for the rant… back to 33-year-old Sandra Augusto and her main squeeze, 31-year-old Elvis Garcia. 

Augusto’s 4-year-old son was hospitalized after “allegedly” being beaten with a belt by his mother’s vaginal occupant, Elvis Garcia, over the period of five days.  The child had cuts and bruises covering his body and dried blood in his ear.  The child’s injuries were so severe; they reduced some of the hospital staff to tears.  

The articles don’t mention WHY the little boy was beaten so severely.  Not that there is any reason for it.  They certainly don’t mention what Mommy Dearest was doing during the beatings either.  I can only imagine that she hunkered in for a front row viewing of the c*ck wielding asstard beating her baby boy.  Oh, swoon.  Authorities are claiming that she allowed Garcia to punch and beat the child.  Stoopid tw*t.  I wish someone would let me punch and beat on her for a few days. 

As much as Garcia sounds like a swing piece of meat that I’d want as much as a case of syphilis, Augusto isn’t much better.  I’m thinking they may have been a match made in Hell.  According to the source article, the child was taken to Children’s Hospital two months ago for an infection on his buttocks and his mother failed to take him for his follow up appointment.  Sounds like she was hiding something, huh?  The DCF launched an investigation and granted temporary custody of the child to his maternal grandmother – AFTER relatives mentioned that they were worried Augusto was dealing drugs and she was keeping the child from them.  They should have done that the minute he had an infection on his little butt.  Wait!  It gets better.  Augusto’s own father told police that she was never home and her house was filthy with… wait for it….. wait for it….. Piles of dirty clothes and dog feces.  Ick.  Augusto also kept the child’s bio-dad from seeing him.  He (and other relatives) filed a affidavits in family court claiming that she kept him from his child and often left him in the care of strangers.  Yet, no one did anything until now?!?!       

Augusto gets more attractive as the story goes on – She was fired several months ago from a local salon where she worked as a hair dresser.  She was arrested about a week ago for shoplifting.  She wouldn’t tell authorities where her son was, but eventually told an “acquaintance” to bring him to a relative.  My guess is she knew of the injuries and was protecting her pet sperm spitting cobra.  The relative who went to pick up the child said that she could her Garcia’s voice saying that “the child is not here”  while she spoke to the “acquaintance”.  More CYA (cover your ass), I guess.  When the relative finally saw the child, he was clearly in pain and crying.  He asked to be taken to see a doctor… and that’s when the shit hit the fan. 

Police recovered several belts and a wooden back scratcher with a broken end from Garcia’s apartment.  They also found used medical tape.  At the hospital the child asked a nurse if she was going tape mouth to keep him quiet.  How sad that he would even think a nurse would abuse him.  As if it was a “normal” thing to do. 

Elvis Garcia was arrested and is being held for dangerousness and is being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in substantial bodily injury and reckless endangerment of a child.  Last August, Garcia was acquitted of attempted murder charges for shooting a male patron at a barber shop.  He was acquitted because the victim refused to identify him at the trial.  Damn.  He should have been in prison instead of beating children. 

Saundra Augusto has been arrested and will spend the next 90 days in jail for allowing Garcia to beat her son.  She was denied bail and is being charged with permitting substantial injury to a child, reckless endangerment to a child under 18 and being an accessory after the fact.  She has two older children who are cared for by relatives.  Three kids, severe vaginal needs, no brain…. What a fucked up combination. 

There is a possibility that additional charges could be filed and more people arrested as the investigation continues. Detectives are also investigating to see whether the child was sexually abused.  I’m hoping not.  Please, gawd, don’t let him be sexually abused. 

Thanks go to my sweet Dodia Fae for the tip for this one.

Feces and Other Drugs

Police: Children Left Alone Around Dogs, Feces and Drugs

Two young boys were found to left home alone in an apartment with four dogs, animal shit and drugs.  The boy’s father, Michael Shaffer, 27, left the boys, ages 2 and 11 months, unsupervised while he went to a convenience store. He’s been charged with two counts of chi8ld endangerment. 

Officers were called when a neighbor found on the boys outside wandering around the parking lot. He wasn’t wearing shoes and his coat was inside out. 

Hmmm…. I wonder if this guy is any relation to the Ursula lady…? 

It took police about an hour to find where this little boy lived. With the help of the apartment manager, they knocked on the door and Shaffer answered.  Gee, did he even notice that one of them was missing?! It had been an hour mind you.  The 11-month old was inside the apartment when they got there. Neither boy was injured. Thank Gawd!  Inside the apartment, they found 4 dogs – which surprised their manager as they were only allowed two in the building. They also found a little MaryJane. The place was “littered with animal feces and urine.” At least a couple of the dogs were pit bulls too.  To top this off, Shaffer tried to get out of it by saying that he didn’t live there and the mother claims that those weren’t her drugs. 

The mother. Casey Costello, 20, was at work at the time, but she was later charged too with possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

Despite these charges, she was able to sign paperwork that she promises to show up for a court date. Hubby was taken to jail with a $10,000 cash bond.

Thanks go to Heather for sending us this tip.

Six children in protective custody

Six Children Taken Into Protective Custody After Alleged Child Neglect

27-year-old Robert McNamara and 29-year-old Katherine Beam were arrested this week, accused of child neglect after officers responded to a call that an 8-year-old girl was wondering the streets alone.

When police took her home they found McNamara sleeping on the couch while a 3-year-old was playing by himself on the side of the house unsupervised as well. After he woke up he informed the police that there were 3 more kids within the home ranging from four months to four years old – and a 10-year-old who was at school. 

The children where all taken because the officers felt the home was unsanitary, unsafe and unfit – that’s when Child protective Services stepped in.

McNamara was jailed for six counts of felony child endangerment.

Lovely Beam resisted arrest and had to be physically restrained – she was booked for child endangerment and resisting. She posted bail of $28k, but meanwhile her man still sits with $25k over his head. 

Thanks go to my April for this one!

Natalie Lawson is a methtard

Mom arrested on drug charges after leaving toddler at day care for 22 hours 

That meth mug you see there is 30-year-old Natalie Lawson.  As frightening as her face is, her behavior is even scarier.  

Lawson was arrested on suspicion of neglect of a dependent, possession of meth and paraphanalia after her mother flagged down a deputy claiming that she was concerned about her daughter.  It seems that Lawson left her toddler at the Toyota day care center for 22 hours.  How is that even possible.  And why didn’t the day care center notify the authorities.  Hell, the meth face, alone, should have casued a call to CPS.  

The deputy knocked on Lawson’s door with  no answer.  He was able to enter an unlocked door, only to find the house in complete disorder.  Lawson was in the living room having herself a meth moment.  She was nervous and twitchy and told the police that she hadn’t slept in two days.  She told the police that there wasa meth pipe in the bathroom, which they found with burned meth residue in it. 

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the meth monster had messages on her phone from the day care wondering why she hadn’t picked up her baby.  I can’t, for the life of me,, understand why the day care didn’t make a phone call to DCS or the police when the skank didn’t show up or return phone calls. 

Lawson is jailed on $2,150 bond.  The child was placed in the custody of Lawson’s mother.  Let’s hope she offers a safer environment than her tweaker ass daughter. 

Thanks go to Nicole for posting this in the Open Thread.

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