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Another Mom that can’t care for her baby

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Caroline Bramlet 21-year-old Caroline Bramlet, has been arrested for Aggravated Child abuse, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  She lives in Escambia County, FL.

It seems Bramlet’s electricity was disconnected so she used candles for light – she left several burning in the room where her six-month old baby was sleeping – one fell and started the bed on fire burning the baby.

There are means to keep electricity connected and reach out for help… when the police/fire dept. responded to the fire, they found the drugs…SHOCK

Sorry I have been MIA folks … work calls sometimes.

Update on Two Boys in Memphis Fire


The picture up there is Melodia Dunn. She is the mother of LaDareon Dunn, 3, and his brother Catereon, 2 – the two boys who died in a fire in Memphis a few weeks ago. The original story was posted here, and my first update to it can be found here.

The mother has FINALLY been arrested! She has been indicted for the deaths of her two children. Her lawyer is apparently already looking for a mental defect loophole for his client; and if successful, the irresponsible person who left those two boys to die alone in the house may not serve much time at all. Let’s all hope that a jury will see through such a lame excuse, and convict her and have her sentenced in the harshest possible manner.

Dunn is currently being held on $250,000.00 bond.

Thanks to Megan for the tip.

Update on Two Boys in Fire (Food Stamp Aunt)

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I originally posted about this story here.

I am doing a separate update because of the multiple new developments in this case. Thanks to Melanie for the tip.
It seems that the aunt who was more concerned about her food stamp card than her nephews has been arrested. Unfortunately, the mother of the children has not. And the second child, 2-year-old Catareon Dunn, has died.

Catareon passed away Monday evening at the hospital, where he has been since the fire last Monday. He lived only a week longer than his brother. Still no word on whether the Aunt’s food stamp card survived or not, though. I’m sure that’s what we here at PBB are most concerned about….right?

The mother of the dead boys has still not been charged in their death. The DA has made the statement that it would be “inappropriate” to charge the mother before all the facts are known. Let me help you out with that, Mr. DA…..She left a 2-year old and a 3-year old home alone, and they died in a fire. What other freakin’ facts do you need, for Pete’s sake? Even if he can’t charge her with murder at this point, folks, he can damn well charge her with neglect, reckless endangerment, and negligent homicide. She left them home ALONE!!!! Geez…..

The selfish aunt, however, has been arrested, though not for anything related to the fire, unfortunately. While authorities were questioning her about the fire, they discovered that she had an outstanding warrant from 3 years ago. She has been arrested and jailed for that. I have to admit, when I saw the headline – “Aunt of Kids in Home Alone Fire Arrested”, I giggled.

Oh, and the family of the aunt is busy telling anyone who will listen that she has mental problems. Well, no friggin’ spit! We figured that one out on our own, didn’t we? They are also saying that she shouldn’t be held accountable for her selfish utterances on the day of the fire. That, my friends, is where we differ in opinion. If she’s sane enough to be out, walking around unsupervised, among normal people, then she damn well knows (or should know) that the lives of two irreplaceable children are of infinitely more value than a farkin’ REPLACEABLE food stamp card. Give me a break, would you? Like I said….too bad they can’t charge her for heartlessness…..

So…the long and short of it is – there are two dead children, and not a single person is being held accountable for their murders. The only person who has been arrested was not arrested for the crime against the children, but for theft, and the incubator is still walking around free, while her babies are cold and alone in a morgue. Can anybody tell me how in the devil this can be an acceptable conclusion to the lives of two innocent children? Because it completely BAFFLES me…..

Food stamps?!? You’re Worried About Your Freakin’ Food Stamps?!?


This tip was sent in by more than one person, so I’m gonna write it up for you all to read about. Thanks to valerie, jj, Elaine, nish…and anyone else who sent it in after I began writing it up. I don’t have a pic of the birth vessel or the selfish aunt, but there is a YouTube link a bit further down that shows….well, just watch it.

Two toddlers were left alone in a duplex in Memphis TN, on Monday morning. Their mother, Melanie Dunn, and aunt, Marilyn Wilson, left to take the ‘gardener’ home, and do a little early morning shopping without taking the two- and three-year olds with them. Before taking the gardener home, they had made their monthly pilgrimage to the local food stamp office. What?!? Food stamps? Can you pay a gardener with food stamps, now? Wow…I REALLY need to check into this racket. My yard could use a little work.

Anyway, while the two idiots were out gallivanting around town, the duplex caught on fire, and both of the babies were critically injured in the blaze. The three year old, Ladareon Dunn, has since died, and the two year old, Catareon Dunn, is not looking too good either. While the uterus and the aunt were out, they received a call from a neighbor, telling them that the house was on fire. The neighbors said they heard screaming coming from the duplex, but they could not get inside because of the flames.

Apparently this is not the first time Dunn has left her kids home alone; but hopefully it will be her last, as both of the toddlers and their 5 year old sibling have now been removed from the mother’s custody. One through death, and the other two by DCS. The five year old was living somewhere else before the blaze though, so somebody, somewhere, already knew this woman was not capable of raising a child. Why were the other two even still WITH her? I just don’t GET it!

The aunt has said she doesn’t regret leaving the kids alone, because ‘they had done it before, and nothing happened’. She also suggested that the children might have started the blaze themselves. Niiiiiiiiiiiice…… blame the kids – they’re too young to defend themselves, anyway. And, oh yeah, one of them is now DEAD!!!! What a selfish witch. Her words were, “Some kind of way they set something on fire. I don’t know how it happened, because we weren’t there.” Ummmm…..maybe if you HAD been there, the kids would have been able to get out in time. Nah, probably not – I can just see Wilson running out to save her own sorry butt, while leaving the babies inside to roast.

Do you know what galls me the most though? OK, I’ll tell you. Less than an hour after the fire, the aunt made the comment, “I need to get in there and see if my purse is OK, because it has my food stamp card in it.” And she was LAUGHING as she said it! Can I have a WTF moment here? Her food stamp card? I think I’m gonna be ill……And here is the YouTube link to the live news broadcast….absolutely sickening. I’d dearly love to slap the aunt’s two remaining teeth down her throat.

Authorities say that the mother may face criminally negligent homicide charges, as well as child abuse and neglect charges. Lord, I hope so. Can they charge the aunt as well? For walking around without a heart, maybe? Impersonating a human?



Sharon Hinojosa has been arrested and charged with felony murder, second-degree murder and arson. It seems that after setting her boyfriend’s trailer on fire, she left her3 and 4 year olds inside, while escaping with a younger child who was fathered by her boyfriend. The two she killed had different fathers. Why am I not surprised? Horrified, yes. Surprised, no.

4-year-old Anthony and 3-year old Alayna were left to burn to death while the sorry excuse for a mother ran down the street. Two neighbors tried to save the little ones, but the fire was too intense. Witch woman said that she couldn’t wake the other two, but the two neighbors said they could hear the children screaming inside. Just when I think that I’ve already read it all, something like this comes along to prove me wrong. I cried just thinking about the last terrifying moments of the lives of these two angels.

I cannot comprehend the evil necessary for a woman to do something like this to her own children. It saddens and sickens me. She didn’t even tell the neighbors the kids were in there when she came out…..they figured it out for themselves – I’m guessing about the time they heard the screaming inside.

Then to top it all off, the cowardly demon swallowed rubbing alcohol in an attempt to either end her life, or get sympathy. I’ll let you all come to your own conclusions about which one I think it was. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, but her condition has not been released. I think a more appropriate reaction to her swallowing of the alcohol would have been to light a match and ask her to inhale. But that’s just me. Maybe she’ll find another lethal substance to ingest before leaving the hospital….

It has also been reported that Sharon and her boyfriend were in the process of breaking up. I’m betting she thought that getting rid of the other two kids might bring him back to her. Or maybe she was trying to frame him. Who knows.

Thanks to SithSnoopy for the tip.

Woman arrested after meth lab fire

Mother arrested after Tulsa meth lab fire:

And we go back to Oklahoma for another heartwarming story of parenting. Reader Jennifer sent us this tale as well that comes out of the city of Tulsa.

49-year-old Jamie Ruston was arrested after the the apartment her and her 12-year-old son were staying it caught fire due to a meth lab accident.

An unidentified man woke the boy so he could escape the fire. He fled the scene before firefighters arrived.

Check out the face-melty mugshot too. That’s what meth can do to you. You know what they say, not even once.

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Stoned mom leaves kids to burn

Police: Mom Didn’t Try To Get Boys Out Of Burning Home:

Mom charged with neglect after fire:

28-year-old Amy Hiatt of Noblesville, IN told her 5-year-old son it was ok to heat grease on the stove for french fries. Normally that would be enough to land you on this site but it gets worse.

Because of her lack of parental judgment a grease fire started in the house. Normally that would be enough to land you on this site but it gets worse.

While the house was burning rather than getting her kids out of the house according to police Hiatt just paced around and watched the flames. That definitely gets you on this site but thankfully it gets better. Sort of.

The 5 and 3-year-old boys tried to get their mother out of the house but she wouldn’t go. Luckily some neighbors stormed the house and got the kids out. When the neighbor tried to get Hiatt out it was reported that Hiatt was covered with vomit on her face and wearing a long T-shirt and underwear and didn’t want to leave the house until she put some pants on.

Police say drugs were involved and that Hiatt has a history of abuse and was known by social services.

Anybody shocked by that? I didn’t think so.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

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Third degree burns treated with moisturizer

Parents Arrested After Girl’s Burns Went Untreated:

Before you do anything click the link and check the mugshots of these two. This is why inbreeding is illegal.

Anyway the lovely couple of Sharon Wessel, 35, and Fredrick Wessel, 48, were living in their unheated home with their kids. Like most trailer trash they decided to heat the residence with a propane heater.

Not surprisingly one of the typical things happened when you combine rednecks and propane heaters. Their 11-year-old daughter’s pajama’s caught on fire while she was still in them. She received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of the lower half of her body, and it gets worse.

Rather than take their daughter to a hospital they treated the 2nd and 3rd degree burns with moisturizer. I bet it had aloe in it so they must have thought it was ok.

It took a neighbor that heard the girl’s screams to call 911. The girl is still in danger of losing her legs.

To make matters even worse Throaty Joe served 5 years in jail for child molestation.

Thanks to Bridget, LadyJade, and Unionjack for the tip.

Left on burner kills twins

Mom not home, gas burners left on as fire kills 18-month-old twins:

A woman in Houston turned on two gas burners in her house then left leaving her 18-month-old twins home alone. Since you’re reading this here you can guess what happened.

While she was out the house caught fire claiming the lives of the twins.

Police have released her after questioning and have not yet charged her with a crime?

My question to you dear reader is this. Was this intentional or just idiotic? Either way shouldn’t she be charged?

Thanks to Eliza for the tip.

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Man intentionally crashes in an attempt to hide child abuse

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Ugg. This one is just sickening.

23-year-old Timothy Mallard intentionally dunked his 4-month-old baby’s hand into boiling water. Why anyone would do this to a 4-month old baby…I have no idea. Maybe he has high on crack? Oh, it could be because he’s is a border line retard with an IQ of 75.

After two days of crying and not receiving medical attention, this man decides to attempt to cover up the abuse with…a car crash. Again…retard.

After crashing his car and setting it on fire he proceeds to dangle his baby girl over the flames. He was actually attempting to hide her previous burns by re-burning her. Ugg.

Unlike him, doctors aren’t stupid. They were easily able to detect the two different burns, broken ribs and facial bruising inflicted upon this poor child and promptly had his ass thrown in jail.

If I were the judge, I would have first boiled then burned his testicles. He should get to feel what it’s like to be boiled and burned. He should also have his procreation privileges revoked.