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Christopher Scott Ryon…wanted to take a nap and Riley wouldn’t stop crying, well she has now permanently.

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Father who punched infant charged in her death 

Father hits and kills infant 

Christopher Scott Ryon accused of punching daughter, Riley in the head 

See that face above, the one devoid of emotion that is Christopher Scott Ryon (27) of Winter Haven, FL.He is the epitome of selfishness, what he has done to his 3-month-old daughter, Riley, and why is pretty cut and dry, but nothing short of evil.

On March 27th, Kristine Bardell (27) arrived home on her lunch break to see her unemployed boyfriend and their baby girl, Riley. While Kristine set about making lunch, she woke up her boyfriend and asked him to check on their daughter. He returned claiming the baby was fine. Well, Riley wasn’t fine and Kristine, bless her broken heart, was the one who discovered that fact a short time later. Kristine went into the bedroom to check her “sleeping” baby girl and to her horror, found Riley face down on the bed. When she turned her over, her face was blue and she wasn’t breathing. She immediately grabbed her baby girl, ran her to her father, handed her off to him and frantically called 911 as he began administering CPR. Rescue workers arrived, took over CPR and transported Riley to Winter Haven Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

On March 28th, the medical examiner conducted an autopsy and concluded the baby had a skull fracture 6.5 centimeters long, indicative of blunt force trauma. OMG…poor baby.

When Ryon was informed of his daughter’s horrific injuries and cause of death, he immediately said he may have dropped her from a height of three inches on to the bed. Liar! Interestingly enough, throughout his entire police interview, Ryon would refer to Riley as “it”. “It”? That’s your baby girl; your flesh and blood, you fucking asshole. Gawd, I hate you!

He would eventually admit to punching the baby in the head because…wait for it… she would not stop crying and her pesky crying kept his unemployed, lazy ass from NAPPING! Riley’s screams, he said, “go through me like bullets.” Of course he said he didn’t believe he struck Riley very hard, but described it as a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. After he PUNCHED Riley she cried for another five minutes the fell silent. He checked on her and believed her to be fine. Ummm…what? Her mother found her fucking face down on the bed. I am no expert, but I do believe a non-moving, 3-month-old, face down in a bed is pretty fucking indicative of something definitely NOT being fine!

Ryon has been charged Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child.

Thanks to Christina, Dee and Mrs. Kelley for the tips.

R.I.P. Riley, fly with the angels sweet baby.


Brian Bouchard was having a bad and Isaiah Mitchell paid for it

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Man charged in child’s beating offered deputies varied stories

Deputies search for man accused of severe child abuse 

On March 24th rescue workers showed up at the Edgewater, FL home Brian Bouchard (21), his girlfriend Brittany Dishong (20) and her son Isaiah Mitchell (14-months).  Isaiah, in case you weren’t sure, is the cute little blonde, blue-eyed angel above.  Could his little face be any sweeter?

Well, as you know if we are reading Isaiah’s story here, it can’t be a good one.  Isaiah’s story goes much like many we read here, mom goes to work and leaves him with the live-in.  The live-in, having a bad day, abuses the baby leaving him fighting for his life.

The day Isaiah was injured Bouchard, afraid of his probation being revoked, didn’t call 911, he called Isaiah’s mother 10 times in more than 2 ½ hours. Brittany made the call to 911.  When rescue workers arrived they would find an unresponsive Isaiah, with severe bruising and swelling of the face.  Awww, that sweet face all swollen crushes me, he looks so much like my own dynamic duo.

Bouchard, who consumed two beers that night and was having a BAD day, offered several explanations for Isaiah’s injuries and well… they all amount to a bunch of bull shit.  Excuse #1, Isaiah fell from an 18-inch-high step, hit his head on a bassinet, the baby then asked for juice, ran toward the driveway, tripped again, fell forward on the concrete, struck his forehead and flipped over landing on his back.  He quickly picked up the baby, who puked on his shirt and then his eyes rolled back in his head.  Isaiah continued to vomit in the bathtub while Bouchard splashed water on him.  Keep in mind…he never called 911, it took 2 ½ hours for that call to be made.  Excuse #2, Bouchard pushed open a bedroom door not knowing Isaiah was behind it, the door slammed into the baby’s back, making him fall face down on the floor.  This time Isaiah had a large area of bruising on his back and golf ball sized lump on the back of his head…wait though he fell forward.  Excuse #3, he scooped up Isaiah by one arm and as he tried to close the bathroom door the baby fell head first on to the uncarpeted hallway floor.  After he dropped Isaiah on the floor, the baby lost coordination and was running sideways and missing things he was trying to reach for.  Just to remind you, there was no call made to 911 for 2 ½ hours.  Excuse #4, this is his last ditch effort I think, Bouchard was running through the house and knocked down Isaiah when he struck him in the back of the head with his knee.  “I hit him hard, he tumbled,” Bouchard told investigators.  How did the baby react when he fell, police ask, “He was just like shocked, astounded.  He had a blank look, but his eyes were wide.  He looked terrified, like he was just scared.”  I’m astounded too Bouchard and shocked that you think anyone would believe these lame excuses, terrified of what I could do to you if this were my son and scared of the enjoyment I would get dishing up your punishment for harming my baby.  But I’m not Brittany and that makes you a lucky dog.

Anyhow, Isaiah was at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando, yes it’s Flori-duh again.  He underwent emergency surgery to drain the fluids from his brain.  Isaiah has been on life support since being hospitalized.

Now for the shocker…doctors said…wait for it…Isaiah’s injuries are not the result of falling from Bouchard’s arms or being hit by a boor.  Isaiah had several skull fractures, leading them to believe the baby was battered with a tremendous amount of force to cause so much bleeding on the brain.

Brian Bouchard was arrested on Thursday, March 29th after deputies began searching for him earlier in the day.  He was charged on Friday, March 30th with aggravated child abuse and ordered held without bond.  He showed no signs of emotion or concern for Isaiah’s condition.  In court he acknowledged the charges against him, but said nothing.  You coward!

Thanks to Tammy G. for the tip.

40-pound, 12-year old boy resembled a concentration camp survivor

Michael Marshall And Sharon Glass Kept Malnourished Son Locked In Closet, Cops
Police: Fla. couple locked malnourished boy inside closet as punishment for stealing food

Señor Crazy Eyes

Is it just in the water in Florida? I would ask if they teach a special course on child abuse, neglect, murder, rape, torture, abandonment, etc… in the schools in Florida, but I know that not to be the case since I went to middle school and the 1st year of high school there. Maybe it’s more of a senior year elective class?

38-year-old Michael Marshall and 48-year-old Sharon Glass of Titusville, Fl, have been charged with three counts each of aggravated child abuse and three counts each of child neglect after cops found Marshall’s emaciated 12-year old son lying on the floor  inside a locked bathroom at his home. Punishment for? Can anyone guess? Stealing food, of course. What else, right? He also had been strapped to a bed or locked in a bathroom for days or weeks at a time over the past year.

Police were responding to a report of a child being caged up and suffering from abuse inside the home and went to check things out. That’s when they found the boy and two other kids (not starving and emaciated, or caged up for that matter). The two other kids have since been removed from the home and are in the care of Fl DCF.

Apparently, Marshal pulled his son out of school back in 2010 after he’d been investigated for concerns about the environment that the boy was living in. No better way to hide from prying eyes that you’re abusing your kids then to yank them from school and begin to “home school” them.  A neighbor says she saw the boy last year sometime and he looked slim and that of an 8-year old, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

No word on his current condition, or where he is – although I assume still in the hospital and eating a lot and gaining weight.  The 2 piece of shit breeders are being held without bond. Also no word on the boy’s bio-mom.

Thank God someone called and the police went to check it out, that’s the silver lining to this story.

Thanks to my BFF Becky and all the other tipsters that sent this one in.

Mom hated her 1 year old, so she killed him

Neha Patel, alleged baby killer

Deputies: Mom said she hated baby, killed him
Polk County mother accused of murdering her one-year-old son captured
Mother who admits hating her son since the day he was born ‘left baby boy to drown in the bathtub and refused to do CPR’

She hated him from day 1.  In fact, reports say that when he would crawl towards her, she would smack him because she hated to be near him and wanted to discourage him from coming close to her.

Neha Patel hated her 1-year old son, Ishan, so much that on Thursday last week she smacked him around, filled up the bath tub half way, then left him in there for 10 minutes alone.  When she came back, he was unconscious and she didn’t perform CPR on him (even though she knew how). She then got him dressed, stuck him in the car and took him on a bizarre drive around the area. Starting with a drive to her local Publix (grocery store), then from  her Lakeland, Fl home to Ocala, about an 80 mile drive.  Then on to Tampa, another 97 miles away. She had planned to jump off of the parking garage roof of the Tampa International Airport, but found it too crowded and returned home.

Her husband had been looking for her for hours, he even called the cops to report them missing. When she got home at 2am on Friday morning, she put her son in his crib and told her husband that she drowned him. After her husband began to call relatives to tell them what she’d done,  she left and headed back to Tampa where she was going to attempt to kill herself again.  She told her husband on her way out that she’d be dead by the next day and that she’d rather be dead then go to prison. However, cops found her the next day around 1pm on the 4th floor of the airport parking garage. She told them that every time she went to jump, someone would walk by.

Detectives claim that her confession was very candid. She told them that she hated her son and blamed him for her “state of mind”. Apparently,  she suffers from postpartum depression and had been off her meds.   I won’t take that as a scapegoat, sorry. If you’re that depressed, get some fucking help. If her husband knew she was postpartum, he should have run with that little boy and forced his wife to get help. I’m not blaming him, I feel terrible for him. I’m sure he never imagined she’d do something like this.  Neha and her husband also have a 4-year old daughter who was completely unharmed, apparently not hated by her mother.

Polk County Sheriff’s office describe Ishan’s injuries as “torture beyond imagination”.  While Neha claimed that she drowned the baby, authorities are saying that he died from Blunt Force Trauma. I’ll update when the autopsy comes back with a ruling.

She was booked into the Hillsborough County jail on a Polk County 1st degree murder warrant.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Polk County sheriff, Grady Judd… “Our love for children, and our desire to protect children, is unlimited — the only solace there is in this case is that Neha Patel will not be able to hurt another child.”

RIP little Ishan… you were given the worst fucking mother on planet earth, I’m truly sorry for that.  Fly with the angels and everlasting love in heaven sweet boy.

Thanks to Christina, DD, AJ, and Mrskelley for the tips.

RIP Little Ishan

Old Ass Momma Beats Her Teenager for Going on Facebook

Woman ‘beat her son with a computer cable’ for having a Facebook account

Althea Ricketts - mean mom.

No offense to my mother, because she is also 62-years old… but I’m in my mid-30s and the youngest of her children. So to  have a teen and be 62, I’m going to call her an “old ass momma”. Before any other old ass mommas come on  here and get all fired up, it’s a joke so get over it.

So apparently Althea Ricketts of Apopka, Fl, got pretty pissed when a friend called to tell her that her teenage son had posted some worrying things on his Facebook page. Instead of being concerned about his well-being (since the post was worrisome), she went ahead and did what any other logically brained mother would do. She whipped his ass with computer cables.  She did not like the fact that he had a Facebook page at all.

He escaped from the abuse and ran to a friend’s house to hide from his momma. Althea then called her friend back to tell her that she’d whipped her boy and the friend then called the police.  When the police questioned her before her arrest she told them that he deserved everything he got and that beating kids with computer cables is standard protocol where she comes from. Where’s that? Apopka, Fl? I grew up outside Orlando, Fl – which isn’t far from Apopka. My mother never whipped with me cables, and I never saw any friends with such injuries either. Exactly where are you from then, Althea?

I don’t usually condone child on parent violence, but I’ll make an exception with this case. This teenage boy should’ve whooped her old ass after the first pinch he felt of that cable hitting him. But what do I know?

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

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