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Mum’s “friend” accused of killing baby Silas

Man charged with Melbourne baby’s murder

Thanks to Lizzie for the tip on this one, and for Malevolent April for passing it on to me. I must admit I have been a bit behind on the tips, but I’m catching up.

Paul Ta Vuong (30) has appeared in an out of court session, accused of killing a one year old boy named Silas in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. The news reports claim that he is a “friend” of Silas’ mum. A “friend” indeed…more like a “more than friend”! Ambos were called to the Richmond flat on May 15 but they couldn’t revive poor little Silas. He had extensive bruising to his head, fractures to his skull, ribs and arm, and a lacerated liver. When the cops interrogated Ta Vuong, he first claimed he tripped over and dropped Silas while his mum was out. Bzzzt! Then he said that he was playing too roughly with Silas. Bzzzt! The pathologist (medical examiner) said rough play did not explain the severity of Silas’ injuries. Unless Ta Vuong was “playing” with Silas by throwing him at a wall or dropping an anvil on him, that is.

Ta Vuong has been remanded in custody and faced court a few days ago. There hasn’t been any news on him yet, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

Rest in Peace little Silas.

Port Stephens man faces trial for abusing baby

Dad allegedly fractured baby son’s ribs

A Port Stephens dog dropping is facing trial after he allegedly bruised and burned his baby son. The dog dropping made a series of admissions to authorities and was committed for trial yesterday. Mrs Dog Dropping is also facing charges and has had her case adjourned.

The dog dropping is accused of inflicting a series of injuries including haemorrhaging, fractured ribs and bruises to his baby son, who was only a few weeks old at the time. Let me guess, the baby boy wouldn’t stop crying so dog dropping thought that hurting him might shut him up? Mr and Mrs dog dropping had three children, but one died of SIDS in 2010, before the baby boy was born at the end of 2011. Yes, “SIDS”. So they lost one child, presumably to a mysterious cause, yet they treat the next baby like a piece of garbage? WTF?? I think the dead child should be examined a little bit more closely, given that the next baby was horribly abused.

The baby boy suffered a seizure (probably from a head injury) in December 2011 and was taken to hospital. A scan revealed haemorrhaging near the baby’s brain, and other injuries were discovered including bruising to the baby’s ears, eyelids, abdomen, heel and an indentation on his forehead. An MRI scan showed haemorrhaging consistent with the baby being shaken. How awful! The bad breeders were interviewed by social workers, medical staff and police and the boy plus the remaining sibling were taken away by the Department of Family and Community Services.

The dog dropping suggested ideas for how the baby got a dint in his head and why he had broken ribs. He told police that the baby’s forehead was burned on a light globe when he was playing with the baby by swinging him. An expert shot that idea down, saying that the globe in question could not generate that much heat to cause burns (probably one of those energy saver bulbs). As for the fractured ribs, both Mr and Mrs dog dropping said that Mr dog dropping fell on the baby. Plausible. But the fractures were 2 weeks old, and neither had sought help for the baby, who was probably shrieking in pain and dog dropping had tried to shut him up by hurting him even more.

Dog dropping will face Newcastle District Court next week.


Seven fractured ribs, a skull fracture, a fractured arm, a collapsed lung and she's only 5-months-old.

Cops-Norwalk mother brutally abused 5-month-old

That face you see above, smiling like she’s posing for her school picture, is Jamie Lane(22) and she’s been charged with first-degree assault and risk of injury to a child. Charges came after her 5-month-old daughter was brought into Norwalk Hospital, suffering from seven rib fractures, a fractured skull, a fractured arm and a collapsed lung.  Gawd Damn Woman! Fuck!

According to the police affidavit, Lane admitted to abusing her baby, but only after she told police she had seen her mother punch the baby in the chest four days earlier.  Real fucking nice blaming mom, of course the police knew she was a lying, child abusing idiot.  She would go on to tell police that fights with her parents and giving birth caused her to react physically against her daughter.

She told the investigators that she was overwhelmed.  Awww… poor baby join the fucking club. Claiming that about a week after her daughter was born caring for the baby and her constant crying got to her and she squeezed her to get to stop crying.  No worries though, she wasn’t trying to hurt her. I’m not sure what she thought squeezing a one week old baby would do, but ok!  A couple of days later she noticed bruising on the baby and, when questioned by her mother regarding the bruises she told her mother what happened.  Mom’s response, “you need help.”  Ya think mom?  Here’s an idea: take the baby from the clearly unstable mother, remember this happened when the baby was one week old; she was not taken to the hospital until she was 5-months.  Four days before the baby was taken to the hospital and after a fight with her mother Lane admitted to squeezing the baby two times and she began to cry louder.  Well, yeah fuckstick you were hurting her!  I am no doctor but I call bullfuckingshit on the two squeeze excuses, I seriously doubt seven rib fractures, a fractured skull, fractured arm and a collapsed lung all occurred from two fucking squeezes.

Anyhow the sweet angel has been released from the hospital and into state custody.  Probably a good thing since the baby abusing idiot resides with her boyfriend at her parents’ home.  I am thinking there is a whole lot more these other “adults” knew/know and about and they did nothing.  According to police there is a possibility of another arrest.

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