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‘Monster mother’ gets life for battering son to death

(Trench’s note: again this is another repeat that I took to long in posting but in respect to Cobalt Rose who took teh time to writre it up I’m posting it anyway.)

‘Monster’ mother jailed for at least 18 years for murdering her two-year-old son by battering him to death over a long period of time:

Sadly, it’s a story that we get on BB all the time. A vile piece of filth who has absolutely no business raising children gets pregnant, has a child and ends up brutally killing said child. Of course, the fact that it happens all too often doesn’t make it any less tragic or horrific. This time, the victim was a boy by the name of Keanu Williams. He was just two when his ‘mother’, 25-year-old Rebecca Shuttleworth, ended his tragically short life.

Rebecca Shuttleworth

Rebecca Shuttleworth

Sometime in early January of 2011, Rebecca brutally assaulted Keanu and then left him to suffer without medical attention for over 48 hours, only calling emergency services on January 9th when she realised that Keanu wouldn’t ‘get better’. By that point it was too late. By the time paramedics arrived at the home in Birmingham, England, Keanu had already passed away.

At the time of his death, Keanu had nearly forty injuries on his tiny body, including a fractured skull, bite marks, burns, bruising and a ‘fist sized’ tear in his stomach. There was some bruising on his torso that indicated he was repeatedly struck with a rod or stick. It was severe abdominal trauma, from being repeatedly punched or kicked in the stomach, that ultimately killed Keanu.



Today (June 25th 2013) Rebecca Shuttleworth was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her little boy, whom she had ‘resented’ since his birth. She had allegedly taken pills whilst pregnant with Keanu in an attempt to abort him. Call me crazy, but if she didn’t want Keanu, why not, I dunno, give him up for adoption? He could have been given to loving adoptive parents desperate for a child, but instead he was horrifically abused and neglected throughout his short life by a vile, piece of shit excuse of a ‘mother’.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Keanu and his mother were known to social services, but Rebecca was allegedly such a good liar that she had convinced her social worker she was an ‘attentive’ mother, and all the while she was brutally beating her little boy. Rebecca’s boyfriend Luke Southerton (who is not Keanu’s father) was cleared of murder but was convicted of one count of child cruelty after allegedly biting Keanu in an attempt to get him to stop biting other people.

Keanu’s grandfather is now claiming that he once saw bruises and bite marks on his grandson, and other families have now said that they too had suspicions that Keanu was being abused. People at Keanu’s daycare had noticed injuries on the little boy, but when they asked Rebecca, she claimed that Keanu was simply ‘clumsy’ or had been injured by one of his siblings. (Two of the oldest excuses in the child abuser’s book).

Well Hell, why not, um, CALL THE POLICE? Why not take Keanu AWAY from his abuser? If one of you blockheads had just made one call to police, little Keanu could have been saved. Instead, Keanu is dead. Battered to death by his own mother. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Despite his horrific home life, Keanu was, according to family members and daycare workers, a ‘delightful little boy’ who ‘remained cheerful despite everything’. Isn’t that just heartbreaking? He was probably so used to his mother assaulting him that he thought it was normal. That just makes me want to cry thinking about it.

R.I.P Keanu, you won't have to suffer anymore.

R.I.P Keanu, you won’t have to suffer anymore.

Twat kills her son, wins lotto, then goes to jail

Mum celebrated lottery win months after killing son

Rebecca Shuttleworth jailed for minimum of 18 years for son’s murder

Baby killer Rebecca Shuttleworth celebrates lottery win while awaiting trial

Was it really necessary to get a close-up of this fugly twunt?

Was it really necessary to get a close-up of this fugly twunt?

A nasty bush pig by the name of Rebecca Shuttleworth (25) has just been sentenced to at least 18 months prison for bashing her 2 year old son Keanu Williams to death, after subjecting him to months and months of cruel abuse. In her mugshot, you can how cold and dead her eyes are. There’s no soul in there, no remorse for what she did to her little boy. That is the face of a psychopath.

In January 2011, paramedics found Keanu’s lifeless body at the flat of the worthless wench’s former sex-toy Luke Southerton (32) in the Ward End area of Birmingham, UK. The sex toy had called the ambos claiming that Keanu had stopped breathing, was pale and not feeling well. Unfortunately little Keanu died from this “mystery illness”, which ceased to be a mystery or an illness once an autopsy was performed on the little boy’s body. Medical examiners found 37 external injuries on Keanu’s body, including bruising to his lower chest, abdomen and back and bite marks. He also suffered a fractured skull. There were, what the ME’s called, “tramline bruises” on Keanu’s body, indicating that he’d been hit with something like a rod or a stick. But none of those injuries were what killed little Keanu. Not even the fractured skull, which would have been like a migraine in a vice with rusty nails poking out of it. The killer injury was a fist sized tear in Keanu’s intestines, which caused internal bleeding and most likely killed him.

Luke Southerton was convicted of one count of child cruelty – for the one time he hit Keanu – and was sentenced to a suspended 9 month sentence and 200 hours of community service. Southerton is not the father of Keanu, and I doubt that the  twat even remembers who the real father is.

If killing her 2 year old son wasn’t bad enough, a couple of months after her little boy died, she was filmed celebrating a lottery win with her new lesbian lover. So she couldn’t show any love or tenderness to her little boy, or any remorse for killing him, but she can be elated over a $16,000 windfall? This is how psychopaths operate, folks. They only care about themselves and things that benefit themselves. They see people as either obstacles or as means to an end. Unfortunately, this worthless twat probably saw Keanu as an obstacle to her slutting around, so she got rid of him. She saw her partners as tools to use to fulfil her own needs. How anyone can take up with a known baby killer is beyond me. This bitch’s face was plastered all over the news, yet the new love glove was desperate enough to shack up with her. It’s a shame, that $16,000 probably got wasted on legal fees so that love glove can try to keep her bitch out of prison. Well, you failed, sister. What will be dealt out to Worthless will be 10x what she did to her own child.

At first I thought the twunt had another son...

At first I thought the twunt had another son…

The judge described the useless slag as a cruel, manipulative and deceitful woman (i.e. a psychopath) before sentencing her to a minimum of 18 years in prison. There will be a case review into how the slag managed to hide her violent ways from the many professionals that came into contact with her and Keanu. I can save you the trouble. It’s because she’s a psychopath. She can manipulate other people into only seeing her as a good and caring mother. She does not care about the feelings of other people, she only cares about what she can get out of them. If she cannot get anything out of them or they prove to be a hindrance to her own goals, she destroys them. Once she’s in prison, it will destroy her, because she’ll find it near impossible to manipulate a situation that is beyond her control.

Rest in Peace, little Keanu.




She threw up on her bed, so she was thrown against a wall

Pregnant mum threw tot against brick wall, court hears

Bashed child to have lifelong disabilities


This case happened back in 2011, but it’s only been now that the birth vessel and the sperm donor have been sentenced.

Melissa Ngati (25) of Deer Park VIC, threw her toddler daughter against a brick wall over and over again. Why? Because she threw up in her bed! Kids often randomly throw up and they sometimes don’t get enough warning from their tummies to make it to the toilet in time. Just the other week, a kid in my mum’s class threw up on his spelling book. Mum didn’t yell at him, she just threw away the spelling book and sent the kid to the sick bay. Then she cleaned up the spew and went back to teaching the class. While vomiting is disgusting, it’s still a normal bodily function. Just grit your teeth and clean it up.

What makes matters worse (not that it could get much worse) is that the egg donor was 36 weeks pregnant at the time! Given that babies seem to be living milk fountains, what was she going to do when the baby pukes? Throw it against a wall too? How could she even summon up the energy to beat on her own child? The bitch got gestational diabetes as punishment for being such an abusive twat. I hope that the diabetes caused her baby to grow so big that it ripped her snatch in half as it came out!

The 2 and a half year old girl suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and extensive bruising. Her birth incubator had thrown her against the wall more than 3 times, then kicked and punched her as she lay on the ground. Just imagine that, a tiny body being brutally bashed by the person who gave birth to her and should have been caring for her. The walking birth canal didn’t seek help for the child she viciously attacked, and then when she did, she told medical staff that the girl fell off the trampoline. Okay folks, tick that one off of your BB abuser excuse bingo card. Fell off the trampoline. Got a nice diagonal happening here. The medical staff saw through that dirty lie, and the birth vessel admitted to hurting the girl.

The bad birth vessel admitted she threw her toddler because she “snapped”. Like we haven’t heard that one before. Snapping is slapping your child once then regretting it. This was a long and sustained attack. It wasn’t snapping, it was meant to kill. She also admitted that she never loved her daughter like she did her other children, aged 3.5 and 6. Christ, this bitch has MORE kids?? She said she never felt a bond between her and her daughter. What a nasty, nasty piece of work. She probably tried to kill her daughter to make room for the one she was about to shit out.

Due to her birthing unit’s actions, and her sperm donor’s apathy, this little girl will be disabled for life. She will always walk with a limp, she struggles to use her left hand, she has moderate hearing loss and can’t see out of her left eye. She is paralysed on her right side. All because of her disgusting and foul incubator.

The incubator has been charged and pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury. Both she and the sperm dispenser also pleaded guilty to reckless conduct endangering a person, because they couldn’t be bothered taking their child to the hospital in time. The court psychologist said that the birthing unit was deeply remorseful. Yeah, I’ll bet. Abusers know just how to act to get a lighter sentence. The magistrate said there is a high chance of reoffending and the barrister was trying to get a low non-parole period for the birth vessel, saying that she would have support networks and classes to attend when she got out. Well maybe if she attended those parenting classes when she felt out of control, she wouldn’t be in the dock?

At least there are no dead babies here, but that’s the only small consolation here.



Fractured Skull & Bones Requires No Medical Treatment ‘Dad’ Thinks

Father charged with child abuse 

Okay, someone do dipshit (Bryant Trey Fisher) here a favor and break out the big clue by four. This denizen ofGallatin,TN, is in the pokey for felony child abuse. We’re not talking bruises either – busted skull, several ribs, and well, y’know didn’t seek medical treatment for his little son. This big guy must’ve thought a baby’s soft bones would be impossible to break or some other crazy shit.

Even when it was bloody apparent that the child was in serious pain, this heartless bastard didn’t even tell his wife what he did. He saw for his own eyes that the child was ‘screaming so hard it couldn’t breathe and had a red face and had difficulty catching his breath’ but told his wife that the kid was fine. Fine like hell, broken ribs aren’t okay for an adult, let alone a little helpless baby! Forget a clue by four; he needs some solid wall to wall counseling with a Huitzauhqui, the Aztec club with imbedded obsidian points. When the glass-like rock shatters and becomes embedded into the sperm donor, just add new points and keep on swinging. Not only will there be blunt force damage, but blood loss too. For the mace wouldn’t be exotic enough, really.

Fisher then several days later dropped the baby – and the baby struck his head against a chair. Like a total pussy, his also hid this incident from his wife and the idea of seeking medical care never crossed his mind either.

Daddy of the year claims to have anger issues, no shit? While the police may think the rib breakage was accidental, they’re still investigating the fractured skull. Picking up a baby in a pique accidental? Why didn’t he wake up his wife to tend to the child if he was too angry to be rational?

The abuse was discovered during a routine examination the mother took the child to, and Fisher was home with another child. Poor baby’s in the hospital in stable condition, but I wonder why didn’t the mother notice the injuries and take the child in sooner than the check up? Oy.

For those wondering what a Huitzauhqui looks like: 

**Thanks to Eccentric Lady for the write-up and new and interesting form of punishment.**

Bat woman beats boy

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Mother charged with beating son with baseball bat

April 23rd 2011 – This is a bit late but the charges have recently been upgraded.

Nakeem Shunta Stringfellow (31) of West Monroe La, is a jewel of a mother. In complete view of her 7 year old daughter she viciously attacked her 13 year old son… with a baseball bat.


Nakeem’s son was brought into the hospital in April. The physicians reported that the child had a fractured skull, lacerations to his head and multiple bruising in various places. The little man also had choke marks around his neck. That poor kid.


Let’s hope her son and daughter were removed right then and there but I am having a hard time finding any real details as far as that goes.


Nakeem was arrested on April 23 and admitted to attacking her son. She said she hit him with the baseball bat and ‘may have’ hit him in the back of the head with the bat. May have?


How about you ‘may have’ selective memory.


Nakeem would not give an excuse as to why she attacked her son. There are two very good reasons for this, she is either too dumb to think of an excuse or she can not give a reason because even she knows there is no excuse for what she did.


On April 23rd Nakeem Shunta Stringfellow was charged with one count of aggravated second-degree battery and one count of aggravated battery with a weapon. However she is now sitting in a correctional center with out a bond and has had her charges upgraded to one count of attempted second-degree murder. Thank you state of Louisiana!


It bothers me that this poor little boy was brutally attacked by the person who is supposed to love him the very most. His poor sister had to witness this and possibly wonder if she was next. How horrifying.


Nakeem is yet another prime example of a bad breeder.


Thanks Lori for the tip!


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**



Bad NC Girlfriend beats toddler into a coma

Christiana Julia Ayscue

NC woman charged after toddler beaten, skull fractured, police say:

It’s not often that we get a bad girlfriend story but we have one here today.

In Mebane, North Carolina police arrested 23-year-old Christiana Julia Ayscue for allegedly beating her boyfriend’s 2-year-old so bad that she put the boy into a coma. The boy is said to have had multiple skull fractures, a swollen brain, bruises all over his body and a cut on the back of his head. He was placed into a medically induced coma but is said to be improving.

Much like in the bad boyfriend stories the boy’s father was at work while his then live in girlfriend, Ayscue, was babysitting. No word on what sent the trailer trash version of Cameron Diaz into such a rage against the child.

After doing this site and others for so long I think I’m going to start my own dating advice site for people with little to no common sense. Don’t let anyone move in until you’ve really seen them around your kids.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Burd dropped the baby…

Injured toddler case certified

Before I jump into this story with both feet, I have to get this out of the way.  The mother in this story, Carrie Woods, is 23 years old, has four children, and knowingly allowed a registered sex offender (14 years her senior) not only into the lives of her children, but had the piece of shit living under the same roof.  If that isn’t a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.

In September, a 911 call was made to report a child in distress.  Medics met the mother (Woods) near her home and rushed 15-month-old Ryan Schutt to the hospital for medical attention.  It was determined that the toddler was possibly suffering from shaken baby syndrome and was not expected to live.  Little Ryan’s injuries where extensive, including a skull fracture, bleeding in the brain, two black eyes, bruising and scratching all over his tiny body and he recently suffered a broken arm.

Of course Woods, wanting to protect her vagina plug, gave several excuses for little Ryan’s injuries.  She ran the usual gamut – aggressive puppy, jealous 3-year-old, fall from the crib – you know them all because we see them every day.  I guess she wasn’t anticipating that those pesky medical professional have ways of detecting bullshit.  They believed that the boy’s injuries were too severe to have been caused by any of the things that Mommy Dearest was claiming.

A fellow inmate of the vagina plug, William Burd III (35), is acting as a witness against the baby beating douchetard.  He claims that Burd and Woods had themselves a drug-a-thon the night of little Ryan’s “accident”.  The witness  told investigators that the pair were high on methamphetamines, Oxycontin and Vicodin when the toddler wouldn’t stop crying. Burd took it upon himself to “tend” to the child – dropping him and hitting his head on a table, before returning him to his crib and heading back to the pharmaceutical festivity.  I’m thinking that there was a little more that dropping and head hitting to cause the injuries that Ryan had.  Then again, I’m not a medical professional.

Woods and Burd are both being charged with felony child abuse and felony child neglect.  Little Ryan is recovering and is in foster care.  I hope he fully recovers and that he never has to see these two worthless sack of shit again.

Thanks go to V L Thompson for this tip.

Cave couple bound, gagged and beat their toddler

Cave Dwellers

$2M bond for pair charged with binding, beating toddler

Couple Charged with Beating Toddler

See Mongo and his cave skank there?  That’s 24-year-old Manuel Arellano-Aguilar and his in home pussy, 19-year-old Anna Navarro of Chicago, IL.  Just looking at these two proves to me that there is somebody for everyone, no matter how many chromosomes you’re lacking.  That being said, we have all seen what happens when two cave tards procreate.  Hell, we read about them on this site daily.  So you probably know what happens next, but feel free to read on.

Navarro took the couple’s 2-year-old daughter to University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.  She was suffering from a skull fracture and rib fractures.  Initially Navarro claimed that she and the child had been kidnapped and held against their will by Arellano-Aguilar.  While Navarro’s daughter was being seen at the hospital, Navarro’s uncle flagged down officers to report the kidnapping as well.  The uncle had images on his cell phone of the bruised child of Mongo and Mongette’s.  He told the officers that she had been gagged with a sock, bound and beaten by her father. 

I’m not sure when or how the story started to unravel.  I can only imagine that police went to arrest Mongo for the battery and kidnapping of his child and his cave vagina and he ratted the little whore out.  She eventually admitted to taking part in the beating, binding, and gagging their daughter.  Navarro told police how, on (at least 3 separate occasions) Arellano-Aguilar gagged the child with socks and secured them with a scarf tied tightly around her mouth. Navarro also claimed responsibility for pushing the child onto the floor.  The source article states that “police said she failed to remove her daughter from the ongoing abuse inflicted by Arellano-Aguilar”.  No shit!  Not only did she not protect her daughter from the cave fucker – she fucking HELPED!!!

In addition to the broken bones in that poor baby’s body, police said that she also appeared malnourished.  There was no mention of WHY the fuckers abused her.  Not mention of her crying or misbehaving (not that there’s any excuse, but most abusers come up with something)….. I would venture to say that it was done for shits and giggles.

Both knuckle draggers are being charged with aggravated battery to a child and are being held on $2 million bond each.  I certainly hope that they never see their baby girl again and she lives a long and healthy life in a home full of love.

 Thanks go to Joanna for posting this tip in the Open thread.

Devin Deangelis is a Sorry Sack of Shit

Suspected Abused Infant Dies 

7 week-old baby recovering from heart surgery, dies from abuse

 (Sorry for my lack of creativity on the title.  I was pissed and I just had to call it like I saw it.)

See that sad looking shit stain there.  That’s 23-year-old Devin Deangelis.  Devin is a little different than most of the baby killers we read about here.  How can he differ from the others?  Well, here’s how the fucker differs.  His girlfriends 7-week-old daughter, Isabella, was recovering from open heart surgery when he killed her.  As if she hadn’t been through enough in her short little life. 

Isabella’s mother, Kelly Hayes, left her in Devin’s care while she ran out for medical supplies.  A short while later she received a call from Devin stating that something was wrong with the baby.  Something was wrong alright!  He fucking killed her (allegedly).  I think that’s as wrong as it could get.  When Hayes arrived home, Isabella was lying on the couch unresponsive.  As any good mother would have done, Hayes jumped into action, administering CPR on her precious angel.  Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain.  Isabella was rushed to Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with brain damage from a skull fracture and symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.

 Deangelis, like most baby killers, claims that he isn’t to blame.  It’s the mean old coffee table that did it, of course.  I wish parents would remove coffee tables, bathtubs, and stairs from their homes.  It would make these baby murdering pieces of dog shit come up with more original excuses.  Deangelis claims that he hit Isabella’s head on the coffee table while he was changing her diaper.  Gotta love the cops and docs – they didn’t buy that load of crap for one minute. 

 Denagelis has been released on a $300,000 cash bond.  He is facing a first-degree child abuse charge.  Charges may be upgraded soon.

 Hayes claims that Deangelis doesn’t drink or smoke and has never shown any signs of aggression toward her daughter, but it doesn’t look like she’s defending him either.  She wants answers as to why he did this to her baby.  I hope that she gets the answers she’s looking for and I hope Deangelis gets what’s coming to him in the form of prison justice.  I imagine that it will be easy to pass his scrawny ass around in the shower.

Thanks go to me for this one.  Woot!

Thick skulled man fractures skull of son

3-Month-Old Child In Critical Condition After Beating:

There’s really not a whole lot of detail on this story however Justin Alexander Gehrke of Kilgore, Texas has been charged with fracturing the skull of his 3-year-old son.

No details other than that Gerhke allegedly confessed but I want to talk about his mugshot.

Why is it that child beaters always look like troglodytes like Festus here? I bet his skull is damn near impenetrable.

Thnaks to Sarah for the tip.