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Convicted Indiana child molester at large – PLEASE SHARE

Man who skipped trial guilty of molesting:

Timothy L. Johnson

Timothy L. Johnson

From our friends at MugWatch.Org we have learned that 48-year-old convicted child molester, Timothy L. Johnson of Knightstown, Indiana is currently at large.

This past Monday Johnson was supposed to stand trial for the molestation of a girl that went on for a decade starting when the girl was 7. Johnson was a no-show but the judge ordered the trial to start without him. Johnson was convicted and is looking at a very lengthy sentence, the almost in the triple digits kind. What I’ve described here can’t even begin to relay the terror that the victim went through at Johnson’s hands.

Currently his whereabouts are unknown but was last seen near Greenfield, Indiana driving a 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab with the Indiana license plate of TK267LVZ. Sources believe that the truck was pulling a fifth wheel camper. He’s also been known to haunt such locations in Indiana as Fishers, Fort Wayne, Columbia City and areas near the Ohio River or may also be in Florida.

Johnson's 2002 Silverado

Johnson’s 2002 Silverado

If spotted do not apprehend and please call your local law enforcement.

Look, I realize I’m no Jon Walsh by any means but Johnson is a coward and a danger. Let’s do what we can to get him back in police custody. If you share any of my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter or whatever please share this one.

Let's wipe that smile off his face.

Let’s wipe that smile off his face.

UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments Johnson has been captured.

Breeder marries daughter’s molester

Damascus woman secretly marries fugitive accused of molesting her daughter:

47-year-old Don Edward Smock Jr. of Damascus, Oregon is accused of molesting the 7-year-old daughter of his 41-year-old girlfriend Barbara Lynn Whitehead. So what does she do? Not only does she marry him but they took her daughter with them on the honeymoon.

Whitehead is also accused of helping Smock avoid police. He has been arrested though.

Check out the kind of scumbag that Smock is…

On July 30, Smock was indicted on 13 counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, eight counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse, one count of first-degree attempted sexual abuse and 23 counts of second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse.

I can only imagine what horrors could have possibly occurred on the ‘honeymoon’. She obviously didn’t care what the penis was doing to her daughter as long as she was getting her vagina filled.

The girl is now in the custody of CPS.

Coked up Breeder trades 10-year-old daughter in sex for drugs deal

Saginaw woman awaiting trial on pandering charges:

47-year-old Angela Blackwell of Saginaw, Michigan is accused of allowing a coke dealer to have sex with her 10-year-old daughter in trade for coke.

The alleged dealer, Johnnie Lee Griffin, is currently a fugitive. He allegedly had sex with the girl between September and February.

A whole lot of scum in this story that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Thanks to sun runner for the tip.

AMW fugitive Benjamin Pingle

Stone Family’s Legacy Etched In Castle Rock:

I saw this story on America’s Most Wanted over the weekend. Not only is Benjamin Pingle a parent behaving badly but he’s also a grandson behaving badly.

In 2005 Benjamin Pingle of Castle Rock, Washington welcomed twin baby girls into the world, Liberty and Justice. Pingle was convicted in the beating death of Liberty and child abuse on Justice. Liberty died at just 12 weeks old. He was sentenced to 10 years behind bars. The judge said that Pingle could be released on $250K bond while the conviction was being appealed. It’s nice how killers get better treatment than their victims. Pingle’s grandfather, Cordell Stone, had complete faith and trust in Pingle so he put up his own home and several other properties he owned so Pingle could post Bond. That trust was mislaid as Pingle took off May of this year and left Mr. Stone holding the bill.

I’m going to paraphrase John Walsh here and echo his sentiments by saying that I hope this baby killer is brought to justice. He doesn’t deserve to have a grandfather like Mr. Stone.

On the run mom arrested. No, not that one. The one with the 555 lb. son

Mom, 555-Pound Son Found In Baltimore:

Authorities arrest mom for medical neglect of 555-pound teen:

Jerri Althea Gray of Greenville, South Carolina was supposed to have appeared in court this past Tuesday because the state had filed papers to take custody of her 14-year-old son who weighs 555 lbs. No my fingers did not get stuck on the 5 key. That’s five-hundred fifty-five pounds.

But in what seems to be a trend lately she fled the state. At least she didn’t try claiming religious beliefs.

Anyway they caught up with her and her son in Maryland. She’s been charged with neglect so I’m guessing she allowed or maybe even encouraged her son to get that large.

On the run cancer mom: Good parent or PBB?

Arrest ordered for mom of 13yo boy resisting chemo:

Ok Breeder Readers, it’s debate time.

As I’m sure you know by now Colleen Hauser of Minnesota is on the run after being court ordered to get medical help for her 13-year-old son Daniel Hauser. Daniel has Hodgkins lymphoma which is highly curable under the care of a physician.

Daniel only underwent one round of chemotherapy. His parents then sought other opinioons and the other doctors told them the same thing as the original diagnosis. Not getting the answer they were looking for apparently Daniel’s parents started treating Daniel with natural alternatives.

Colleen Hauser testified at the earlier hearing that her son “is not in any medical danger.” She said she had been treating his cancer with herbal supplements, vitamins, ionized water, and other natural alternatives.

However the doctors who have examined Daniel say his cancer is getting worse. Danie;’s court appointed attorney says that Daniel has diminished capacity because he can’t read and because of his age.

Now, the Hauser’s are claiming that they’re not treating Daniel for religious reasons yet they’re Roman Catholic. I’m Roman Catholic, so was my father. He was treated for cancer on multiple occasions. My dad was a hardcore Catholic too. If it was against the church doctrine my dad would have died when I was 10.

The religion she’s claiming is the Nemenhah Band which the article describes as a Missouri-based religious group that believes in natural healing methods advocated by some American Indians.

Daniel claims to be an elder in the band, but does not know what that means. Daniel also says he is a medicine man under Nemenhah teachings but can’t say how he became a medicine man or what teachings he has had to become one.

And now that the court has ordered the Hausers to get reasonable care for their son Collen Hauser has taken Daniel on the run.

I’m all for religious freedom as long as it doesn’t put someone’s life at risk and that’s exactly what Colleen Hauser is doing. Her son could be cancer free but since she believes in some wacky new age philosophy she’s using her cancer ridden son to make a point that’s going to get him killed.

If you’re one of those people who believes in ‘natural’ treatments over medical science and you’re offended over what I said then I’m glad and I don’t care that you’re offended.

So what say you PBB faithful. Good mom or dangerous idiot?

Father disappears after daughter dies from abuse

Family Wants Body Of Killed Stockton Girl:

This story is a reversal in what we normally see around here.

38-year-old Maria Bettancourt of Stockton, Calif. has been arrested in the abuse and torture death of 3-year-old Guadalupe Correa. The autopsy showed that Guadalupe died from trauma but police aren’t going into much detail.

Bettancourt is the girlfriend of Guadalupe’s father, Alberto Correa. Correra has disappeared in the wake of his main squeeze’s arrest. Which makes one wonder if he was involved or complicit in the abuse.

Guadalupe was raised by a foster family who had her other two sisters but were forced to give up Guadalupe to the sperm donor. Biological parental rights should never outweigh the welfare of the child.

BTW, Ms. Bettancourt looks a lot like Captain Lou Albano.

Thanks to Bridget and LadyJade for the tips.

Another reason criminals shouldn’t have kids

Woman arrested after child gives away hiding spot:

Police in Fort Pierce, Florida had an arrest warrant for a woman on various charges including harassment and carrying a concealed weapon. However when they went to her house a woman there told them that she left. However a 4-year-old child told police that she was hiding under the bed.

I’m not sure exactly whose child it was but good for that kid for not following in criminal ways.

Thanks to Anon for the tip.

Woman on the run in suffocation death of daughter

San Jose police seek mother in death of infant girl:

Police in San Jose, California are looking for 23-year-old Christina Robledo. Check the mugshot in the article. She looks a lot older than 23. Then again police say she’s a known drug and alcohol abuser so that would explain a lot.

Police say that in a drug and alcohol influenced stupor she passed out on top of her infant daughter Neveah Salinas Robledo. The autopsy report showed that she died from asphyxiation.

Again people, when you have kids it’s time to stop doing drugs and drinking like a fish. If you love your drugs more than your kids either don’t have kids, don’t screw around, and if you do have kids just give them up for adoption so they could at least have a fighting chance in the world.

Now an infant girl is dead because of stupid choices her birth organism made.

Thanks to LiLO for the tip.

Tammy Kongham charged with abduction


FBI Charges Mom Who Is Still Missing With Daughter:

The FBI has now filed abduction charges against Tammy Kongham. She’s the woman who abducted her daughters from their school in Philadelphia then took them to live on the streets in Fort Lauderdale. The children were in the custody of a foster home. Kongham is said to be mentally ill.

As I posted before police found her 10-year-old daughter wandering in a mall because Kongham sent her away saying it would be easier for the cops to find her if they were together. Then why bother abducting her in the first place?

Kongham is still on the run with her 8-year-old daughter. Both have allegedly cut their hair short. The pictures show Kongham with her hair at both lengths. Police say that they’ve also worn disguises.

The FBI said that anyone assisting Korgham could also face prosecution.